Volume 5 Issue 8 2018

Students’ Attitude towards History Teaching and Learning in Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti
Oyewale Gbemisola Mary
Page No. 1-5

The Nigerian Wildlife Management Policy, Institutional and Legal Framework
Adewumi A.A., Edward J.B., Agunbiade R.O., Oyeniran B.H.
Page No. 6-13

Irradiation Effect on the Diffusion Capacitance of Parallel Vertical Junction Silicon Solar Cell under Static Regime and Monochromatic Illumination
Alioune Badara Dieng, Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Senghane Mbodji, Birame Dieng
Page No. 14-21

Autonomous Water Disinfection Complex for the Rural Location
Rustam J. Baratov*, Abdurakhim S. Berdishev
Page No. 22-29

The lipolytic potentials of leaf extract of Vernonia amygdalina, Newboldia laevis and Gmelina arborea on lard of pork
Nwnkwo, Michael O., Etim, Etim Esin, Ogbonna, Innocent O.
Page No. 30-33

Effects of Seed Orientation at Sowing on Seedling Emergence and Early Seedling Performance in Fluted Pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis hook. F.)
Willie ES, Waya A
Page No. 34-38

A Research on the Determination of Lactation Length and Milk Yield of Anatolian Water Buffaloes under Different Environmental Conditions
I. Kocaman*, H. C. Kurc
Page No. 39-44

Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Dolerite Mining in Nigeria (Suspended Particulate Matter and Heavy Metal Concentrations)
Franklin. S. Enebuse, Dein H. Davies, Onengiyeofori A. Davies
Page No. 45-52

Correlation Analysis of Benefits of Building Information Modelling and Clients’ Requirements
Oluseye Olugboyega, Aina Omotayo Olugbenga
Page No. 53-68

On the Symmetric Conditions of Simple Functions
Hasan Keleş
Page No. 69-74

Clustering and Analysis of Headway and Speed Data of an Industrial Zone Traffic Flow
Page No. 75-82

Calculation of Minimum Train Voltage With a Simulation Model Depending on Train Performance Data in A 1500 V DC Subway Line Using Artificial Intelligence Methods
Mehmet Taciddin Akçay, Ilhan Kocaarslan, Emrah Bal
Page No. 83-88

Design Error: A Source of Cost and Time Overrun in Construction Projects
John J. Anumah, Lesado Anumah, Emmamoge Orewere, Alice A. Daniel, Gyang D. Samson
Page No. 89-94

Dynamic Response and Pd Control of a Single Joint System using Pole Placement Technique
Daniel E. Oku, Obong E. Eyo
Page No. 95-102

Examination of the Relationship between the Direction of Flow of Surface and Underground Water in Forming an Aquifer using Digitized Topography Information and Seismic Imaging
Collins C. Chiemeke
Page No. 103-110

Intercultural Learning in the Speech-Language Pathology Degree: Global Online Classes Experiences Inside Laureate International Universities Network from a Moroccan Perspective
Mohamed Taiebine, Claudia Labriny
Page No. 111-116

Impact of Automobile Wastes Discharge on Water Quality in a Developing Country
Popoola, O. O., Akinlolu, S.O.
Page No. 117-122

Additive Manufacturing Methods: A Brief Overview
Amir Dehghanghadikolaei, Navid Namdari, Behrouz Mohammadian, Behzad Fotovvati
Page No. 123-131

Effect of Process Variables on the Controlled Combustion of Nigerian Natural Gas
B.O. Evbuomwan, E.C. Igwebueze
Page No. 132-138

A Study on the Reduction of Exhaust Gas by the Methanol Mixing Method of Compression Ignition Engine
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 139-144

Parameters for Evaluation for the Choice of a Sustainable Financial Network: Using Bayesian Algorithm
BAAH Barida, MMEAH Shedrack
Page No. 145-151

Block Coded Modulation System Employing Concatenated Block Codes
Gilbert A. Ibitola, W. A. Azeez
Page No. 152-157

Employing the Outputs of Overlapped, Delayed Narrowband Receivers for Reconstruction of Wideband Signals
W.A. Azeez, Gilbert A. Ibitola
Page No. 158-164

Contact Angle & Density Measurement for Different Silicon Surfaces
Abdullah C. Özdemir
Page No. 165-170

Analysis on the Problems and Strategies of Mine Emergency Rescue System in China
Xu-dong ZHU, Zhong-liang LU, Hong-li WANG
Page No. 171-176

Analysis on the Research Progress and Development Direction of Coal Mine Gas Prevention and Control Technology in China
Xu-Dong Zhu, Zhong-Liang Lu, Hong-Li Wang
Page No. 177-182

Determination of Aquifer Protective Capacity Using Dar-zorrouk Parameters: A Case Study of Umuogba in Omuma Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria
Nwokocha Charles, Vurasi Baatee, Onuoha G. Chioma, Dada A. Emmanuel
Page No. 183-188

Impacts of Global Warming on Vegetation Zones in the Case of Forestry Region of Bartin, Turkey
Ayhan Atesoglu, Metin Tunay, Hüseyin Şensoy
Page No. 189-194

Mathematical Modelling of Kidnapping with Rehabilitation
Aniayam B. Okrinya, Juliana. I. Consul
Page No. 195-205

Effect Adding Silica Powder on Mechanical Properties for Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Ziyad T. Almalki, Raed M. Shaban, Wisam A. Radhi, Harith A. Razzaq
Page No. 206-210

Replacement of Soyabean Meal with Dietary Lablab Bean Meal (lablab purpureus) in the Diet of Clariid Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Fingerlings
Aliu B.S., Osaro G.E.
Page No. 211-216

Aquifer Delineation and Characterization using Geoelectric Method at Parts of Umuahia, Nigeria
Warmate Tamunonengiyeofori, Dieokuma Tamunosiki
Page No. 217-224

A Remark on Regular Generalized B- Closed Sets
Adhiya K. Hussain
Page No. 225-226

Factor that Influence Knowledge Sharing Capabilities in International College
Shamsul Kamal, Wan Abdul Malik,Khairul Mizan Taib, Zahari Mohd Amin, Mohd Jailani Paiman, Marlia Idrus, Juwahir Ali, Nurul Aqila Abdul Gani
Page No. 227-234

A Method for Damage Detection in the Packaging Materials
C. Onwurah, S. C. Mamah
Page No. 235-249

Investigation of Mechanical and Electrophysical Properties of Cattail Fibers
A.T. Mamadalimov, Sh. A. Gulamov, G.M. Muminova
Page No. 250-251

A Generalized Transmuted Gompertz-Makeham Distribution
Mohamed I. Riffi
Page No. 252-266

Epidemiology Assessment among Workers: A Case Study of Haroon Textile Industry Gujranwala
Usman Ghani, Meenal Iqbal, Muhammad Qasim, Rida Zainab, Muhammad Ahmad, Kashif, Moeen Khalid, Ayesha Siddiqua
Page No. 267-278

On Matrix Division and Rational Matrices
Page No. 279-286

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow from a Wavy Surface Subjected to a Variable Heat Flux in Porous Media
Aboeldahab E. M., Rasha Adel, M. Magdy Hammad
Page No. 287-293