Publication Ethics

Publication ethics of Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research is mainly based on the Code of Conduct and Best-Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (Committee on Publication Ethics, 2011).

Author Responsibilities
• Results should be presented by researchers in clear and honest way, without any false or inappropriate data manipulation.
• Methods and procedures adopted during any research should be described clearly and unambiguously so that their findings can be confirmed by others.
• Submitted work should be original, is not plagiarized, and has not been published elsewhere.
• Authors will be solely responsible for submitted and published work.
• The authorship of research publications should accurately reflect individuals’ contributions to the work and its reporting.
• Funding sources and relevant conflicts of interest should be disclosed.

Editor Roles and Responsibilities
• Fair, correct and unbiased decisions should be made by editors, free from commercial consideration to ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process
• Editors should ensure complete transparency and honest reporting.
• Editors should maintain the reliability of the published record by suggesting corrections when needed and rejecting suspected or alleged research and publication misconduct
• Editors should critically assess the ethical issues regarding studies in humans and animals should be considered.
• Editors should observe conflict of interest during the review process and should have appropriate policies in place for handling editorial conflicts of interest

Reviewers Responsibilities
• Written, unbiased feedback should be provided in a timely manner.
• Personal comments or criticism should be avoided.
• Confidentiality of the review process should be maintained.
• Any observed conflict of interest during the review process must be communicated to the Editor
• Any information that may be the reason for the rejection of publication of a manuscript must be communicated to the Editor.

Publisher’s Responsibilities

• The editor of Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research is responsible for editorial content and managing content-related processes.

• It is the publisher’s responsibility to promptly release corrections or retractions after the discovery of a significant error or scientific inaccuracy in a published work.


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