Volume 5 Issue 12 2018

Static Mode Study of the Magnetic Field Effect on Series Resistance of a Parallel Vertical Junction Silicon Solar Cell under Monochromatic Illumination and Under Irradiation
Alioune Badara Dieng, Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Senghane Mbodji, Birame Dieng
Page No. 1-8

Petrography and Geochemistry of Scoria in Al Haikl Cone ”Thamar-Rada’ Volcanic Field”, Yemen
Khaled M. Al-Selwi, Ali M. Al-Hawbani
Page No. 9-20

Analysis and Application of Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of Mine Wind Network Based on Ventsim
ZHU Xu-dong, LU Zhong-liang, WANG Hong-li
Page No. 21-26

Agricultural Mechanization of Field Crops in Thrace Region of Turkey
Bahattin Akdemir
Page No. 27-31

The Effect of Anxiety on the Primary Students Achievement in Music Learning
Osamah (Mohammad Ameen) Ahmad Aldalalah
Page No. 32-39

Determination of Seed Boot Position for a Dual Tine and Presswheel Seeding Module on Soil Disturbance and Emerged Seedling
Page No. 40-47

Determination of Precision Farming Applications in Turkey
Bahattin Akdemir
Page No. 48-52

On Test Statistics According to the Changing Average
Page No. 53-55

Multi-Criteria of Decision-Making Approach by using Fiber Reinforced Polymer in AJM
Abhijeet Gupta, Rupesh Adiley
Page No. 56-61

Height of F2-layer peak parameter effects on critical frequency by IRI
Emmanuel Nanéma, Jean Louis Zerbo, Moustapha Konaté, Frédéric Ouattara
Page No. 62-68

Study of Water Issues in Taiz City and it’s the Best Solution-Yemen
Soad A. Al-Sabban, Mohammed F. Al- Dubai, Alkateeb Y. Al-Kebsi, Abdullrahman M. Ba Matraf
Page No. 69-78

Investigation of Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solutions by using SiO2 Nanoparticles: A Laboratory Study
Davoud Balarak, Ferdos Kord Mostafapour, Mohadeseh Dashtizadeh, Atefeh Namvar
Page No. 79-83

Adsorption kinetic studies for removal of Reactive Red 120 using Bentonite Clay
Davoud Balarak, Mohadeseh Dashtizadeh, Atefeh Namvar
Page No. 84-89

Comparative Proximate, Nutrient Density, Minerals and Trace Metals Composition of Vegetables from Abattoir Wastes Impacted Soils
Emmanuel U. Dan, Kokoette Raymond, Matthew U. Okon
Page No. 90-101

Amino Acid Content of Fish Onion Rings Made from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Page No. 102-105

A new local energy-preserving scheme for the RLW equation
Yanhong Yang
Page No. 106-113

Physicochemical Properties of Nano-Crystalline Boehmite Precipitated from Synthetic Bayer Liquor at 90 °C: Effect of Neutralization Rate
A. Krestou, D. Panias
Page No. 114-123

New Methods to Construct Rays Refracted by Flat and Spherical Surfaces
Ibrahima FALL, Abdoulaye Taye, Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Bertrand Tchanche Fankam, Papa Lat Tabara Sow, Matabara Dieng, Biram Dieng, Senghane Mbodji
Page No. 124-133

Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation System of Public Health in Colleges and Universities Based on AHP-FUZZY
Zhang Hongjian, Peng Yuhua, Chen Jianjun
Page No. 134-139

Designing Haptic Interfaces with Depth Cameras and H3D Depth Mapping
George Kokkonis
Page No. 140-146

A novel multilevel threshold-optimization method to detect ice load of overhead lines in real ambient conditions
Bahadır AKBAL
Page No. 147-157

The Evaluation of Occupational Health and Safety in Turkey Agriculture Sector
Osman Gökdoğan, Oktay Erdoğan
Page No. 158-162

Study on Some Biological Parameters of Musa spp. (Banana) are Known as Prebiotic Treated with Kluyveromyces lactis 1
Page No. 163-171

Analysis of Prevalence and Influencing Factors of Myopia among Middle School Students in Jiangsu Province of China
QIU da-yong, ZHANG yan
Page No. 172-176

A Study on the Calculation of the Lighting Level with Simulation Programs in Tunnel Lighting
Mehmet Sait Cengiz
Page No. 177-183

On Types of Average According to the Changing Average
Page No. 184-186

Performance Evaluation of Single Slope and Double Slope Solar Stills Integrated with a Solar Pond in a Tropical Humid Climate
Anjorin S. A., Makinde P. F.
Page No. 187-196

Removal of Pyridine with Peroxymonosulfate Oxidation Catalyzed by granular activated carbon
Davoud Balarak, Mohadeseh Dashtizadeh, Mortaza Akbari
Page No. 197-201

Modeling and Power Control for Integrated System of Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Element
Amal E. M. Elngar, Zeinab S. Abedel Rehim, Wedad M. Refai,
Mahmoud El-Bayoumi, A. Latif Marzouk
Page No. 202-210

GSA-Kapur Method for the Iced Conductor Thickness Determination Studies
Bahadır AKBAL, Musa AYDIN
Page No. 211-217

Morphological Characterization of Sorghum E. turcicum Isolate from Different Areas of Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya
Fredrick O. Ogolla, Benson O. Onyango, Moses M. Muraya, Sioma Mulambula
Page No. 218-226

Stabilization of Black Cotton Clayey Soils with Cementitious Stabilizing Agents Blended with Waste Agricultural Products
Charles Kennedy, Amakiri – Whyte Belema, Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma
Page No. 227-238

Relative Strength Performance Variance of Cement – Lime with Pozzolanaic Ash Used for Black Cotton Soils Stabilization
Charles Kennedy, Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma, Nwikina Biamene Barine
Page No. 239-251

Evaluatıon of a Pedestrıan Zone from a Functıonal Perspectıve: The Case of Izzet Baysal Street
Page No. 252-263

Solutions of non Linear Fractional Partial Differential Equations by Using Sub-Equation Method
M. K. Ammar, Amany Saad, Nahla Bahaa
Page No. 264-267

A Numerical Solution of the 2D Laplace’s Equation for the Estimation of Electric Potential Distribution
Atsue T., Tikyaa E. V., Nwokike S. C.
Page No. 268-276

Heavy Metal Concentrations in Selected Agricultural Produce under Different Drying Techniques
Abdulwahab Ismail Durojaiye, Nwachukwu, G. Ndidiamaka, Adebayo S. Taiye, Mohammed Aminu, Damwesh, S. Habakkuk
Page No. 277-283

Treatment of Petroleum and Flowstation Wastewater using Combined Coagulants (A Case Study of Typical Oil Company Flowstation in Nigeria)
Evbuomwan B.O., Olagunju L.A.
Page No. 284-288

Measurement of Student’s Mental Workload in Politechnic using Nasa-Tlx
Ajeng Yeni Setianingrum, Euis Nina Saparina Yuliani
Page No. 289-296

Optimal Design of Model Predictive Control for Voltage and Power Stabilizing in Turbo-Generator System
Mahmoud Elshenawy, Helmy Elzoghby, Mohey Bahgat, Abdelghany. M. Abdelghany
Page No. 297-309

Determination of the Effect of Brick Ballast on Strength Properties of Concrete
Erhan Gezer, Can Burak Sisman, H. Comert Kurc
Page No. 310-316

Monic Gegenbauer Approximations for Solving Differential Equations
M. Abdelhakem, Doha M. R., A. F. Saadallah, M El-Kady
Page No. 317-321

Valorization of the Attapulgite Clay as a Mineral Addition in Sand Concrete
Keinde Dame, Prince Momar Guèye, Fabrice Ndèye Awa Sène, Abdou Karim Dieng
Page No. 322-329

A Review of Adverse Effect of Heavy Metals on Fish
NDA A.A., Abubakar M.I., Musa M.A., Masaya A.H.
Page No. 330-341