Volume 4 Issue 11 2017

Development of an e-Extension Platform to Promote Food Security through Knowledge Sharing
Aboho DM, Ugba PT, Usu SS, Nomishan I
Page No. 1-5

Corrosion Inhibitive Characteristics of Vernonia amygdalina (Bitter Leaf) on Mild Steel in Seawater
Tolumoye J. Tuaweri, Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya
Page No. 6-13

Analysis of Frequencies of the Hypertensive and Diabetic Workers among Administrative and Field Staff in Chevron Company, Nigeria
Juliana I. Consul
Page No. 14-26

Assessment of Household Solid Waste Generation in Rural Areas
Muaaz Tariq, Muhammad Naveed, Muhammad Awais Irshad, Hajra Ahsan, Sumbal Zafar, Hafiz Muhammad Shiraz, Atif Nauman
Page No. 27-31

Omega Fatty Acid Value of Seafood and Its Place in Human Health
Halil Ibrahim Kahve, Ayhan Duran, Furkan Aydin, Mustafa Ardic
Page No. 32-35

Selection of Suitable Site for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Sites for the Aksaray (Turkey) using AHP and GIS Methods
Süleyman Sefa Bilgilioğlu, Burhan Baha Bilgilioğlu
Page No. 36-45

Effect of Position of Least Permeable Layer on the Equivalent Permeability in a Stratified Soil System
Priyank Gupta, Javed Alam, Mohd. Muzzammil
Page No. 46-51

Livable City Ranking Problem
Senping Wang, Ran Yang, Xinru Zeng, Haiyan Zhang
Page No. 52-61

The Effects of Anhydrous Ammonia on the Leaf Nitrogen and Leaf Color in Wheat
Cihangir Saglam, Fulya Tan
Page No. 62-67

Workload Evaluation on Workers at Steam Power Plant Based on Physiology Condition
Sylvie Indah Kartika Sari, Suluh E. Swara, Wisnu Wijayanto Putro
Page No. 68-74

Confounding 2K Factorial Design to Obtain Optimal yield using Different Organic Manure
Akra, Ukeme Paulinus, Edet, Effiong Bassey
Page No. 75-85

A Stochastic Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic for Modelling-to-Generate-Alternatives
Julian Scott Yeomans
Page No. 86-91

Organic Geochemistry of Miocene Sediments (Hafik and Karacaören Formations) in the Sivas Basin, Turkey
Orhan Özçelik, Mehmet Altunsoy
Page No. 92-98

Sliding Mode Multi-ANFIS (SMANFIS) Control for Vision Robot
Yi-Jen Mon, Gia-Hun Yeh, Li-Wei Chung, Min-Gung Jou
Page No. 99-102

Determination of Suitable Irrigation Method by Using Some Soil and Topography Properties
Engin OZTURK, Mehmet SENER
Page No. 103-107

Synthesis of Cellulose Nanofibrils from Banana Residues for the Production of Textile Fibers
E. Galeana-Olvera, Ma. N. Rojas-Valencia, C. Mendoza-Buenrostro
Page No. 108-113

Effect of Preharvest Chitosan and/or Salicylic Acid Spray on Quality and Shelf Life of Tomato Fruits
Bander. M. Almunqedhi, Hassan. A. Kassem, Abd- El-Aziz. R. Al-Harbi
Page No. 114-122

The Anomaly of Maximum Temperature in South-West Part of Bangladesh
Md. Anisur Rahman
Page No. 123-126

Analysis of Future Aspects of Alternative Fuel Driven Vehicles in Bangladesh
Rubaya Jafrin Hoque, Mohammed Shahed Hossain, A.K.M. Nazrul Islam
Page No. 127-134

Yoga Mobile Application using XML
Yasser A. Nada
Page No. 135-144

Development and Utilization of Bisulfite Specific Primer Pairs for Epigenetic Studies in Solanum lycopersicum L.
Ayse Gul Ince, Mehmet Karaca
Page No. 145-153

Microsatellite Distribution and Densities in Promoter and Gene Body Entities of Some Plant Genes
Mehmet Karaca, Ayse Gul Ince, Emine Uygur Gocer, Adnan Aydin
Page No. 154-163

Motivational Factors and Future Expectations that Influence the Choice of Engineering Programmes by Female Undergraduate Students in Nigeria
Chijioke P. Okwelle, Joyce T. Alalibo
Page No. 164-172

Laser-accelerated Proton Beams from a Solid Hydrogen Target as a Future Source of Radionuclides for Positron Emission Tomography
Antonio Italiano, Ernesto Amato, Daniele Margarone, Jan Psikal, Georg Korn
Page No. 173-176

Towards Effective Storm Water Drainage and Management System in Yenagoa city, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Ibama Brown, Tari Eyenghe
Page No. 177-188

The Impact of Hydraulic Structures in Eastern Anatolian Region in Turkey on Agricultural Economy: The Odabaşı Pond Case
Page No. 189-194

The Effects of Different Irrigation Levels and Mulching on the Yield and Quality Components of Young Grafted Vine of Tekirdag Seedless Variety
Page No. 195-203

Improved Ductility and Mechanical Properties of A5 Aluminum Alloy Thin Sheets Processed by Cold-Rolling and Annealing Treatment
Moufida Mhedhbi, Mohamed Khlif, Chedly Bradai
Page No. 204-210

Properties of Diyarbakir Basalt for Concrete Mix
Murat DOGRUYOL, Gultekin AKTAS
Page No. 211-217

Acute Toxicity of Glyphosate-Based Formulations to Five Aquatic Organisms of Different Trophic Levels
Sameeh A. Mansour, Amina R. Ali, Reham I. Mohamed
Page No. 218-225

Statistics and Analysis of Newly Added Occupational Diseases in China from 2010 to 2015
Xu-dong ZHU, Zhong-liang LU, Shou Yuan
Page No. 226-231

Descriptive Statistics and PIC Values of Genomic- and Transcriptomic-Microsatellites in Several Plant Species
Ayse Gul Ince, Mehmet Karaca, Emine Uygur Gocer, Adnan Aydin
Page No. 236-246

Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability by Susceptibility Index (SI) Method in the Niayes Area, Senegal
Papa B. D. THIOUNE, Saïdou NDAO, Alassane BA, El Hadji B. DIAW
Page No. 247-257

Delineation of Groundwater Potentials and Overburden Layers using Vertical Electrical Sounding Techniques in Parts of Etche Lga, Rivers State, Nigeria
Amechi, Bright. U., AMONIEAH, Jiriwari, HORSFALL Opiriyabo. I.
Page No. 258-264

Security Challenges and Issues in Cloud Computing
Monika Hire, Nilesh Uke
Page No. 265-271