Volume 5 Issue 2 2018

Stratigraphic Control of Temperature in the Northwest Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria
Etim D. Uko, I. Tamunobereton-ari, Valentine B. Omubo-Pepple, Progress J. Loveday
Page No. 1-10

Tensoelectric Characteristics of Control Strain Gage Structure
A.V. Karimov, A.Z. Rakhmatov, D.M. Yodgorova, O.A. Abdulkhaev, D.B. Istamov
Page No. 11-13

Study of Electrophysical Properties of Cotton Fibers Doped Iodine
A.T. Mamadalimov, N.K. Khakimova, R.U. Khakimova
Page No. 14-17

Application of Earth Resistivity Measurement in the North Eastern Rivers State (a Geoelectric based study)
Amechi Bright U1, Tamunobereton-ari I2, Womuru EN3
Page No. 18-24

Hybrid Mechanistic-Neural Network Modeling of Chemical Processes: Application to Crude Oil Distillation
Philomena K. Igbokwe, Kingsley C. Egemba
Page No. 25-31

A Shortcut Method for Modeling Multi-Component Distillation in an Existing Column
Philomena K. Igbokwe, Kingsley C. Egemba
Page No. 32-39

Utilization of Solar Air Collectors for Product’s Drying Processes
Maytham Al-Neama, István Farkas
Page No. 40-56

Proposed Model for Digital Banking in Nigeria
Adeuyi OO, Waheed MA
Page No. 57-65

Power Tiller and Technical Replacement Policy by Optimization
Darius P.B. Yusuf, Precious N. Bala, Lambawan T. Wancy
Page No. 66-72

Multimedia Instructional Strategy and Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Biology
Sakiyo John, Aishatu Ahmad Musa, Kawu Waziri
Page No. 73-80

Determinants of e-waste recycling behavior among UKM employees and students
John Chibunna Babington, Chamhuri Siwar, Ezerie Henry Ezechi
Page No. 81-86

Forecasting the Success of a New Service in Tourism by Computational Intelligence
George S. Atsalakis, Fotis Kitsios
Page No. 87-99

Spectral Method Applied to Unstructured Thermochemical Non-Equilibrium Reentry Flows in 2D: Five Species
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel
Page No. 100-129

Turbulent Thermochemical Non-Equilibrium Reentry Flows with Magnetic Actuation in 2D – Eleven Species
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel
Page No. 130-164

An Insight into the Physical Water Scarcity Scenario of the Arab Countries
Asif uz Zaman, Mohamed F. Soliman
Page No. 165-173

Effect of the grain radius on the electrical parameters of an n+/p polycrystalline silicon solar cell under monochromatic illumination considering the cylindrical orientation
Assane Diouf, Amadou Diao, Senghane Mbodji
Page No. 174-180

Conformity Factors for Different Shapes and Sizes of Concrete Samples using their Relative Effective Length Ratio (Relr) Of
Solomon T. Orumu
Page No. 181-190

Coin Recognition Based on Multi-Layer Matching of Geometric Texture Features
Shang Yin, Yi Shen, Jiaqi Shi, Lisheng Ren, Guiyang Li
Page No. 191-197

Optimization of Packing in Steel Rack with Integer Programming to Improve Rack Filling Ratio
Humiras Hardi Purba, Kurnia Sigma Indarto, Siti Aisyah
Page No. 198-209

Numerical Analysis of Statical Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Haunched Beams Strengthened by Using Externally Bounded Steel Plates by ANSYS Program
Abd El-Rahman Megahid Ahmed, Omar A. Farghal, Ahmed Mohamed Sayed, Omar Ali Yassen
Page No. 210-223

Study on the Large- Scale RC Beams Shear Strengthened With FRP Sheets
Abd EL-Rahman Megahid Ahmed, Omar Ahmed Farghal, Ahmed Mohamed Sayed, Moataz Mmdoh Azzaz
Page No. 224-239

Validation of Hygrometers Non-Standard Calibration Method
Essam Mahmoud Ibrahim
Page No. 240-243

Gas Flow Effect in the Response Time of Dew-Point Meter
Essam Mahmoud Ibrahim
Page No. 244-249

Public Emergency Information Diffusion and Opinion Leader Mathematical Modeling Based on Sina Microblog
Xiaoyang Liu, Chao Liu
Page No. 250-255

Effects of Apricot Kernel Flour and Fiber-Rich Apple Powder on Low-Fat Cookie Quality
Özen Özboy Özbaş, İbrahim Tuğkan Şeker, İncilay Gökbulut
Page No. 256-262

Litho-Hydraulic Effects on Groundwater Safety in Parts of Rivers State, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Tamunobereton-ari I., Alabraba M.A., Ngeri A.P., Amakiri A.R.C.
Page No. 263-274

Graphs of Pregroups
Faisal H Nesayef
Page No. 275-280

Regional Approach for the Estimation of Extreme Daily Precipitation in North-Eastern Algeria
Tamara Benabdesselam, Soufiane Dad
Page No. 281-292

Predicting Exchange rate Volatility in the Nigerian Financial Market Using Artificial Neural Network Technology
S. Suleiman, N. Shehu
Page No. 293-299

Analysis of Risk-Return of Equity Investment
Ndiwari Godgift, Consul Juliana Iworikumo
Page No. 300-308

An Improved Analytical Model for Predicting Waterflood Injectivity in Niger-Delta Marginal Oilfield Reservoirs
Akinwumi E. Akinade, Olugbenga A. Falode
Page No. 309-319

Implement Virtual Clouding e-library for (IIPS) Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies
Ammar Mufaq Hassan, Rafah Shihab Al-Hamadani
Page No. 320-323

Analysis of Covariance of Sudoku Square Design Models
Shehu A, Danbaba A
Page No. 324-334

A Case Study of a Subway Line For the Electrical Properties of the Supply Voltage Selection with the Comparison of 1500 V and 3000 V DC Simulation Results
Mehmet Taciddin Akçay, İlhan Kocaarslan
Page No. 335-341

Application of geo-accumulation index (I-geo) for assessment the sediments contamination with heavy metals at Shatt Al-Arab River-Iraq
Makia M. Al-Hejuje, Hamid T. Al-Saad, Najah A. Hussain
Page No. 342-351

The use of classification algorithms and partial least squares for patient satisfaction
Hung-Pin Hou, Ping-Feng Pai, Hsin-Mei Lin
Page No. 352-366

Voltage Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor for Energy Saving
Rabab M. Afify, Basem E. Elnaghi, Hamed A. Ibrahim, Sobhy S. Dessouky
Page No. 367-376

Indices of Exchangeable Heavy Metals Pollution in ‎Shatt Al-Arab Estuary – Part 1
Zahra’a S. R. Al-Shamsi, Abbas H. Mohammed‎, Hamid T. Al-Saad
Page No. 377-385

Indices of Residual Heavy Metals Pollution in ‎Shatt AL-Arab Estuary – Part 2
Zahra’a S. R. Al-Shamsi, Abbas H. Mohammed‎, Hamid T. Al-Saad
Page No. 386-394

Measurement of Capacity and Tangens of the Angle of Dielectric Loss of Low Voltage Condensers in the Labview Program Environment
Davit S. Nikoghosyan
Page No. 395-399

Study of the Intraparticle Diffusion of Cr (VI), Mn (II) and Cd (II) on Modified Gold Coast Bombax
Musah M, Yerima H, Haruna B, Musa A, Umar MT
Page No. 400-408

The impact of Waste from oil exploration on air pollution in Al-Roumila North oil field-Governorate of Basra – Iraq
Ahmed H Jasim, Ali A K Al-Waeli, Kadhem A N Al-Asadi
Page No. 409-421

The Mathematics of Geometric Symmetry in Science and Society
T. M. Gwary, H.M. Balami
Page No. 422-428

Properties of Soft Vector Space Operations
H. M. Balami, A. O. Yusuf, J. M. Orverem
Page No. 429-439

Mathematics of Bifurcation Applied to Dynamical Systems in the Physical Sciences
Gwary TM, Balami HM
Page No. 440-445

Theoretical Analysis of Sound Insulation Performance through Multi-Layered Structures
T. Natsuki, J. Natsuki
Page No. 446-451