Volume 5 Issue 10 2018

NiğdeÖmerHalisdemir University Campus Area Landscape Design and Application
Gülden Sandal Erzurumlu
Page No. 1-5

Enhancing the Liveability of Peri-Urban Settlements in Port Harcourt through Sustainable Land Management: A Case Study of Rumuekini and Ozuoba
Kpobari, P. Visigah, Anthony, D. Enwin
Page No. 6-19

Intelligent Drunk Driving Detection System Design Based on Alcohol Sensors and Relays
Yi-Jen Mon, Pin-Shin Don, Yu-Shan Wu, Chih-Pin Lu, Gen-Kai Liu
Page No. 20-26

The Evaluation of the Irrigation Ratio in Irrigation Schemes Developed by State Hydraulic Works (SHW)
Mehmet ŞENER
Page No. 27-29

The Gyroscope Design for Location Identification
Yi-Jen Mon, Wen-Gea Tan, Ban-Zua Leu
Page No. 30-33

Water Delivery Performance of Irrigation Scheme in Turkey
Mehmet ŞENER
Page No. 34-36

Turbulence Numerical Simulation Method and Its Application in Mine Flow Field
ZHANG Zhi-gang, ZHU Xu-dong
Page No. 37-42

Design and Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Networking-Tutor, Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Students an Introduction for Computer Network in Iraq
Ali Talib Qasim al-Aqbi, Ahmed Yousif Falih Saedi, Basma Jumaa Saleh
Page No. 43-48

Green IOT: A Primer
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 49-52

Solution of the Problem of Stress-Strain State of Physically Non-Linear Hereditarily Plastic Infinite Plate with a Hole at the Action of Internal Pressure
Mammadova M.A., Mammadova H.A.
Page No. 53-58

Evaluation of Temperature and Relative Humidity Stratifications in a Solar Drying Chamber
Maytham AL-NEAMA, István FARKAS
Page No. 59-65

A Research on Determination of Ventilation Capacity for Heat-Humidity and CO2 Balance in Closed Type Water Buffalo Barn
I. Kocaman, C. B. Sisman, H. C. Kurc
Page No. 66-71

Determining the Effects of the Use of Pure Biodiesel on Engine Components and Wear
Erdal KILIC, Yilmaz BAYHAN, Selcuk ARIN
Page No. 72-79

Expansive Soil Stabilization using Composite Hybridized Materials of Plantain Rachis Fibre Ash and Cement
Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma, Nwikina Biamene Barine, Charles Kennedy
Page No. 80-87

Expansive Soil Stabilization using Costaceae Lacerus Bagasse Fibre and Cement Stabilized as Highway Pavement Materials
Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma, Charles Kennedy, Gbinu Samuel Kabari
Page No. 88-96

Hybridized Composite Materials Effect on Stabilization of Soft Clay Soils in Niger Delta
Charles Kennedy, Tamunokuro Oswald Amgbara, Akpan Paul Paulinus
Page No. 97-103

Modification of Expansive Clay Soils using Plantain Rachis Fibre Ash
Charles Kennedy, Gbinu Samuel Kabari, Terence Temilade Tam Wokoma
Page No. 104-110

Modification of Problematic Soil with Costaceae Lacerus Bagasse Fibre Ash as Pozzolana Material
Nwikina Biamene Barine, Gbinu Samuel Kabari, Charles Kennedy
Page No. 111-118

Performance of Expansive Soils Stabilized with Costaceae Lacerus Bagasse Fibre Ash and Cement Composition
Akpan Paul Paulinus, Charles Kennedy, Nwikina Biamene Barine
Page No. 119-127

Pollution of Heavy Metal in Soils by Fuzzy Analytic Method and Determine the Location of Pollution Sources
XIA Hui-ming, DING Hua, FANG Shuang
Page No. 128-139

Reversible Computing
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 140-142

Evaluation of composites from Dimethylol urea and Hydroxylated Sorrel oil for possible application for water Resistant Emulsion paint
S.A. Osemeahon, F.G. Fadawa
Page No. 143-154

Genetic Diversity in Nigerian Small Ruminants: A Review
Dafur B.S. Deshi S.N., Finangwai H.I., Dafur G.S., Nyapson C.G.
Page No. 155-161

Determination of Trace Element, Microbial Load, Vitamin C and Percentage of Protein for Shelf Life and Quality Determination of Prepared Amla Candy
Md. Abdul Jalil, Md. Asadul Islam, Md. Badrul Islam, Nazim Uddin Ahmed, Md. Abdurrahim, Md. Mahmudul Hassan Mondol, Md. Nur Hossain, Ali Ahsan Muzahid
Page No. 162-167

Design and Stress Analysis on a Diseased Coronary Artery Model using Finite Element Analysis
Jared May, Rajeev Nair
Page No. 168-178

The Investigation of the Connection between the Historical Excavation Site and the Historical Fountain by Resistivity Imaging in Istanbul-Silivri Muratçeşme
Okan TEZEL, Mehmet Ali ÜGE
Page No. 179-184

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: A Painted Scenario of a New Type of War
Akpan Abasiama G., Mmeah Shedrack, Baah Barida
Page No. 185-197

The Application of the Second Classroom in the Computer Science Major
Jian Xiang
Page No. 198-200

Non- Destructive Doppler Broadening Technique (NDDBT) to Study Defect Properties Wrought Aluminum Alloy (3004)
Ahmed Mostafa, M. A. Abdel-rahman, M. Abdel-rahman, Emad A. Badawi
Page No. 201-212

A General Method for Generating Univariate Continuous Distributions
Mohamed I. Riffi, Hanin S. Al-Masri
Page No. 213-221

Evaluation of Swelling and Slaking Characteristics of Shales from Okigwe Area, Southeastern Nigeria
Oyedele, E. O., Okeke, O. C., Dike, E. C.
Page No. 222-230

Evaluating Sources of Cash Flow and Its Implications on Construction Projects
Olusegun Jacob ILORI, Oyebisi Gbemiga OYEDOYIN, Babatunde Adebayo OJO
Page No. 231-240

Influence of Both Magnetic Field and Temperature on Silicon Solar Cell Photogenerated Current
Richard Mané, Hawa Ly Diallo, Hameth yoro BA, Ibrahima Diatta, Youssou Traoré, Cheikh Tidiane Sarr, Grégoire Sissoko
Page No. 241-251

External electric field as applied to determine silicon solar cell space charge region width
Fatoumata Balde, Hawa Ly Diallo, Hamet Yoro Ba, Youssou Traore, Ibrahima Diatta, Marcel Sitor Diouf, Mamadou Wade, Gregoire Sissoko
Page No. 252-259

Drawing on the construction of the four-element module comprehensive assessment system for overseas college examinations
Jian Xiang
Page No. 260-263

Vanadium Doped Sodium Disilicate Glass and Glass Ceramics: Structural Characterization
Alamgir Hossain, Golam Mortuza, Rafiqul Ahsan, Kamruzzaman Khan, Rakibul Islam, Saikh Shahjahan Miah
Page No. 264-271

Some Inequalities for the Frobenius Norm of Complex Matrix
TU Yuanyuan, LIU Shihui
Page No. 272-276

Effects of Slip Conditions on MHD Diffusive Reactive Flow with Radiative Heat Transfer Past a Vertical Porous Plate
Amos Emeka, Numesubo Gift Alexander
Page No. 277-289

Application of Conservation of Mass on Modeling of a Dynamic Non-Isothermal Dehydrator of Natural Gas using Diethylene Glycol
Ipeghan, Jonathan Otaraku, Anaele, John Vitus
Page No. 290-298

Risk Evaluation from Third Party Damage to LPG Pipelines in India and its Mitigation
S S Gupta, Dr. A K Arya, Dr. P Vijay, Deepak Agarwal
Page No. 299-315