Volume 5 Issue 9 2018

Using moving grid techniques with flux limiters method to solve some time dependent partial differential equations
SOME Longin, OUEDRAOGO Mamadou, LAMIEN Kassiénou
Page No. 1-23

Application of Repertory Grid Technique in Construction Marketing Research
Daniel Baloi
Page No. 24-30

Health Informatics: A Primer
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Tolulope J. Ashaolu, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 31-34

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Model for Monthly Malaria Infection by Box-Jenkins Techniques in Kass Zone, South Darfur State, Sudan
Hussien Eltom Hassan, Yong Bin
Page No. 35-42

Estimation of Global Solar Radiation of Some Selected Cities in Nigeria using Minimum and Maximum Daily Temperature
Nicholas N. Tasie, Friday B. Sigalo, Chigozie Israel-Cookey
Page No. 43-51

Corrosion Behaviour of Annealed 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Environment
Victor A. Adedayo
Page No. 52-55

Change Detection of Burnaz Dunes and Prediction of Environmental Effects in Iskenderun Bay
Aysel Gurkan, Aylin Salıcı, Mustafa Atmaca
Page No. 56-61

A Study on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of LPG Engine with Hydrogen Addition
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 62-67

A An Approach to Changing Ransomware Threat Landscape
Kelechi G. Eze, Cajetan M. Akujuobi, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Pankaj Chhetri
Page No. 68-74

A Stiffness Matrix Method for Nonlinear Analysis of Plane Frames
T. Mariano Bocovo, Ernesto C. Houehanou, Gérard L. Gbaguidi Aïsse, Gérard Degan
Page No. 75-85

Android Based Bluetooth Controlled MP3 Player
Emmanuel G. Dada, Abdulkadir H. Alkali, Dauda E. Mshelia, Ali M. Bukar
Page No. 86-94

Successive Leaching of Uranium and Rare Earth Elements from El Sela Mineralization
Ahmed K. Sakr, Saad A. Mohamed, Hamed I. Mira, Mohamed F. Cheira
Page No. 95-111

Intervention Analysis of Daily Thailand Thai-Bath/Nigerian Naira Exchange Rates
Unyime Patrick Udoudo, Ette Harrison Etuk
Page No. 112-119

Privatization of Government Fish Hatcheries: A Worthy Move towards Sufficiency
Adejoke A. Adewumi, Adekunle I. Adebayo, Oluwabusola O. Fadiya
Page No. 120-124

External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) and Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE) in a 3D Cylindrical Modeling Study
Assane Diouf, Mahamadi Savadogo, Senghane Mbodji
Page No. 125-132

On Reflection of Conic Sections According to Basic Functions
Page No. 133-136

Water Resources Issues and Management in India
C. P. Kumar
Page No. 137-147

Model of Optimum Time of Product Delivery in Conditions of Uncertainty
Maryna Iurchenko
Page No. 148-153

Low Power Organic Kalina Cycle Driven by Low-Grade Waste Heat
Ayad M. Salman
Page No. 154-159

Elemental Analysis of Rainwater Samples Using Total X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (TXRF) in Western Sweden
Fathi Hassan Bawa, Hajer Ali Hawel, Nadin Bashir Abouzid
Page No. 160-167

A Comparative Study of Recycling used Lubricating Oils using Various Methods
Nooraldeen A. Aljabiri
Page No. 168-177

Drying Kinetics of Biltong under Infrared and Convective Hot-Air Conditions
Gikuru Mwithiga, Kipchumba Cherono
Page No. 178-186

Study the effect of the external and internal reflectors with solar radiation concentrates (mirror) on the efficiency solar still in Basra city-Iraq
Ahmed J. Mohammed
Page No. 187-193

Effects of Licensed Storage on Wheat Quality in the Thrace Region
Murat Ozocak, Can Burak Sisman
Page No. 194-198

Case Study of Design of Oscillatory Baffled Reactor
Shraddha Mahesh Sadegaonkar
Page No. 199-201

Cloud Computing in Healthcare
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 202-205

Y- Shaped Passive Chaotic Mixing with Water and Acetone
Abdullah C. ÖZDEMİR, Çağatay GÖKSER
Page No. 206-210

Characterizing the exponential distribution by m-Spacings
Mohamed I. Riffi
Page No. 211-214

Secure Deduplication Scheme for Cipher text Images
Jun Ye, Jianqiang Xu, Jike Wan, Yu Cao, Zouyu Xie, Liufen Li
Page No. 215-220

Revisiting the Effect of the Corrosion Potential, the Matrix Resistivity and the Oxygen Availability on the Corrosion Rate of Steel Bars Embedded in Mortar
Gustavo S. Duffó, Enzo D. Gomez, Damián R. Vazquez
Page No. 221-232

GIS – Based Participatory Crime Prevention: Awareness of Community on Crime Mapping and Hot spots
Akpan Abasiama G., Mmeah Shedrack, Baah Barida
Page No. 233-238

An Improved Solution for Web Service Selection Based on Quality of Service
Akpan Abasiama G., Mmeah Shedrack, Baah Barida
Page No. 239-250

Nutrient and Anti-Nutrient Composition of Ugwu (Telfairia Occidentalis) Leaves Obtained from Minna Metropolis Niger State
Tsado, A. N., Santali, E. S., Shaba, A. M., Idris, A. U., Umar, A. M., Gajere, G. D.
Page No. 251-256

A New Extension of Extended Gamma and Beta Functions and their Properties
Ahmed Ali Al-Gonah, Waleed Khadher Mohammed
Page No. 257-270

Shifted effect of the minimum temperature, rainfall and water deficit from the year 2010 on the variation expression of nuts yielding from the year 2013 in Côte d’Ivoire
Page No. 271-275

Improving Availability of Transit Capacity by the Hybrid Optimization Method
Page No. 276-288

Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Based Optimal Sizing and Placement of Distributed Generation in Power Distribution System
Modu Abba Gana, G. A. Bakare, I. Mustapha, Digima Mustapha
Page No. 289-293

Developing an Appropriate Sanitary Facility to End Open Defecation on the Islands of Uganda (A case study of Koome Island)
Ruta David Gibson
Page No. 294-300

Experimental Investigation of Electromagnetic Field Radiation Exposure from Selected Brand of Mobile Phones via in-situ Measurements Approach
J. Isabona, A. Salawu, E. Alli
Page No. 301-310

Study of Corrosion Inhibition of Pineapple Peels Extracts on Mild Steel in 1M HCl
Anaele John Vitus, Ipeghan Jonathan Otaraku
Page No. 311-317

Enhanced Petrophysical Property Analysis and Characterization of Akos Field, Coastal Swamp Depobelt, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Opiriyabo I. Horsfall, Arobo R. C. Amakiri, Mfonobong J. Akpan
Page No. 318-326

Acoustic Impedance Attribute for Lithology Discrimination in HEK-Field of Niger Delta Basin of Nigeria
Opiriyabo I. Horsfall, Cliff-Ekubo W. C.
Page No. 327-337

Characterization of the nutritional value of the upper and lower parts of the stems of three potentially dual-purpose millet populations in comparison with those of varieties Souna 3 and Thialack 2 in Senegal
Thierno BA, Mamadou Tandiang DIAW, Talla LO, Doohong MIN, Souleymane DIENG, Ousmane SY, Aliou FAYE, Abdoulaye DIENG
Page No. 338-349

Purification, characterization and antitumor activity of L-lysine alpha-oxidase from Trichoderma harzianum Rifai AUMC No 848
A. El-Shanawany, Esmail M. El-Fakharany, Magdy M. Afifi, Fareed SH. El-Shenawy
Page No. 350-367