Volume 4 Issue 6 2017

Temporal Assessment of Soil Loss using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (Rusle) Model and Geospatial Techniques
J. D. Njoku, G.T. Amangabara, U.D. Nkogho
Page No. 1-14

Study of Fe60Cu40 Solid Solution Obtained By Attritor Ball Milling
Abdel Monem M. Shamah, Mohamed M. El-Desoky, Farid F. Hanna, Peter N.G. Ibrahim, Noor A. Ibrahim
Page No. 15-26

A Systematic Approach for the Optimal Solution of Multiple Sources to Multiple Destinations of Roads Networks
F. O. Ikpotokin, A. J. Tamber
Page No. 27-34

A novel inverter design with optimized multilevel programmed drive sequences
Muhammad Awais, Taimoor M. Gondal, Khunsa Iftikhar, Umar Hayyat
Page No. 35-42

Spin Polarization of Nin/Co overlayers with GGA and GGA+U Calculations
Y. Sh. Mohammed, A. A. Elzain, A. A. Adllan, Kh. Sh. Mohamed, Elnoor. A. A. Noh
Page No. 43-51

Watershed Database Management with Archydro Model Builder Processing: Case Study of Tekirdag Suleymanpasa District
Abdulhakim Bostanci, Selcuk Albut, Mehmet SENER
Page No. 52-59

Comparative Analysis of Pre-composition Techniques with FCC and PN codes using OptiSystem
Anurag Paliwal, Navneet Agrawal, Ashik Hussain
Page No. 60-64

Design & Analysis of on Chip Voltage Regulator Circuits for Low Power VLSI Applications
Vijendra K Maurya, Navneet Agrawal, Ashik Hussan
Page No. 65-70

Supramolecular hydrogel based on Poly (ethylene glycol) methyl ether- α-cyclodextrin inclusion complex: a carrier for drug delivery
Page No. 71-77

Optimization of Drilling Parameters in Aluminium Casting For Minimizing Power Consumption
Mukesh Kumar Lohar, S. Jindal, Chitranjan Agarwal, M.S. Khidiya
Page No. 78-83

Interpretation of Conic Sections with Side Conditional Extremes
Hasan Keleş
Page No. 84-88

Comparıson of Al-Metal Matrıx Composıtes Produced by In Sıtu Hot Press Method
Metin Onal, Mehmet Gavgali
Page No. 89-91

Critical Insights of Social Media: It’s Impact on Society
Kamal Gautam, Gurudatt Kakkar, Kiran Soni, Shalini Jain
Page No. 92-98

An Algorithm for Finding Critical Path, Activities and Total Duration of Multiple Projects (Multiple Sources to Multiple Destinations)
F. O. Ikpotokin, A. J. Tamber
Page No. 99-102

Tea waste as a low cost adsorbent for the removal of COD from landfill leachate: Kinetic Study
Shahin Ahmadi, Ferdous Kord Mostafapour
Page No. 103-108

Development of a Computerized Engineering Technique to Improve Incubation System in Poultry Farms
Okereke Eze Aru
Page No. 109-119

Solid Waste Disposal in Abossey Okai and its Impact on the Environment
UZOMA, Emmanuel Sunny Kanayo, OGUNLEYE, Olusesan Sola
Page No. 120-126

Utilization of Workshop Equipment and Tools for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Technical Colleges in Nigeria
Chiduhiegem C.R. Wordu, Divine O. Chiorlu
Page No. 127-131

Characterization of Activated Carbons Produced from Some Agricultural Residues
Sangotayo, Emmanuel O., Itabiyi, Olukunle E., Adedeji, Kasali A., Adegoke, Tona, Elehinafe, Oluwatosin L.
Page No. 132-140

Biomarker Characteristics of Triassic Kasımlar Formation; Akseki–Anamas Platform, Western Taurus, Turkey
Orhan Ozcelik, Mehmet Altunsoy, Nazan Yalcin Erik, Selin Karadirek, Neslihan Unal
Page No. 141-147

Analysis of determining the heights with different surveying methods
Bostjan Kovacic , Rok Kamnik
Page No. 148-156

On some 2-color off-diagonal Rado numbers
Jing Jin
Page No. 157-160

Porous Media Influence on the Transport Phenomena in the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
LARBI Badreddine, ALIMI Wael, CHOUIKH Ridha, GUIZANI Amenallah
Page No. 161-169

Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Daily Amounts of Nigerian Naira Per Ugandan Shilling
Ette Harrison Etuk, Richard Chinedu Igbudu, Anthony Ike Wegbom
Page No. 170-175

Introduction to MATLAB for Researchers and Engineering Students
Onwusuru I, Okolo Chidiebere C, Uka Chukwuma, Ohuabunwa Austine, Nwafor Chibuikem M
Page No. 176-180

Description of Installation, Maintenance and Repairs of Computers
Okeke Obinna, Okolo Chidiebere, Onwusuru I, Uka Chukwuma, EzeiloChibuike J
Page No. 181-186

A Total Journey of Footwear with Material Analysis
Sharmin Shoukat, Sadia Rabby
Page No. 187-191

Watershed Database Management with Archydro Model Builder Processing: Case Study of Tekirdag Suleymanpasa District
Abdulhakim Bostanci, Selcuk Albut, Mehmet SENER
Page No. 192-198

Assessment of Groundwater Quality around Isolo Dumpsite Lagos Southwestern Nigeria
V.O. Fagoyinbo, A. Adepitan, O. Ojelabi, M.O. Adeyem
Page No. 199-207

Production of Agro Waste Composite Ceiling Board (A Case Study of the Mechanical Properties)
Isheni Yakubu, Yahaya B. S, Mbishida M. A., Achema Felix, Karfe Gayus S
Page No. 208-212

Barrier to Participation in Physical Activities by Persons with Disability in South-Western Nigeria
Oyeniyi P., Aina O.O., Adegoroye S.A., Osakinle E.O.
Page No. 213-217

Weighted Least Squares Estimation of Parameters in Heteroscedastic Regression Model Under Liner Constraint
XU Rong-Fei
Page No. 218-220