Volume 2 Issue 2 2015

Contaminating Particle Movement in Insulating SF6 Gas in Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
Sherif Ghoneim, Ibrahim Bedir, Ahmed Alkhudaydi, Abdallah Alkhudaydi
Page No. 1-11

Experience with Industrial Gas Turbine Overhaul: Field Implementation
Tonye K Jack
Page No. 12-22

Kinetic, Isotherm and Thermodynamic Modelling on the Adsorptive Removal of Malachite Green on Dacryodes edulis Seeds
Igwegbe CA, Onyechi PC, Onukwuli OD
Page No. 23-39

Assessment of Qualities of Coarse Aggregate Used in Concrete Production in Anambra State, Nigeria
Ezeokonkwo John U, Okolie Kelvin Chuks, Ogunoh Peter
Page No. 40-51

Measuring the Forecasting Accuracy for Masters Energy Oil and Gas Products
Ezeliora Chukwuemeka D, Umeh Maryrose N, Mbabuike Ikenna U;
Mbeledogu Njideka N
Page No. 52-70

Experience with Industrial Gas Turbine Overhaul: Economy Study
Tonye K Jack
Page No. 71-78

Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of a Heater Chimney with and without a Flow Straightener
Ana. Scarabino, Federico. Bacchi, Ricardo J. Filace, Marcela Raviculé
Page No. 79-93

Network Performance of different Encryption and Authentication Algorithm
Jitendra Kumawat
Page No. 94-98

A Comparison of Cloud Computing and Big Data Applications with Software Engineering Prospective [Retracted]
Shabir Ahmad, Bilal Ehsan, Muhammad Perbat Baloch, Shahida Siddiq, Abu Buker Siddique
Page No. 99-109

Excessive Water Production Diagnostic and Control – Case Study Jake Oil Field- Sudan
Mohanned Mahgoup, Elham Khiar
Page No. 110-120