Volume 4 Issue 4 2017

Hail University Learners’ Attitudes towards Blended Learning (BL)
Wafa Barhoumi, Hula AlKhassawneh
Page No. 1-6

Data Transport Models over ATM
Wafa Omar Barhoumi
Page No. 7-10

Nonequilibrium processes in MIS-structures on the basis of silicon, doped with hafnium
Shakhrukh Kh. Daliev, Sergey I. Vlasov
Page No. 11-13

Status and Analysis of Rock Rheological Fracture Mechanics Research
Yang Hui, Jiang Xueliang, Li Zhenyu
Page No. 14-21

Mechanical Properties of Hybridized Kenaf/Chitosan Fibres Reinforced Polyethylene Biocomposites
Ahmad Adlie Shamsuri, Muhammad IzzuddinSyariff Tan
Page No. 22-27

Data Democratization
M. N.O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musasa
Page No. 28-30

Effects of Precipitation Hardening on Mechanical Properties of Multistage Stirred Cast AA6063 Composites
Kareem MO, Oluwasegun KM, Alabi IO, Aderonmu MA
Page No. 31-38

Experimental Investigation of Lard and Tallow Oils Suitability in Turning Operation of Hypo-Eutectoid Steels
Aderonmu, M.A., Alabi, I.O., Kareem, M.O., Falana, K.B.
Page No. 39-47

Fluoride Levels in Aquatic Animals of Prakasam District, A.P.
B. Tirumala Rao, B. Venkateswarlu, C. V. Narasimha Murthy
Page No. 48-50

Internet Etiquette
M. N.O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 51-52

Metrological Providing of Infrared Spectral Radiometric Measurement of the Atmosfere’s Ecological Parameters and Thermal Sources
R.S. Asatryan, H.S. Karayan, N.R. Khachatryan
Page No. 53-61

Determination of Body Measurements, Live Weights and Manure Production of Dairy Anatolian Water Buffaloes in the Istanbul Region
Israfil Kocaman, Eser Kemal Gurcan, Huseyin Comert Kurc, Mehmet Ihsan Soysal
Page No. 62-66

Enhancement of Network Lifetime using Mobile Sink Based Routing Protocol
V. HariPriya, R. Senthil Kumaran
Page No. 67-73

Inverted Pendulum Control using Adaptive Manifold Immersion (Part-I: Continuous Time Design)
Qasim Javaid, Syed A. Ahmed, Mubashir Ali, Ammar Tanveer
Page No. 74-85

Study on the Risk Management of Dredging Engineering
Zhu Mengshu, Pan Haize, Miao Wei, He Jian
Page No. 86-90

Socio-economic determinants of men and women’s participation in fisheries value chain in Nairobi City County, Kenya
Paul Kizito, Elishiba Kimani, Mildred Lodiaga
Page No. 91-98

Reproduction cycle and monthly alteration of serum testosterone, estradiol and cholesterol in Capoeta trutta (Heckel, 1843)
Mücahit Eroğlu, Dursun Şen
Page No. 99-105

Inverted Pendulum Control using Adaptive Manifold Immersion (Part-II: Digital Implementation)
Ahmed Riaz, Muhammad B. Riaz, Abdullah, Syed S. Sajjid
Page No. 106-115

GIS application for sediment delivery ratio assessment in tropical river basin
C. Setyawan, C. Y. Lee
Page No. 116-122

Effect of x-ray radiation doses on the absorption spectra and optical energy gap of amino acid single crystal
A. Abu El-Fadl, A.S. Aashour
Page No. 123-128

A Study on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of Gasoline Spark Ignition Engine with Methanol and Ethanol Addition
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 129-136

A Qualitative Examination of the Composition of the Cooperative Vehicles
Çağlar Koşun, Çağatay Kök, Önder M. Tanriyapisi, Serhan Özdemir
Page No. 137-142

A Novel Controller Design to Quench Chaotic Behavior in Magnetic Levitation System
Muneeb Ahmed, Muhamad Waqas, Atif Saleem, Uzair Mehmood
Page No. 143-151

The Impact of Floating Exchange Rate Market to Nigeria Naira: Time-series Intervention Analysis
Sanusi Alhaji Jibrin, Yakubu Musa, Olanrewaju I. Shittu, Maimuna A. Aliyu, Samaila Mohammed, Kabir Liman
Page No. 152-156

Atmospheric Ozone Prediction Based on ARIMA Model
Xinyu Xue, Zhiyan Wang, Shuang Fang
Page No. 157-162

Bring Your Own Device
M. N.O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 163-165

The injection drug related risky behaviors associated with HIV and AIDS transmission among drug dependent youths in Korogocho Slums, Nairobi City County Kenya
Paul Kizito, Marystella K. Lubega
Page No. 166-171

Studies on anthelmintic activity of Naringi crenulata
Rambabu M, S.K.M. Basha, C. V. Narasimha Murthy
Page No. 172-175

The conservative averaging method development in the petroleum science
Andris Buikis
Page No. 176-197

The Economics of Multiphase Flow Meters and Test Separators in Flow Testing
Akuvue B Granville, Dulu Appah, Ubu O Henry
Page No. 198-207

Biaxial Mechanical Properties Simulation of Fiber-Metal Laminates
Chengdong Li, Xiao Du, Jing He, Fengxing Ge
Page No. 208-220

Petroleum Viability and Reservoir Studies of Wells in Niger Delta, Nigeria
Adiela UP, Ofuyah WN
Page No. 221-229

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Sediments in Well Z, Offshore Niger delta, Southern Nigeria
Asadu AN, Chinemelu SE
Page No. 230-238

Effects of Level of Nutrition on Milk Yield and Composition of Cows Fed Natural Grazing and Offered Different Supplements, in South Kordofan, Sudan
Sallam A. Bakheit, Musa A.M. Tibin, Jumaa B. Jadalla, Neama Adam Eshag
Page No. 239-242

Effects of Water Deprivation and Environmental Temperature on Physiological Performance of Sudanese Desert Goats
Sallam A. Bakheit, Intisar E. Ibrahim, Intisar M. El Shafei, Musa A. Musa
Page No. 243-250

Toeplitz Operators on Harmonic Dirichlet spaces
MuntasirSuhail D. Suhail, Osman Abdallah A. Osman, Mohammed Nour A. Rabih, Khalid M. Makin
Page No. 251-258

Installation, Operation and Sustainability of the Temporary Immersion Bioreactor System
Bukar Y. Abdullahi, Muhammad H. Shuaibu, Lucy J. Ogbadu
Page No. 259-265

Investigating Training Program and Intergroup Coordination in relation to Peer Review in Nigerian Software Companies
Aregbesola, Moses Kehinde
Page No. 266-272

The Structural Geology of Eshiawa in Igarra Area, Southwestern Nigeria
Adiela U.P., Ofuyah W.N.
Page No. 273-282

Sedimentology and Reservoir Studies of Odirin Well, Niger delta, Nigeria
Acra E.J., Unuavwodo Odirin, Adiela U.P.
Page No. 283-289

Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Viability and Production in Niger delta basin, Nigeria
Acra E.J., Ogbonna-Orji O.C., Adiela U.P.
Page No. 290-298

Foster Swelling Capacity and Sorption Dynamics of Unmodified Sodium and HDTMA-Modified Bentonite for Hydrocarbons and Water
Michelle A. Apemiye, Chidi Obi
Page No. 299-305

Experiential Appraisal of Organizational Process Focus and Process Definition in Nigerian Software Companies
Aregbesola, Moses Kehinde
Page No. 306-311

Development and Simulation of Human Tracking Mechanism in Wireless Camera Networks
Oloyede Ayodele, Aderonke Adegbenjo
Page No. 312-321

Application of Linear Stochastic Models to Monthly Streamflow Data
Tariq Mahgoub Mohamed, Ette Harrison Etuk
Page No. 322-326