Volume 6 Issue 7 2019

Air Pollution Assessment at West Qurna -1 Oil felid at Basrah Governorate, southern Iraq
Hamid T. Al-Saad, Hamzah A. Kadhim, Makia M. Al-Hejuje
Page No. 1-10

Morphological Characterization of Fungal Infestations on Road-side Tree Nursery Seedlings and the Influence of Environmental Factors on their Spread
Karani K. Jecinta, Githae W. Eunice, Omondi F. Stephen
Page No. 11-21

Assessment of the Quality of Water Sources for Taiz City for Drinking and other Domestic Uses-Yemen
Abdulatif A. Al-Munaifi, Soad A. Al-Sabban
Page No. 22-28

Particulate Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composite Brake Rotor – A Review of the Mechanical and Wear Behaviours
Salako Ismaila, Jacob S. Jatau, Mohammed A. Bawa
Page No. 29-40

Analysis of Blends of Vegetable Oils with Mineral Based Lube Oil
Friday J. Owuna, Musa U. Dabai, Muhammad A. Sokoto, Chika Muhammad, Aminu L. Abubakar
Page No. 41-48

An impact study on the variation of parameters for the main sources of CO2 emission and absorption in a city for the management of it’s atmospheric pollution through a multi-agent system
Harouna Dan Djari, Harouna Naroua
Page No. 49-58

A study of velocity variation in open channel flow across the cross sections, including flow meter calibration and α (Energy Coefficient) value calculation
Gulam Md. Munna
Page No. 59-63

Bubble Flow Study of an Air-Lift Vacuum Column: Column Coldep Case
Djimako Bongo, Alexis M. Nanimina, Nadjitonon Ngarmaim,
Jean-Yves Champagne
Page No. 64-73

Investigating the Robustness of Process Simulation Tools for Natural Gas Liquefaction Processes
Emeka Okafor, Imokhai Ikhiloya
Page No. 74-81

A Model Design of Smart Room Controller using Human Detection and Environmental Inputs
Moses O. Onibonoje
Page No. 82-88

Some Inequalities about Trace of Matrix
TU Yuanyuan, SU Runqing
Page No. 89-93

The Effect on Magnetic Field Induction Coils on Nano-Particles of Iron Fillings
Mohmed Awedalkarem Hajahmed, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed,
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah
Page No. 94-96

Approximation Method for Solving Heat model with Derivative Boundary Conditions
Iman I. Gorial
Page No. 97-100

Assessment of Artificial Ornamental Stone Characteristics Produced from Limestone Quarries Waste and Epoxy Resin
Ahmed A. Omar, M. L. Abdel Latif, Waleed A. Ogila, Nasser G. Abdel Ghafour, Ashraf R. Baghdady
Page No. 101-109

Food Control: A Primer
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tolulope J. Ashaolu, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 110-114

A Research on Defogging Methods with Single Image
Hongli Zhu, Yang Yang
Page No. 115-119

Modeling and simulation of a wind energy conversion chain by Matlab Simulink to ensure the injection of its production on the Senelec electricity grid
Abdou Ndiaye, Hoavo Hova, Ndeye Thiam, Ibrahima Ly, Grégoire SISSOKO
Page No. 120-130

Production of Lightweight Concrete with renewable polyurethane Foam as Coarse Aggregate
Firyal Mohammed Ali, Jassim Mohammed Mohaisen
Page No. 131-137

Sucrose as Renewable Source in Polyurethane Synthesis for Production of Lightweight Concrete
Firyal Mohammed Ali, Jassim Mohammed Mohaisen
Page No. 138-144

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Soil of West Qurna-1 Oil Field Southern Iraq
Hamzah A. Kadhim, Makia M. Al-Hejuje, Hamid T. Al-Saad
Page No. 145-155

Palynological Evaluation of Cretaceous Sediments of Ekenkpon Shale, Calabar Flank, Southeastern Nigeria
Asukwo Essien Itam, Eno-Obong Effiong Una, Monday Udofia Udoh, David Okon Inyang, Chimeizie Ndunagum Emeka, Victoria Inyamg Emeka, Elizabeth Ikpeme Bassey
Page No. 156-164

Irradiation and Damage Coefficient’s effect on the performances of a CIGS thin film solar cell under monochromatic illumination
Salif CISSE, Jean Jude DOMINGO, Gérome Sambou, Moustapha DIENG
Page No. 165-172

Product Development of Klikpak Food Packaging with Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Method
Euis Nina Saparina Yuliani, I Gusti Ayu Arwati, Ahmad Riva Riski
Page No. 173-178

Modification of Threshing Component of IAR Millet Thrasher
Y. A. Unguwanrimi, U. S. Mohammad, S. A. Muhammad
Page No. 179-185

Effect of Moisture Content on the Physicomechanical Properties of Mucuna Pruriens and Veracruz Verities
Aneke V.I., S.I. Oluka, Ide P.E.
Page No. 186-194

The Grindability of Ningi Graphite Ore in Nigeria
Babatola OSASONA, Oyelola O. ALABI, Fatai O. ARAMIDE, Samuel O. AKINYELE
Page No. 195-200

Evaluation of Sulfur Modified Emulsified Asphalt for Road Construction
Yasser M. Alghrafy, El-Sayed M. Abdellah
Page No. 201-211

Prediction of Rutting for Local Soil Mixes with Emulsified Sulfur Asphalt and Emulsified Asphalt
Yasser M. Alghrafy, El-Sayed M. Abdellah
Page No. 212-228

Structural Mapping of Solid Mineral Potential Zones over Southern Part of Kebbi State, Northwestern Nigeria
Bonde D.S., Lawali S., Salako K.A.
Page No. 229-240

The nonideality coefficient of IVC p-n-junction in a strong microwave field when illuminated by light
G. Gulyamov, M.G. Dadamirzaev, M.O. Kosimova, B. Gulomkodirov
Page No. 241-246

Analysis of Causes of Conflicts in Construction Projects
Geraldine John Kikwasi
Page No. 247-257