Volume 6 Issue 11 2019

Assessing Rainwater Harvesting Potential in Nigerian Secondary Schools– A Case Study of Government Girls Secondary School, Dutse, Abuja
Rabia L. Batagarawa, Saminu Ahmed, John E. Sani, Idowu E. Abiodun
Page No. 1-7

Decision Making Tools of Basic Risk Factors on Construction Project in Nigeria (Case Study of Foci, Lagos State, Nigeria)
Akinola Victoria Olufunke, Alake Olaniyi, Omoniyi Ebenezer Olaniyi
Page No. 8-14

Transport Planning and Management in Anambra State using Google Satelite Imagery (Case Study of Oko and its Environs)
Ayodele F. O., Akinola V.O.
Page No. 15-21

Contribution to the Physico-Chemical Study of Groundwater in Senegal’s Groundnut Basin
Hamath SENE, Baba NGOM, Diadioly GASSAMA, Séni TAMBA
Page No. 22-29

Dynamic Operation of a High Penetration Wind-Diesel System with Battery Energy Storage
Shrouk A. Hamza, Ahmed A. Ali, Said Elsayed Elmasry
Page No. 30-41

Underground Risk Study by Principal Component Analysis: Case of Groundwater Application of the Groundnut Basin of Senegal
Hamath SENE, Diadioly GASSAMA, Baba NGOM, Séni TAMBA
Page No. 42-46

Exposure to Traffic Related Particulate Matter at and Around Major Intra-Urban Intersection of Akowonjo Metropolis
Adebanjo S. A., Gbadebo O. O., Sokenu I. A.
Page No. 47-53

Energy Informatics: A Gentile Introduction
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Yogita P. Akhare, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 54-57

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET): A Primer
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 58-65

Effect of Leaf Removal and Shoot Topping on the Aromatic Composition of White Wines
José Luis Aleixandre-Tudó, José Luis Aleixandre
Page No. 66-77

Green Finance: A Gentle Introduction
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 78-82

Junction Recombination Velocity and Wavelenght’s Effects on Expansion of the Space Charge Region in the Absence and in Presence of the Electric Field
Fakoro Souleymane Dia, Alioune Badara Dieng, Birame Dieng, Senghane Mbodji
Page No. 83-90

“Single Cors”– An Experiment Study with Low-Cost GNSS Receiver
Ngoc Quang Vu, Van Thinh Nguyen
Page No. 91-95

Regularization Methods of Automata Models of Systems in Control Problem
Anton Epifanov
Page No. 96-102

A Cold Millet Extrusion Machine
V.J. Omale, S.O. Obetta
Page No. 103-109

Atterberg Limits and Ground Engineering Classification of Soils Containing High Amounts of Smectite
Page No. 110-120

Modeling of Copper Mine in Istanbul (Turkey) by using Self Potential (SP) Method
A. Muhittin ALBORA
Page No. 121-129

Determination of Suitable Areas in the Use of Renewable Energy Resources by Geographical Information System (GIS): The Case of Tekirdağ Province
Nurseda Akkaya, Selçuk Albut
Page No. 130-136

Thoughts on the Teaching of Integrable Function Proof
Han Zhang
Page No. 137-140

Determination of Strength Properties for Mechanical Harvest of Purslane (Portulaca oleracea)
Page No. 141-145

Rupture Behaviour of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) for Harvest Machine Development
Page No. 146-150

Application of Clustering Method Based on Python in the Evaluation of Local University Science and Technology Innovation
Han Zhang
Page No. 151-154

Rohingya Accommodation Crisis and Transportation Optimization Problem
Shanjana Afrin Bony, Munnujahan Ara, Md. Azmol Huda
Page No. 155-162

Effects of Additive Use on Silage Quality and In vitro Digestibility of Some Brassica silages
Unal KILIC, Abdulkadir ERISEK
Page No. 163-171

Comparison of Forage Quality and in vitro Digestibilities of Fodder Beet (Beta vulgaris var. rapa) Fresh Material and Silage
Abdulkadir ERISEK
Page No. 172-178

On Study Generalized Rh- Trirecurrent Affinely Connected Space
Fahmi Yaseen Abdo Qasem‚ Adel Mohammed Ali Al-Qashbari, Mohsen Mohammed Qasem Husien
Page No. 179-186

Recovery of Uranium as a Byproduct of Food Grade Phosphoric Acid from Hydrophilic Residue using Aliquate 336 Laila A. Guirgus, Ahmed H. Orabi, Basma T. Mohamed
Page No. 187-201

Theoretical Consideration of Star Trek’s Space Navigation
Yoshinari Minami
Page No. 202-215

On (α, β)-interval valued fuzzy fantastic ideals in BH-algebras
Muhammad Zulfiqar, Zafar Ullah, Zonia Ali
Page No. 216-231

Nano-Fiber Nonwoven Materials of Polymers with Surface-Active Properties
Kholmuminov A.A., Matyaqubov B.M.
Page No. 232-235

Formation of Bioactive Nanocomposites on Surfaces of the Metal Carrier
Khakkulov J.M., Kholmuminov A.A.
Page No. 236-239

Quantum Algorithm of Evaluating a Function and its Applications to Cryptography
Koji Nagata, Do Ngoc Diep, Tadao Nakamura
Page No. 240-246

A Protection Strategy for an Electric Power Steering System powered by a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Ramy R. Sorial, Mohammad H. Soliman, H. A. Talaat
Page No. 247-257

Investigation of the tectonic structure of Saros Gulf with the help of geophysical data
A. Muhittin ALBORA
Page No. 258-266

Design and Implementation of E-Voting System: A Study of the Uniport Student Union Government
Edwin Eziagulu
Page No. 267-277