Volume 6 Issue 3 2019

On the Relationship between the Urbanization and the Hydrological Response of a Catchment
Tamara Benabdesselam, Soufiane Dad
Page No. 1-10

Green Logistics: A Primer
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 11-14

Challenges in the Facilities Maintenance of Luxury Apartments
Chinwe Ogwo, Ebiwari Wokekoro
Page No. 15-23

Improving the Quality of the Salt-Tolerant Rice Lines by Molecular Breeding
Tran Trung, Khuat Huu Trung, Nguyen Thi Loan, Nguyen Thi Thuy Anh, Hoang Thi Loan, Nguyen Hoang Long, Nguyen Thai Duong, Lã Hoàng Anh, Tran Dang Xuan, Phan Phuoc Minh Hiep, Tran Dang Khanh
Page No. 24-29

Classification of Ginseng species (Callerya spp) in Lang Giang by molecular mark
Dong Thi Kim Cuc, Le Thanh Nhuan, Phan Phuoc Minh Hiep, Khuat Huu Trung, Tran Dang Khanh
Page No. 30-34

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Primer
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 35-40

Effect of Soaking Time and Temperature on Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
S. L. Ezeoha, N. N. Aneke, A. C. Ezeagba, U. F. Nzeanusi
Page No. 41-58

Influences of seed storage, sowing time, pests and disease-infestation of Sophora tonkinensis Gagnep
Bui Lan Anh, Tran Minh Hoa, Nguyen Thi Thuy Anh, Khuat Huu Trung, Tran Dang Khanh
Page No. 59-69

Improving Quality through Measurement of FMEA: A Case Study in a Manufacture Industry
Erwin Wijayanto, Choesnul Jaqin
Page No. 70-75

Printing of Polyester Twill Fabric with Thickening Agent Extracted from Tamarind Seed (Tamarindus Indica)
Md. Abu Bakar Siddiquee, Md. Zahid Hasan, Md. Manim Hossain
Page No. 76-80

An Embedded Arduino based LPG Detection System with SMS Alert and Automatic Gas Shut Off
Olusanya Olamide O., Oyediran Mayowa O., Usman Musa, Elegbede Adedayo W., Fawole Ayobami O., Adebo King
Page No. 81-87

Application of Two-Population Evolutionary Index Model
DING Hua, XIA Hui-ming, ZHU Yi-wen
Page No. 88-93

Image Deblurring Techniques: A Review
Akram Abdul Maujood Dawood, Muhanad Faris Saleh
Page No. 94-98

Effect of Pair Chevron Impinging Jets on Heat Transfer Coefficient
Faisal F. M. F. S. Alshelahi, Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla
Page No. 99-104

Study of Heat transfer Cooling Process of Flat Surface Using Array of Free Impinging Air Jets
Fayez S. M. M. M. Almutairi, Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla,
Hamada Mohasab
Page No. 105-111

Experimental Study of Heat Transfer for Three Circular Air Jets
Mohammad H. M. J. S. Almutairi, Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla, Hamada Mohasab
Page No. 112-116

Steganography Uses and Various Techniques using Digital Images
Muhanad Faris Saleh, Akram Abdul Maujood Dawood
Page No. 117-122

Effects of Meteorological Parameters on the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells in some Parts of Rivers State
Popoola A. Samuel*, V.B. Omubo Pepple, C. Israel-Cookey
Page No. 123-127

A simulative and multi-agent study for balancing the quantity of CO2 in an urban area by fixing the sources of emissions and absorptions
Harouna Dan Djari, Harouna Naroua
Page No. 128-139

Purification and Characterization Protease from Paddy Oats (Gnetum gnemon L.) Seed Peel
C. Indarto, Pomin Li
Page No. 140-145

Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in the Presence of Magnetic Field with Thermally Stratified High-Porosity Medium
Tumpa R. Paul, Md. A. Huda
Page No. 146-158

Thermomechanical Characterization of Building Materials Based on Peanut Shells and Rice Husks
Thiane S. Mbacké, Prince Momar Gueye, Abdou Karim Dieng, Ibrahima Diatta
Page No. 159-165

Analysis of Coal Mine Gas Control and Outburst Prevention Measures
Quan Ma
Page No. 166-170

Applicability of Pedotransfer Models between Agronomic Parameters and Some Physical Soil Properties of Wheat Plant
Nalan KARS, İmanverdi EKBERLİ
Page No. 171-180

Features of the Development of the Oscillator with the Wien Bridge
Boris M. Mamikonyan, Tatul A. Melikyan
Page No. 181-187

Experimental Study of Impingement Cooling of Flat Surface Utilizing Unconfined Chevron Jets
Missaid M. S. M. A. Almutairi, Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla, Mustafa Abd EL-Fatah
Page No. 188-195

Dynamic Modeling for Predicting the Onset Time of Liquid Loading in Gas Wells
Okon E. Ita, Dulu Appah, Ndubuka Chinedu Ikenna
Page No. 196-203

The Impacts of Urban Planning Failures on Peri-urban Development in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Visigah Kpobari Peter, Tobi Derebebeapade Stanisslous
Page No. 204-218

Analysis of Gas Migration Law and Its Analysis in Mining Fracture Ellipsoid Belt from Safety Engineering
ZHAI Ru-peng, JIA Hai-lin
Page No. 219-225

Recycle Tubular Plug Flow Reactor for Methanol Synthetic Action
Wordu A.A., Obilor D.I.
Page No. 226-236

Study of Heavy Metal Pollutants in Soils and Vegetables of Irrigated Farm Sites in Niger State of Nigeria
Musah, M., Ibrahim, I. L., Goshie, S. N., Matthew, T., Gado, Y.
Page No. 237-247

The Application of Dealing with Kitchen Wastes Recycling Condition Using Factor Analysis in Taiwan
Ching-Lin Ho, Shu-Lung Kuo
Page No. 248-255

Application of AHP and TOPSIS Methods on an Automobile Selection Problem
Page No. 256-260

The Electric Field Effect in the Base of a Bifacial Solar Cell on the Different Electrical Parameters for a Simultaneous Illumination of the Two Faces
Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Alioune Badara Dieng, Ibrahima Fall, Birame Dieng, Senghane Mbodji, Gregoire Sissoko
Page No. 261-267

A Study of Flow Field in Low Swirl Injector
Baher A. Aboulkoll, Kamel A. Elshorbagy
Page No. 268-283