Volume 6 Issue 9 2019

Ultrasonic Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Al2O3-TiO2 Nanocomposite Particles
Page No. 1-10

IoT Sensors used for Marine Cargo Shipments
Nik Tehrani, Jahan Ghofraniha
Page No. 11-13

Food Standards: A Gentle Introduction
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tolulope J. Ashaolu, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 14-19

Improvement Quality of Normal Noodle Product using Six Sigma Fuzzy Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Methods
Defi Norita
Page No. 20-29

Temperature Effect on the Depletion Zone Width of a Parallel Vertical Junction Silicon Solar Cell under Static Regime and Monochromatic Illumination
Alioune Badara Dieng, Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Senghane Mbodji, Birame Dieng
Page No. 30-36

Effects of Animal-Skin Singeing with used Rubber Tyre on Soil Physicochemical Properties in Enugu, Nigeria
Offor C.B., Oluka S.I., Eze P.C.
Page No. 37-42

Neuronal Approach for Prediction of Electric Charge in Niamey City
Mamane Moumouni Hamidou, Noma Talibi Soumaïla, Boureima Seibou, Assarid Issaka Abdoulkarim, Attoumane Kosso Moustapha, Madougou Saïdou
Page No. 43-52

Transesterification of Palm-olein using a Synthesized Heterogeneous Catalyst (CaO-Calciumoxide Nanoparticle)
P. M. Dass, Edmond Moses, Oliver N. Maitera
Page No. 53-61

Paddy Rice Production Engineering in SRI Method with STSS, Black Silver Plastic Mulch, and Furrow Irrigation
Sunadi, M Zulman Harja Utama, Bustari Badal
Page No. 62-69

Hot-Film Sensors based on Silicon with Nanoclusters of Nickel Atoms to Determine the Speed Gas Flow
Sh. B. Utamuradova, Sh. X. Daliev, S. S. Nasriddinov, Sh. A. Ismoilov,
D. M. Esbergenov
Page No. 70-75

Quality of Ka-Band Internet Service based on users’ experience
Datukun K. A., Mangut P. N., Mangut H.
Page No. 76-80

Effect of Different Crushing Methods on the Basic Physical Properties Variability of Recycled Fine Aggregate
Xin Jin, Zhirong Jia, Qidong Zou
Page No. 81-86

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on Double Search Strategy
Zhigang Wang
Page No. 87-91

The Thermal Parameters on the Semiconductor Performance N+P
Modou Faye, Ousmane Ngom, Mamadou Niane, Cheikh Mbow, Bassirou Ba
Page No. 92-102

Evaluation of the Harmful Gas Concentrations Emitted into the Water Buffalo Barns in Terms of Animal Welfare
Page No. 103-109

Effects of Biochar Produced at Different Pyrolysis Temperatures and Storage Environment on Ripening and Quality Characteristics of Tomatoes
Zingwari, Obey A., Zendera, Willard, Mtetwa, Moses
Page No. 110-119

A Time Series Model of HIV Prevalence in Nigeria
O. Abu, M.A. Emeje
Page No. 120-129

Effects of Air Direction on Spray Distribution in Some Type Injection Nozzles
Ilker H CELEN*, Necdet OZDEN, Eray ONLER
Page No. 130-144

Technology Paddy Agriculture with SBSU System on Ultisol Land for Growth, Production and Absorption of Fe2+
M Zulman Harja Utama, Sunadi, Widodo Haryoko, Bustari Badal
Page No. 145-152

Kinetic Modeling of Biogas Yield from Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Non-Uniform Multiple Feedstock Typically Available in Nigeria
Orhorhoro E.K., Lindsay E.E., Hassan A.
Page No. 153-161

Narrow and Wide Opener Effects on Soil Disturbance and Fertilizer Placement
Page No. 162-171

Quantum Gravitational Force and its Consequences
Khavtgai Namsrai
Page No. 172-175

Square-Root Differential Equations for Dark Matter Particles
Khavtgai Namsrai
Page No. 176-183

An Efficient Concept Mining method of Unstructured Data with Semantics
Ezimora O. Anthony, E. O Bennett, O. E. Taylor
Page No. 184-191

Improvement Crude Fiber Digestibility, N Retention and Energy Metabolism of Broiler through Fermentation LLM and Methionine-Lysine Supplementation
Nita Yessirita, Zasmeli Suhaemi, Yurnalis
Page No. 192-198

Influence Extracts of Bud Populous, Algae and Swamp Morning Glory on Vegetative and Fruiting Growth of Fig cv. Kadota
Abbass Mhson Salman Al- Hmadawi
Page No. 199-205