Volume 5 Issue 3 2018

Solar Power as Unparalleled Alternative, Renewable Energy for Self-Reliant and Sustainable Economy in Nigeria
ADEOLA, Gabriel Lanre
Page No. 1-13

Influence of Learning Media Using with Joyful Learning and Guided Discovery Approach for Hydrocarbon Subject at Ten Class of SMA Negeri 1 Pracimantoro
Khoironni D Maulana, Rahmawati, Nuni Widiarti
Page No. 14-22

Forecasting the Effect of Dominating Working Age Population in the Nigeria Economy
Moses C. Ekperiware, Timothy O. Olatayo, Andrew Mayor
Page No. 23-34

The Cytoprotective Effects of Silymarin-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles on Experimentally Induced Tissue Damage: Biochemical Evaluation
Mustafa Cengiz
Page No. 35-44

Optimization of SME Based on Clustering and Geographic Information System
Rakhmat Himawan, EndraYuafanedi Arifianto, Yeni Sumantri
Page No. 45-51

The Study of Library User’s Satisfaction on Academic Performance
Shamsul Kamal, A’dillah Mustafa, Shamila Mohamed Shuhidan, Nor Zaina Zaharah, Kasmarini Baharuddin, Marlia Idrus, Juwahir Ali, Fatin Nur Syafiqah
Page No. 52-59

The Significant of Information Ethics among Student in Malaysian
Shamsul Kamal, Zahari Mohd Amin, Hasnah Hashim, Masitah Ahmad, Marlia Idrus, Mohd Jailani Paiman, Juwahir Ali, Farah Wahieda
Page No. 60-66

Modelling and Simulation to Monitor Permeability Influences on Clostridium Transport in Homogeneous Coarse Formation Mbiama, Rivers State of Nigeria
Eluozo SN, Ezeilo FE
Page No. 67-77

Modelling and Simulation of Franciseilla Accumulation on Effective Stress of Deltaic Clay in Wetland Area Ofahoada East, Rivers State
Eluozo SN, Ezeilo FE
Page No. 78-88

Removal Efficiency of Fecal coliform at Different Types of Constructed Wetland Systems Namely VSSF, HSSF and SF
Jassim Hussein Abdullah Al-Maliky, Abdul-Hussain Yousif Al-Adhub, Najah Abood Hussain
Page No. 89-94

Performance of Three Types of Constructed Wetland Systems for Treating Municipal Wastewater
Jassim Hussein Abdullah Al-Maliky, Abdul-Hussain Yousif Al-Adhub, Najah Abood Hussain
Page No. 95-104

Utility Computing
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Nana K. Ampah, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 105-107

Non-destructive Identification of Breeding Rice Seed by Using Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic
Somthawin Khunkhet, Tawun Remsungnen
Page No. 108-121

Environmental Design Art in Seljuks
Murat Ertekin, Ö.Lütfü Çorbacı
Page No. 122-126

Hydrodynamics of Single Shear between Porous Plates in an Inclined Magnetic Field
F. O. Akinpelu, S. D. Ogundiran
Page No. 127-132

Eucalypt for District Heating: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael N. Tsatiris
Page No. 133-142

Characterizing the Photovoltaic Solar Panel for Maximum Power Output
Tasie N. Nicholas, F. B. Sigalo, M. A. Alabraba
Page No. 143-151

Fracture Pressure Prediction (FPP) from Well Log
Opiriyabo I. Horsfall, Lawrence Idahosa, Onengiyeofori A. Davies
Page No. 152-165

Impact of Climate Variability on Human Health- A Case Study at Kanchanpur Union, Basail, Tangail District, Bangladesh
Rahman ML, Hossain ATMS, Terao T, Khan SI
Page No. 166-180

Using Surfactant to Enhance the Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer
Khaled M. K. Pasha
Page No. 181-195

Impact of Severance Due to Road Dualization on Users Satisfaction with Commercial Properties in Port Harcourt
Hope Josiah, Ebiwari Wokekoro
Page No. 196-205

Thiamin as a Factor Affecting the Growth Parameters of Salinized Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Abdel-Mola K. Mebed, Abdel kareem S. Hussen, Usama M. Abdul-Raouf
Page No. 206-211

Natural Extracts As Antibiotics Alternatives against Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
Mohammed Rawway, Eman M. Zaki, Usama M. Abdul-Raouf, AbdAllah A. Saleh.
Page No. 212-227

Fibre Sorghum for Electricity Generation: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael N. Tsatiris
Page No. 228-236

Health and Safety Effect of Road Bumps on Vehicle Occupants in Nigeria
B.A. Ibitoye, M. Akinpelu, A.G. Adeogun, A.W. Salami, B.A . Sambo
Page No. 237-244

Compressibility effects on the Rayleigh–Taylor instability growth rate between two magnetized plasmas layers
G. A. Hoshoudy, A. A. Hasan, Pardeep Kumar
Page No. 245-263

Development of Predictive Model to Monitor Groundwater Flow Rate in Aquifer
C. Ukpaka, ThankGod O.
Page No. 264-270

Performance Enhancement of Grid Connected PV System by Using Incremental Conductance MPPT Technique
Sobhy S. Dessouky, Saad A. Mohamed Abdelwahab, Walid S.E. Abdellatif, Marwa A. Ali
Page No. 271-279

Generator of Modulated Signals on Transistor Element with Punch Effect
Karimov A.V., Yodgorova D.M., Abdulkhayev O.A., Rakhmatov A.Z., Kuliyev Sh.M.
Page No. 280-282

On the Development of Two-step Implicit Second Derivative Block Methods for the Solution of Initial Value Problems of General Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Y. Skwame, J. Sunday, J. Sabo
Page No. 283-290

The Effect of Pruning on the Polyphenols Content and Sensory Characteristics of Bobal Red Wines
Brenda Campos, José Luis Aleixandre-Tudó, Francisco Girón,
José Luis Aleixandre
Page No. 291-301

Kenaf for Electricity Generation: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael N. Tsatiris
Page No. 302-310

Application of Sedge in an Artificial Wetland to Remove Nutrients from Wastewater
Saeid Eslamian, Hajar Fazollahi, Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari, Vijay P. Singh, Nicolas R. Dalezios, Ahmad Sahebi
Page No. 311-317

The Investigation of Novel 3-(p-chlorobenzyl)-4-(2-benzoxy-3-ethoxybenzylidenamino)-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-one With Gaussian 09W Program
Gül Kotan, Faruk Kardaş, Haydar Yüksek
Page No. 318-325

A New Mathematical Structure for Quantum Algorithms in Case of a Special Function
Koji Nagata, Tadao Nakamura
Page No. 326-328

Switchgrass for Cogeneration: A Fuzzy Inference System
Michael N. Tsatiris
Page No. 329-339

Climate Changes and New Trends in Rainfall in the Catchment Areas of Boutoute and Guidel in Ziguinchor Region, Senegal
Barnabé E. DIEME, Saïdou NDAO, Ababacar FALL, Papa B. D. THIOUNE, El Hadji B. DIAW
Page No. 340-350

Clay Occurrences as Alteration Products in Volcanic Rocks and Marls around Ciftehan (Nigde/Turkey)
Page No. 351-358

Suitability of Using Agbarha Clay for Drilling Mud Formulation in Oil and Gas Industry
Akinade Akinwumi E., Ajediti Omolola B.
Page No. 359-365

Research on High Dynamic Transmission Model of HAPS Based on Markov Chain
Xiaoyang LIU, Hengyang LIU, Chao LIU, Ya Luo
Page No. 366-372

Chloridazon Photodegradation Monitoring in Aqueous Solution
Diyakadola D. BAFAI, Moursalou KORIKO, Mohamed SARAKHA, Gado TCHANGBEDJI
Page No. 373-383

Examination of Temperature and pH in Anaerobic Digester Process
Ukpaka C.P., Ben–Iwo Juliet, Fakrogha J.J.
Page No. 384-393

Experimental Study to Evaluate the Performance of Flat Plate Solar Collector using Water Flow
Abara Josiah C., Okpala Uche V.
Page No. 394-399

Investigation of the Effectiveness of Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT) Additive in Fuel Conservation in Engines Using Paired Sample T – Test Statistics
Nwori A.N., Nwobi-Okoye C.C., Okpala U.V.
Page No. 400-406

Detection of Building Boundaries in Mine Fields using Wavelet Method
Ali Muhittin ALBORA
Page No. 407-414

Kinetics Study of Reaction between Atenolol Epoxide and Isopropylamine using Differential and Integral Method of Analysis
Sopan R. Tambekar, Saloni U. Agrawal
Page No. 415-426

Hydraulic Performance of Perforated Pipes
Neveen B. Abdel-Mageed, Fahmy, W.A.
Page No. 427-438

Production of Calcium Stearate Using Cow Bone and Palm Oil Extract
Okirie Faith Uchendu, Ukpaka Chukwuemeka Peter
Page No. 439-456

Investigating the Portability of Ogoni Rivers for Economic Utilization
Ukpaka CP, Umah K, Fakrogha JJ
Page No. 457-466

Novel Approach for Misbehavior Detection for MAC in Mobile ad hoc Network
Parul Rajput, Jitendra Singh Chouhan
Page No. 467-472

Proximate Analysis of Dry Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Rind and Seed Powder
Abdu Zubairu, Abdullahi S. B. Gimba, Wadinda J. Mamza, Bitrus K. Highina
Page No. 473-478

Effects of Heat Flux and Surface Roughness on the Pool Boiling of a Refrigerant, R134a
K. M. K. Pasha
Page No. 479-490

Assessment of Global Snow Cover Index to Study the Surface of Snow Cover and Preparation of Snow Map, Case Study: Birjand City, South Khorasan Province, Iran
Zahra Ghasemi Siani, Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari, Saeid Eslamian, Mojtaba Pirnazar, Vijay P. Singh, Nicolas R. Dalezios
Page No. 491-497