Volume 5 Issue 6 2018

Mathematical Model for Lassa Fever and Sensitivity Analysis
Akinpelu FO, Akinwande R
Page No. 1-9

Assessing the concentration of heavy metals in some organs and blood of cattle raised in Jimeta, Yola, Nigeria
Dimas B. Jen, Eneche E. Jude
Page No. 10-16

Reservoir Characterization and Structural Mapping of UVO Field, Onshore Niger Delta using Well Logs and 3-D Seismic Data
Peter, S. Ola, Abdulquadri, O. Alabere
Page No. 17-24

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Analysis to Define the Effectiveness of Yoshino I Machine: A Case Study in Manufacturing Industry
Surya Perdana, Evan Haviana, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page No. 25-31

A Bayesian approach to relaxing the proportional hazard model and the form of baseline hazard in Survival Analysis with a practical application to breast cancer data
Consul, Juliana Iworikumo, Okrinya, Aniayam
Page No. 32-51

Determination on Coated Chicken Meat Products (Nugget, Schnitzel, Cordon Bleu) Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Quality Characteristics
Page No. 52-58

A Cloud-Based Data Security System using Advanced Encryption (AES) and Blowfish algorithms
Page No. 59-66

One-step production of Biodiesel from Crude Palm Oil planted in Gaanda using Methanol, Adamawa State Nigeria
Edmond Moses
Page No. 67-78

Evaluation of Philip’s and Kostiakov’s Infiltration Models on Soils Derived from three Parent Materials in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Utin U.E., Oguike P.C.
Page No. 79-87

Influence of Stabilization on Performance of Udunghwo Dilatant Residual Soils, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Essien A. Udo, Ndifreke E. Udoh
Page No. 88-96

Impact of Linear and Nonlinear Channel Equalization Algorithms on User Achievable Rates and Energy Efficiency on Uplink Large Scale MIMO Techniques for Next Generation Networks
Joseph Isabona, Kingsley Obahiagbon
Page No. 97-107

Vegetable Oils as Metal Cutting Fluids in Machining Operations: A Review
Mbimda A. Mbishida, Muhammad H. Muhammad, Aje Tokan
Page No. 108-116

Assessment of seasonal and spatial variation of water quality in a coastal Basin: case of Lake Togo Basin
Bawa L.M., Akakpo W., Tampo L., Kodom T., Tchakala I., Ameapoh Y., Agouda K., Akpataku V., Ayah M., Gnazou D.T.M, Nambo P., Tozo E., Soncy M., Djaneye-Boundjou G
Page No. 117-132

On the coefficient bounds of certain subclasses of analytic functions of complex order
Page No. 133-136

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Monitoring Agricultural Activity
Mehmet ŞENER, Duygu BOYRAZ ERDEM, Çayan ALKAN, H. İlker ÇELEN, Tolga ERDEM
Page No. 137-139

An Implementation Study in Agile Manufacturing
Ismail Murat Tanoglu, Kemal Alaykiran
Page No. 140-142

Application of the Chebyshev polynomials to coefficient estimates of analytic functions
Nizami Mustafa, Erdi AKBULUT
Page No. 143-148

Coefficient bound estimates for alpha-convex functions of order beta
Nizami Mustafa, Muharrem C. Gündüz
Page No. 149-156

Optimization of Energy Consumption for Data Center
Page No. 157-163

Spatio-temporal variation of the physicochemical parameters of waters from the hydrosystem Lake Togo-Lagoon of Aného (South-East of Togo)
Kamilou OURO-SAMA, Hodabalo D. SOLITOKE, Gnon TANOUAYI, Tchaa E.-E. BADASSAN, Housséni AHOUDI, Akouètê Y. NYAMETSO, Kissao GNANDI
Page No. 164-178

Optimum Signal Denoising based on wavelet shrinkage thresholding techniques: White Gaussian Noise and White Uniform Noise case study
Ojuh. O. Divine, Joseph Isabona
Page No. 179-186

Riparian influences on Phytoplankton Dynamics in Taylor Creek, Zarama, Bayelsa State
Alagoa KJ, Daworiye, PS, Enaregha E, Mac-Obegba A
Page No. 187-194

Stability Analysis of a Vaccination Model of Tuberculosis Transmission
Egbetade SA, Rafiu AA
Page No. 195-198

Movement and Traffic in the Main Axes of the City of Dhamar, Republic of Yemen – An Assessment Study of the Problem in the Light of References to Urban Planning
Ahmed Mohammed Yafa’a
Page No. 199-216

Petrology and Environment of Deposition of Ihugh – Mede Sandstones, Lower Benue Trough, Southeastern Nigeria
Young E. Obioha, Gregory U. Sikakwe, Diogu O. Ikoro
Page No. 217-227

Solid Waste Inventory Management Theory
Chukwumuanya Emmanuel Okechukwu, Charles Chikwendu Okpala, Aguh Patrick Sunday
Page No. 228-239

Chemical Composition, Antioxidant Activity and Nutritional Potential of Two Species of Okra: Abelmoschus caillei and Abemonchus moschatus
AGBANGNAN DOSSA C. Pascal, GNAWE Marcelline, BIGO AGADABA P. Houndekon, BOGNINOU G. S. Reine, CHABI N. Worou, YEDOMONHAN Hounankpon, WOTTO D. Valentin, Dominique C. K. SOHOUNHLOUE
Page No. 240-248

Inhibition of Metal Stainless Steel 304 Corrosion using Arabic Gum Inhibitor on Phosphate Acid Solution (H3PO4)
I Gusti Ayu Arwati, Euis Nina Saparina Yuliani, Bayu Aditya Saputra
Page No. 249-253

Implementation of Digital Library in Oil and Gas Polytechnics in Nigeria
Godwin-Oberhiri Orumah, Shonubi J. Oluwafemi
Page No. 254-259

Assessment of Borehole Water Quality in Guru Village a Sub – Hurb Area of Bauchi Metropolis, Bauchi State
J.O. Uloko, J. E. Lagasi, A. M. Maleka, M.A. Adedeji
Page No. 260-264

Isotherms and Thermodynamic studies on biosorption of Co(II), Cu(II), Ni(II) and Cd(II) ions from aqueous solution using carbonized biosorbent derived from Pilinut (Canarium Ovatum) seed
Amadi O.K., Ekuma, F. K ., Ngwu, C.M., Ekwenye G.
Page No. 265-275

Run-Up Characteristics of Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Electric Vehicle
Shereen A. Elsayed, Basem E. Elhaghi, Hamed A. Ibrahim, Fathy Abd-Elkader
Page No. 276-283

Bad Roads and Frequent Breakdown of Metro Mass Transit Limited Buses at the Tamale Depot
Jacob Kwaku Nkrumah; Andrews N. Nyedeb, Samuel Assam Passim
Page No. 284-289

ECG Leads Comparison of Dyno Series and its Behavior to Standard ECG leads Characterization
Nik Tehrani
Page No. 290-298

Construction Supply Chain Management Systems in Lagos State, Nigeria
Omojola Samuel Oludare, Ojo Stephen Okunola, Olugboyega Oluseye
Page No. 299-309

A Study on Drought Situation in Bangladesh by Using IMD Method
Md. Anisur Rahman
Page No. 310-315

Assessment of the Vulnerability of the Quaternary Sand Aquifer of the North Littoral of Senegal to Sea-Water Intrusion using Galdit Method
Mahécor DIOUF, Saïdou NDAO, Mamadou S. DIALLO, Abdoulaye DIEDHIOU, El Hadji B. DIAW
Page No. 316-325

Linking Weather Variability and Economic Growth in the East African Region: A Semi-Parametric Smooth Coefficient Approach
Obed Nyangena, George M. Ruigu
Page No. 326-332

On the Coefficient Bounds of Gamma and Beta Starlike Functions
Nizami MUSTAFA, Mustafa ATEŞ
Page No. 333-341

Performance study on split air-conditioning system in hot climate regions
Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla, Meshal Al-Mutairi
Page No. 342-348

An appraisal of Waste Management Practices in Selected Peri-Urban Communities in North Central Nigeria
O. Onazi, N. S. Gaiya, E. O. Ola-Adisa, Y.P.E. Mangden
Page No. 349-359

Developing Appropriate Teaching and Communication Methods in Architectural Design Studio through Understanding Students’ Learning Styles
Dassah ET, Nimlyat PS, Gaiya NS, Gofwen CN, Ola-Adisa EO
Page No. 360-366

Comparative Strength Properties of Various Termite Mound Bricks used for Building Construction (A Case Study of Plateau State)
Gofwen CN, Nimyel BD, Daniel AA, Ola-Adisa EO
Page No. 367-376

An Appraisal of Simple Shading Devices to Mitigate the Effects of Urban Heat Islands on Buildings in Nigeria
Ella II, Gaiya SN, Gofwen CN, Ola-Adisa EO
Page No. 377-385

Contemporary Architecture in Nigeria: Evolution or Decadence
Gofwen CN, Ola-Adisa EO, Daniel AA
Page No. 386-393