Volume 5 Issue 5 2018

Egg Quality Factors of Isa Brown Laying Chickens Fed Processed Tropical Sickle Pod (Senna obtusifolia) Seed Meal Based-Diets
Augustine, C.
Page No. 1-6

Sweet Sorghum for Bioethanol Production: A Mamdani-type Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 7-14

Nutrient Digestibility and Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens Fed Graded Levels of Raw Tropical Sickle Pod (Senna obtusifolia (L)) Seed Meal Based-Diets
Augustine C, Igwebuike JU, Kwari ID, Adamu SB, Waba YE, Medugu CI
Page No. 15-21

Petrography and Geochemistry of Birimian Gold deposit, NW Ashanti Belt, Ghana
George M. Tetteh, Patrick Adu-Gyamfi
Page No. 22-32

Development of an E-Marketing Platform for Farmers in Nigeria
Karim Usman, Aboho D. Moses
Page No. 33-39

Giant Reed for Electricity Generation: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 40-48

Assessment of Radon-222 in Selected Water Sources at Dutsin-Ma Town, Dutsin-Ma Local Government Area, Katsina State
E. Joseph, T. Atsue, S. Adams
Page No. 49-59

Computation of the Relationship between the Piston Ring Axial Thickness and Ring Gap
Idris A. Lateef, Afiss E. A. Kareem, Olufemi A. Odeniyi
Page No. 60-67

Miscanthus for Combined Heat and Power: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 68-77

Radiological Evaluation of an Alternative Path to Transport Cobalt Device after Irradiation in Open Pool Type Reactor
Amr Abdelhady
Page No. 78-85

A class of sublinear operators and their commutators by with rough kernels on vanishing generalized Morrey spaces
Ferit Gürbüz
Page No. 86-101

A Mathematical Model on Kidnapping
Aniayam B. Okrinya
Page No. 102-110

Preliminary Study on Lean Management Mode of Prefabricated Factories
Li Rui, Liu Hongyong, Yang Qin, Peng Xi
Page No. 111-116

Phytoplankton Population Study of the Occidental Mediterranean Coast of Morocco
Ferdaous Sitel, Asmaa Fakih Lajri, Benlahcen Rijal Leblad, Hassan Er-Raioui
Page No. 117-130

The Mechanism of Thermal Stability of an Electronic Device (Diode)
Odike, Odike Chidiebere, Prof. F. B. Sigalo
Page No. 131-138

Reservoir Characterization of Uzek Well Using Magnetic Susceptibility Signature Technique
Agbo O. Kelvin, Eze C.L., Abam T.K.S., Orudukobipi Asime
Page No. 139-145

Production of Cement using Periwinkle Shell Ash and Clay Soil Ash
John L, Ukpaka CP
Page No. 146-154

Modelling and Forecasting of Air Traffic Passengers of Yola International Airport
Fatimah Suleiman Gaya, Mbaga, Yohana Vandi
Page No. 155-161

Sunflower for Biodiesel Production: A Mamdani-type Fuzzy Inference System using the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Graphical User Interface (GUI) Tools
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 162-169

Characteristics and Usefulness of Palm Oil in the Production of Calcium Stearate
Okirie, Faith Uchendu, Ukpaka, Chukwuemeka Peter
Page No. 170-176

Determination of the Critical Thermal Mass Capacity of Building Materials of Building Envelope
Amadou Warore, Biram Dieng
Page No. 177-184

Examination on Characterization of Oil Extracts from Luffa Cylinderica and Hura Creptian Seeds
Okure UE, Dagde KK, Ukpaka CP
Page No. 185-192

Paulownia for District Heating: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 193-202

Study the Effect of Nanobiomic Manure on Agronomic and Biochemical Characteristics in intercropping of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) with Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
Mahbubeh Sarani, Ahmad Ghanbari, Alireza Sirousmehr
Page No. 203-206

Energy Characterization of PV/T based Water Pumping and Heating System
Page No. 207-219

The Influence of Nanobiomic and Intercropping Cow Pea and Sour Tea on some Characteristics of Cow Pea
Mahbubeh Sarani, Ahmad Ghanbari, Alireza Sirousmehr
Page No. 220-223

Poplar for District Heating: A Mamdani-type Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 224-233

Mathematical Modeling of Pollution Elimination
E. Batista, S. Sánchez, M. Lacort, R. Ferreira, Z. Ribeiro e A. I. Ruiz
Page No. 234-240

Effect of Oil Oxidation Temperature (Mineral Base ISO VG 46) in Hydraulic System
I Gusti Ayu Arwati, Euis Nina Saparina Yuliani, Robby F. Sinaga
Page No. 241-246

Optimization of Klystron Cavity Using Dielectric Material
Digima Mustapha, Ibrahim Mustapha, Mala U.M. Bakura, Modu Abbagana
Page No. 247-251

Rapeseed for Biodiesel Production: A Mamdani-type Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 252-259

Influence of Mycorrhiza Fungi on some Characters of Corn
Masood Shahmirileji, Hamid Reza Ganjali, Hamidreza Mobasser
Page No. 260-263

Improving Stability of a Vehicle through Active Suspension System using Genetic Algorithm
Godwin Ozor, Erasmus Ozioko, Francis Okoye
Page No. 264-269

Soybean for Biodiesel Production: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael Tsatiris, Kiriaki Kitikidou
Page No. 270-277

A Study on Occupational Safety and Risk Situations of Some Agricultural Machinery Factory in Balikesir
Selçuk ARIN, Mustafa GİRGİN
Page No. 278-284

Consumer Research on Innovative Jams Containing Ingredients with Potential Health Benefits
Raquel P. F. Guiné
Page No. 285-294

Performance of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as Refrigerant in a Vapour Compression System
Oyelami S., Bolaji B.O.
Page No. 295-298

Design of an Ethanol Distillation Plant
Oyelami S, Adeboye B
Page No. 299-306

Using Matlab-Simulink for Solving Differential Equations
Roshen Tariq Ahmad Hamdi, Mahdi A. Abdul-Hussain
Page No. 307-314

Interactions Effects between Thiamine and Heavy Metals on Biodiesel Production
Abdel-Mola K. Mebed, Abdel Kareem S. Hussen, Usama M. Abdul-Raouf
Page No. 315-320

Analysis of the Effects of Passive Free Surface Anti-Roll Tank for Roll Stabilization of a Cargo Ship
George S. Wilkinson, Akandu Ezebuchi, Tamuno-dukobipi Daniel, Samson Nitonye
Page No. 321-329

Experimental Investigation of Single Pile and Pile Groups Models Subjected to Lateral Load in Dry Sand under Multilayered Condition
Mohammed A. Al-Neami, Zeena W. Samueel, Marwah M. Al-Noori
Page No. 330-338

Detecting the Anomalies in Traffic Flow by Fisher Information Measure
Page No. 339-343

Evaluating Quality of Service in Grid Computing Environment
Olufemi Ayodeji Odeniyi*, Taiwo F. Igbaroola, Afiss E. A. Kareem, Bukola Oyeladun Makinde, Nurudeen Lawal
Page No. 344-352

The First Records of Freshwater Testate Amoebae (Protozoa) for Tigris River at Baghdad City- Iraq
Lamyia A. Thijar
Page No. 353-358

Spectral Method Applied to Thermochemical Non-Equilibrium Reentry Flows Submitted to a Magnetic Field in 2D: Five Species
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel
Page No. 359-394

Spectral Method Applied to Turbulent Chemical Non-Equilibrium Reentry Flows in 2D – Five Species
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel
Page No. 395-430

Spectral Method Applied to Turbulent Reentry Flows Submitted to Magnetic Field in 2D: Seven Species
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel
Page No. 431-470

BBO Tuned PI Control for Three Phase Rectifier
Salam Waley Shneen
Page No. 471-479

Research Progress and Trend of Coal Dust Removal Technology in China
Xu-dong ZHU, Zhong-liang LU
Page No. 480-484

Optimization for Effects of Heat Transfer on MHD Flow Over an Unsteady Stretching Surface in a Micropolar Fluid and a Porous Medium by Two Numerical Methods
Adel A. Megahed, Ali A. Hallool, Hamed A. El Mky
Page No. 485-498

Wind Speed Data Analysis and Assessment of Wind Energy Potential of Abeokuta and Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria
Waliu O. Mufutau*, Olumayowa A. Idowu, Rufus A. Jokojeje, James Taiwo
Page No. 499-510

Implementation of Business Process Improvement to Reduce Wastes: A Case Study in Grand Piano Assembly Process
Humiras Hardi Purba, Niko Aristiara, Iskandar Muda
Page No. 511-527

Composite materials Combine Action Influence on Strength and Volume Change Behavior of Expansive Soils
Charles Kennedy, Gbinu Samuel Kabari, Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma
Page No. 528-537

Smart Contracts: A Primer
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Kelechi G. Eze, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 538-541

Experimental Investigation of Forced Convection of Al2O3 Nanofluid through a Circular Pipe
Jarrah Al-Abdali, Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla
Page No. 542-548

Investigation of heat transfer and friction factor of Al2O3 nanofluid inside shell and tube heat exchanger
Ghanem Al-Abdali, Hussein M. Maghrabie, M. Attalla
Page No. 549-556

Investigation on the Optical and Solid State Properties of Copper Sulfide (CuS) Thin Films Deposited using the Solution Growth Methods
Rita A. Daniel-Umeri, Kugbere Emumejaye
Page No. 557-568

Univalence of the Integral Operators Involving Produced Wright Function
Nizami Mustafa, Merve Yarcan
Page No. 569-577

Grafted-Rooted Vine Production by a New Motorized Grafting Machine
Page No. 578-585

Big Data: An Innovative Tool for Improving Cyber Security Issues
Aru Okereke Eze, Amadi Christopher C.
Page No. 586-597

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Building Materials: Mixture of Montrolland’s Laterite and Cement
Djibril Sow, Astou Diokhane, Macodou Thiam, Alan Carter
Page No. 598-602

Effect of Composite Materials on Geotechnical Characteristics of Expansive Soil Stabilization Using Costus Afer and Cement
Charles Kennedy, Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma, Gbinu Samuel Kabari
Page No. 603-613

Stabilization of Deltaic Soil with Bush Sugarcane Bagasse, Cement and Lime: A Comparative Evaluation
Charles Kennedy, Tamunokuro Oswald Amgbara, Letam Leelee Prince
Page No. 614-621

Trace Elements Geochemistry of Nigde (Turkey) Antimony Deposits
Page No. 622-631