Volume 6 Issue 5 2019

An Assessment of the Suitability of the Groundwater of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike for Agricultural Purposes
Chukwunenyoke Amos-Uhegbu
Page No. 1-8

Portable Rainbow Demonstration Module Design
Fanglin Chao, Tingna Zhou
Page No. 9-13

Emotional Design Applied to Science Display of Gas Pressure
Fanglin Chao, Naihua Wu
Page No. 14-18

Influence of the microwave’s electric field voltage deviation to the volt-ampere characteristics of the irregular p-n junction
G. Gulyamov, G. Dadamirzaev, I.G. Tursunov, M.G. Dadamirzaev, A. Abdullaeva
Page No. 19-23

On the Generalization of Arithmetic Distribution and its Properties as Applied to Estimations in Plant Breeding
M. O. Olatinwo, M. Animashahun, K. E. Ayotokun
Page No. 24-27

Properties of Biodiesel from Calophyllum inophyllum L. (Calophyllaceae) Oil Referring to another Oleaginous Plants of Madagascar
Rovaniaina Nantenaina RAMAHANDRY, Herizo RANDRIAMBANONA, Nambinina Fortuné Richard RANDRIANA
Page No. 28-33

Phytochemical and Some Heavy Metals Analysis of Stembark Extract of Sacoglottis Gabonensis
Dibofori-Orji Amalo Ndu, Ali Sunday Timothy
Page No. 34-39

Simulation of Corrosion Rates in Refinery Boiler Compartments
Edori E.S., Igwe P.U.
Page No. 40-46

Particulate Geochemistry of air in some areas of Port Harcourt Metropolis
S. Abrakasa
Page No. 47-52

Pile Load Test: A Case Study of Port Harcourt Metropolis
Tamunonengiyeofori Warmate
Page No. 53-59

Design of Verification Code Recognition System Based on Neural Network
Hongli Zhu, Hanwen Hu
Page No. 60-64

Determination of Regression Models between Yield Parameters and Some Chemical Soil Properties of Wheat Plant
Nalan Kars, İmanverdi Ekberli
Page No. 65-73

Development and Quality evaluation of Snack Bars from African breadfruit (Treculia africana), Maize (Zea mays) and Coconut (Cocosnucifera) Blends
Edima-Nyah, A. P., Nwabueze, T. U., Ojimelukwe, P. C.
Page No. 74-83

Study on the Behavior of the Recovery in Plastically Deformed Ferrite Steel (0.15 wt% C steel, 16 Cr-4 Mo)
Eman G. Takla
Page No. 84-88

A Numerical Integration Scheme for the Growth of a Fission Yeast Cell Based on the Self-Similarity Growth Principle
Najib A. Kasti
Page No. 89-94

Contribution to the Study and Realization of a Control-Command System of an Electrical Network for Isolated Sites
Aboubacar ALI, André Ibrahim FOULANI, Makinta BOUKAR, Yahaya TAHIROU, Saïdou MADOUGOU
Page No. 95-104

Food Quality: A Primer
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tolulope J. Ashaolu, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 105-109

Research Status of Mine Ventilation System Optimization
ZHU Xu-dong
Page No. 110-114

Seismic Response of Urban Curved Girder Bridge under Multi-dimensional Earthquakes
Feng Miao, Zhi-dan Lin, Zhen Chen
Page No. 115-123

Effect of Spacing Distance on Heat Transfer for Two Impinging Jets
Rashed Kh. S. Rashed, Ahmed A. Abdel Samee, M. Attalla, Mustafa Abd El-Fatah
Page No. 124-131

Heat Transfer into Impinging Plate with Differences Nozzle Shapes
Salem R.S.S. Sleem, Ahmed A. Abdel Samee, M. Attalla, Hamada Mohasab
Page No. 132-137

Effect of Inclined Angle on Local Nusselt Number of Impingement a Pair Slot Jets
Abdulaziz M. S. Mobark, Ahmed A. Abd El-Smaee, M. Attalla,
Mustafa Abd El-Fatah
Page No. 138-143

Design and Filling of the Vocabulary of the Lexical Selection of Potential Entrants’ Motivational Intentions
Anna Shilinh, Pavlo Zhezhnych
Page No. 144-149

A Hybrid Segmentation Approach of Melanoma based on 2018ISIC-Data Archive
Hamed Abd Ul Aziz, Ahlam Mahmood
Page No. 150-159

Research on Causes of Impact Rock Pressure in Mining in High Stress Concentration Area
Zhai Rupeng
Page No. 160-166

A Study on Splitting Tensile and Compressive Behavior of DMA (N, N-Dimethyl aniline) and Khoyer (Acacia catechu) Modified JFRC
Md. Shoriful Islam, G. M. Shafiur Rahman, Md. Abdul Matin, M. A. Sattar
Page No. 167-172

CPM Model Applied to Turbulent Event Detections
Julio Marañón Di Leo, María V. Calandra, Juan S. Delnero
Page No. 173-182

Hindrances to Diaspora Efforts to Develop Homeland: A Historical Reassessment of Nigeria
ADU Funmilayo Modupe, OSADOLA Oluwaseun Samuel
Page No. 183-191

Finite Element Model to Study the Load-displacement Behavior of Axially Loaded Single Pile in Clayey Soil by using ANSYS Program
El Sharif M. Abdel Aziz, Abd El- Aziz A. Ali, Mohammed S. Ba-naimoon
Page No. 192-196

The effect of some design and operational parameters on the emitted NOx from Spark ignition engine fueled by natural gas
Saad A A Al-Skeikh
Page No. 197-204

Green Buildings and Eco-Friendly Construction Materials Sustanibility Concept
Hamidreza Sheikhi, Mohammadsaeid Sheikhi, Seyed Hossein Abediankal Khoran
Page No. 205-213

Design and Implementation of an Incoming Call Detector using Discrete Components
Awuhe, T. Samuel, Tingir, T. James, Odinya O. Jotham
Page No. 214-218

Oil and Gas Regulation in Nigeria: Why a single regulatory body for the Upstream & Downstream subsectors proposed in the new PIGB may be Counter-Productive
Aliu Solomon, Sunday S. Ikiensikimama
Page No. 219-231

The Fekete-Szegö Problem for the Certain Class of Analytic and Univalent Functions
Nizami Mustafa, Muherrem C. Gündüz
Page No. 232-239