Volume 4 Issue 5 2017

Through the Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Several Methods of Design of Infinite Impulse Response Filters
Abdulazizjon Abdullaev
Page No. 1-6

Desk Review of Factors and Activities Influencing Landscape Degradation: Case Study of Kayelekera Village, Malawi
Elina Mkandawire, Jabulani Nyengere
Page No. 7-15

Electrical Power Generation from Inverter for Domestic Usage in Nigeria: A Means of Youth Empowerment
Fashina Olugbenga E., Olayiwola Samuel O., Sadiq Mutiu O., Busari Abimbola A.
Page No. 16-24

Examining the Inclusion of Environmental Policies in the Existing Policy Framework of Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi
Jabulani Nyenegere, Elina Mkandawire, Charlotte Neema
Page No. 25-30

Effective Hazard Control: An Imperative for Managing Health, Safety and Environmental Challenges of Construction Projects in Nigeria
Ajator U.O., Ezezue A.M., Agu N.
Page No. 31-43

GIS Usage in Determining the Change of Soil Properties
Engin OZTURK, Mehmet SENER
Page No. 44-47

Software Defined Everything
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 48-50

Behavior of Single Pile Subjected to Lateral Soil Movement in Different Rates
Kais T. Shlash, Mohammed A. Al-Neami, Ahmed S. Al- Lami
Page No. 51-58

A Study on the Smoke Reduction of Methanol-Diesel Engine by Fumigation Methanol Fuel Supply Method
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 59-64

GIS_ Based Digital Soil Map of Abuja
Sylvester B. M. Akpata, Ifeanyi W. N. Okezie, Francis I. Okeke
Page No. 65-74

Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from fuel combustion in dana steel rolling miill, katsina, Nigeria
Lawal Abdu Daura
Page No. 75-78

Digital Creativity
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 79-81

A Note on Weighted Harmonic Brgman Functions on the Upper Half-Space
Heungsu Yi
Page No. 82-85

Investigation of Tectonic Structure of Turkey-Hatay Region Using Markov Random Fields (MRF)
Ali Muhittin ALBORA
Page No. 86-93

Genotype influence on Production, Fertility and Hatchability of Eggs of Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) in a Tropical Rain Forest Zone of Nigeria
Ebegbulem Victoria N., Asuquo, Bassey O., Okon Bassey
Page No. 94-97

Correlation and Regression Financial Ratio Evidence from Indonesia
Page No. 98-101

Numerical Solution of Linear and Nonlinear Swinging Pendulum
Yousif Jamal Mahbouba, Mohammad Qasim Abdullah
Page No. 102-109

“The Way of Stone”, The Art of Japanese Rock Gardens
Mertkan F. TEKİNALP, Özgür YERLİ
Page No. 110-113

Linking maximum and minimum river discharge ratio with overland flow regimes
C. Setyawan, C. Y. Lee
Page No. 114-119

Surveillance for oil production enhancement and reduced water production in niger delta using artificial neural network
Adeniyi Adebayo, Dulu Appah
Page No. 120-134

Design and Construction of a Home Security System with Alarm and Flashing Outdoor Light
Pascal Timtere, Bomen Cedric
Page No. 135-142

Beam radius effects on polycrystalline bifacial silicon solar cell electrical parameters
Page No. 143-156

Evaluation of Stress Concentration Factor in Steel Elastic Element of Load Cell
Abubaker M. Saeed Hamed, Mohammad Qasim Abdullah
Page No. 157-161

Nonlinear adaptive control of pitch for parameter uncertain twin rotor mechanism
Ahmad Naseer, Muhammad R. Ehsan, Usman Ali
Page No. 162-173

Design and Construction of Solar-electric Tourboat Model
Yireobong S. Akpaba, Uwemedimo R. Ebong, Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya
Page No. 174-183

Performance and Emission Studies of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Diesel and Ethanol Blends
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 184-189

Measurement and Prediction of Paraffin Wax Deposition in Oil Pipelines: A Review
Nayef K. A. Thabet
Page No. 190-196

Comparison of Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images with Different Filtering Techniques
Hyunho Choi, Jechang Jeong
Page No. 197-200

Nitrogen Pollution and Source Identification of Groundwater-Surface Water Using Isotopic and Hydrochemical analyses [Retracted]
Seyf-Laye Alfa-Sika Mande, Ibrahim Tchakala, Mingzhu Liu, Chen Honghan
Page No. 201-210

Spectroscopy of Defects in Semiconductors, Doped Nickel
Khojakbar S. Daliev
Page No. 211-215

Comparison Study on Different Filtering Techniques for Gaussian Noise Reduction in Gray Images
Hyunho Choi, Jechang Jeong
Page No. 216-219

Phenotypic Correlations and Regression among some External and Internal Egg Quality Parameters of Nigerian Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) Genotypes
Ebegbulem, Victoria N., Ayuba Dauda
Page No. 220-229

Application of Geoelectrical Resistivity Method in Locating the Aquifer within Rukuba Cantonment Bassa Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria
Fagoyinbo VO, Olatunji SO, Dairo VA
Page No. 230-240

Biometric Authentication Model for Card-Based Transactions in Nigerian Banking Industry
O. O. Adeuyi, M. A. Waheed
Page No. 241-249

Numerical Investigation of Semi Elliptical Crack in Human Femur Bone Under Weight Effect
Hassan A. Kadhem, Mohammad Q. Abdullah
Page No. 250-252

Electrical Effect of Zinc Nano-Particles on CdS Films grown by slow Solution Process
Mosiori, Cliff Orori, Maera, John
Page No. 253-260

Assessment of Water Quality in Boreholes and Wells in Waa Location, Kwale County – Kenya
Kilwake J. Wanjala, Mwakio Tole, Musundi Sammy
Page No. 261-277

A circulant and block-diagonal splitting method for solving Toeplitz systems
Yanhong Yang
Page No. 278-290

Comparison Inequalities for heat semigroups and heat kernels
Arabi A Aamer Arabi, Osman A Adam Osman
Page No. 291-307