Volume 7 Issue 1 2020

Prospects, Issues and Challenges of Software Agents in Twenty First Century
Nnebe, S.E., Odighi, M.O., John Otumu, A.M.
Page No. 1-10

Calculation of mathematical models for the production of solar distillers (Single slope solar still)
Ahmed J. Mohammed
Page No. 11-17

Integral Property of Laplace Transform Function Figure with Parameter
Liu Zhiwei
Page No. 18-20

Improvement of Zogbedji (Togo) Clay Soil Characteristics by Adding Rice Husks Ashes (RHA)
Yawovi M. X. Dany AYITE, Abalo P’KLA, Irina PACHOUKOVA
Page No. 21-26

Incidence angle and diffusion length effects on Shunt resistance of a parallel vertical junction silicon solar cell under monochromatic illumination and under irradiation
Alioune Badara Dieng, Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Senghane Mbodji, Birame Dieng
Page No. 27-33

Secondary and Primary Metabolite Contents in the Branches of Rhipsalis baccifera (Cactaceae)
Page No. 34-40

Evaluation of Agronomical and Quality Traits of Some Triticale Genotypes at Spring Planting under Arid Continental Conditions of the Eastern Black Sea Region
Page No. 41-45

Field Evaluation of Agronomic Traits of Some Promising Maize Lines Developed by the Topcross Method in the Northeast Areas of Vietnam
Ha Tan Thu, Trinh Khac Quang, Nguyen Xuan Thang, Tran Dang Khanh, Bui Manh Cuong
Page No. 46-56

Genetic Diversity of Morinda officinalis Based on ITS and matK, rbcL and Interspace trnH-psbA Genes on the Chloroplast
Pham Van Kien, Doan Cao Son, Bui Hong Cuong, Tran Minh Ngoc, Tran Ngoc Thanh, Tran Dang Khanh, Pham Thi Minh Tam, Tran Viet Hung
Page No. 57-64

Determinants of Computerized System for Execution of Martime Security Systems
Sanja Michael Mutongwa, Rodrigues J. Tony
Page No. 65-75

Implementation of MKopa Solar Services for Poverty Eradication
Sanja Michael Mutongwa, Silvance Abeka
Page No. 76-87

Evolution of the Capacitance According to the Recombination Velocity at the Junction and the Photovoltage of a CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell under Monochromatic Illumination at the Front Face
Ibrahima WADE, Demba DIALLO, Djmba NIANE, Moustapha DIENG
Page No. 88-94

SWOT Matrix: a Useful Tool for Managers to Make Decisions on Renovation of Worn-Out Textures
Mohammad Javad Khosravi
Page No. 95-101

A Review of the Obstacles to the Renovation of Worn-out Textures in Iran and Proposing Approaches to Address Them
Mohammad Javad Khosravi
Page No. 102-107

The Usability of Forest Tractors in the Activities of Extracting in Mountainous Terrain
Page No. 108-113

Effects of Cement Stabilization on Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soil of Ihube-Okigwe, Southeastern Nigeria
Amadi, C.C., Ezetoha, N., Okeke, O.C., Nwachukwu, H.G.O., Ibezim, B.
Page No. 114-124

Experimental Review and Analysis of an Improved Energy Generation by Using Speed Humps
Syed Saad Farooq, Nabeel Farhan, Farhan Faiz, Muhammad Uzair, Muhammad Faizan Shah, Nauman Shafi
Page No. 125-139

Experimental Review and Analysis of an Improved Energy Generation by Using Speed Humps
Syed Saad Farooq, Nabeel Farhan, Farhan Faiz, Muhammad Uzair, Muhammad Faizan Shah, Nauman Shafi
Page No. 125-139

SecRA 6 an algorithm to secure IPv6 Home Networks
Massamba SY, Cheikh SARR, El Hadji B. DIAW
Page No. 140-146

Properties of Concrete Reinforced With Steel Crown Cap Waste as Fiber Material
Nasir Kabir, Suleiman Abba, Yusuf Lawal Yaranchi
Page No. 147-153

Detection of Unauthorized Intrusion in a Network Using Feedforward Neural Network
Williams D. Ofor, Mercy Nwanyanwu
Page No. 154-162

Assessment of the risks of heavy metals contamination of dairy products from cattle farming in urban and peri-urban areas in Benin: case of the commune of Abomey-Calavi
BOGNINOU Gbêdossou Sophie Reine, GBOHAÏDA Virginie, BOSSOU Annick Flore Arlette Dohoué, BOTHON Fifa Théomaine Diane, AGBANGNAN DOSSA Cokou Pascal, AVLESSI Félicien, SOHOUNHLOUE Koko Codjo Dominique
Page No. 163-167

Petroleum Hydrocarbons: Energy and Pollution in the Environment
Solomon Peter Wante, Barka Peter Mshelmbula, Wasa Alibe Ahmed
Page No. 168-178

Electron Transport in N-doped Graphene Nanoribbone
Aqeel M. Ali
Page No. 179-184

Some Generating Functions of Modified Bessel Polynomials by Group Theoretic Method
Gamal Ali Qashash
Page No. 185-190

Object-Oriented Programming as a Tool for Company’s Overall Performance Prediction
Tufegdzic Milica, Miodragovic Goran, Pravdic Predrag
Page No. 191-196

Contribution of an External Wall to the Thermal Load of a Building
Elhadj FAYE, Harouna Mamadou BAL, Oumar DIALLO, Salif GAYE
Page No. 197-206

Effect of Hydrochloric acid (HCl) on the Compressive Strength of Concrete at Early Ages
Yasir Abubakar, Usman Muazu, Musa U. Attah
Page No. 207-210

Water Stability of Titanium Gypsum based Cementitious Material
Xuefeng Lin, Jinyi Lu, Chaoyu Li, Zhen Lei, Zhirong Jia
Page No. 211-216

Global Food Production: A Primer
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tolulope J. Ashaolu, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 217-223

Food Production: A Gentle Introduction
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tolulope J. Ashaolu, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 224-227

Optimum Maximum Power Transfer for Renewable Hybrid Power System in Smart Grid
Keshinro K.K., Azeez N.A., Ajetunmobi E.O., Bamigboye O., Alimi T.
Page No. 228-234

Geotechnical Analysis for Crossing Tunnels in Sand Soil
Mohamed Saied Abd El-Samie El-bahrawy
Page No. 235-245

Cultural Regeneration of Urban Spaces with the Aim of Improving Neighborhood Identity
Mohammad Javad Khosravi
Page No. 246-250

The Impact of Culture-Based Regeneration on Worn-out Urban Textures (Case Study: Armenian Neighborhood)
Mohammad Javad Khosravi
Page No. 251-255