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Assessment of the Reliability of Magnetic Method to Delineate Geologic Features in a Basement Complex: A Case Study of Phase 1, Federal University Oye

Abstract A geophysical survey using magnetic method was carried out to map the bedrock topography, delineate region of potential stress amplification and to map structures such as faults and contact zones in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti state, south western Nigeria. Nine traverses were laid in the east-west direction of the surveyed area for the investigation. The […]

Informatics: An Introduction

Abstract We live in a digital world and are overwhelmed by the massive information we are surrounded with. Informatics is a discipline that deals with information. It is the study and practice of creating, storing, manipulating and sharing information. This paper provides a brief introduction to the field of informatics. It covers health informatics, cognitive […]

Application and analysis of biodiesel produced from refined rubber seed oil as an alternative fuel

Abstract The production of carbon dioxide from the conventional fuel is eliminated in biodiesel because all of the carbon dioxide that would have been released during combustion is sequestrated out of the atmosphere during crop growth, thereby making the biodiesel more environmentally friendly. This study was on the production and analysis of biodiesel from refined […]

Quantitative Determination of Heavy Metals in Some Commonly Consumed Herbal Medicines in Kano State, Nigeria

Abstract Evaluation of heavy metals in twelve commonly consumed herbal medicines/preparations in Kano State, Nigeria was carried out. The samples comprised of five unregistered powdered medicines, namely, Zuwo, (ZW); Rai Dorai, (RD); Miyar Tsanya, (MTS); Bagaruwar Makka, (BM); and Madobiya, (M); five unregistered liquid herbal medicinal concussions for pile (MB), yellow fever (MS), typhoid (MT), […]

Effect of Compaction, Moisture Content and Cow Dung on Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Penetration Resistance of a Sandy Loam Soils of Maiduguri

Abstract Hydraulic conductivity is one of the soil properties that determine the flow of water under hydraulic gradient. Laboratory experiment was conducted using soil samples collected from University of Maiduguri Teaching and Research farm to investigate the effect of compaction, moisture content and rate so organic matter incorporation on saturated hydraulic conductivity of a sandy […]

Modeling and Forecasting CPI Inflation in Nigeria: Application of Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Homoskedastic Model

Abstract This study employs a univariate Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) homoskedastic model in conjunction with Box and Jenkins modeling procedure to model and forecast annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) data in Nigeria from 1950 to 2014. The annual data on Consumer Price Index is obtained as secondary data from Penn World Table, the National […]