Volume 4 Issue 9 2017

Application of Linear Programming Solver in Optimal Production Cost
Ezemuo DT, Ofor IC
Page No. 1-14

Optimization of Production Scheduling System
Umeh Maryrose N., Aguh Sunday P., Nwakoby John Oguejiofor
Page No. 15-23

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm based on Novel Search Strategy
Hui-ming XIA, Zhi-gang WANG
Page No. 24-30

Litho-Structural Mapping of Udi and Okigwe Area, Southeastern Nigeria using Landsat 5 Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+) Imagery
Onyewuchi R.A., Ugwu S. A.
Page No. 31-43

Effects of Friction Stir Welding on Hardness and Microstructure of AA6061-T651 Aluminium Alloy
Ravi Prakash, S.K. Sharma
Page No. 44-51

Integrated Approach to Optimal Reservoir Characterization of Z–Oil Field, Niger Delta
Nwankwo CN, Odesanmi AO, Ugbena GK
Page No. 52-61

Augmented reality as science medium to improving visual literacy of junior high school students on animal cell and plant cell
Septia Nurkhalisa
Page No. 62-65

Determination of Radon and Thoron Concentrations in Different Kinds of Tobacco Samples Used in Palestine and Jordan
Khalil M Thabayneh, Lilia A Mashal, Adnan M Arar, Fida M Buss
Page No. 66-74

MHD Mixed Convection Heat and Mass Transfer Flow from Vertical Surfaces in Porous Media with Soret and Dufour Effects
Okedoye A.M., Akinrinmade V.A.
Page No. 75-85

Lipid Based Edible Films
Furkan Aydin, Halil Ibrahim Kahve, Mustafa Ardic
Page No. 86-92

Photovoltaic Solar Radiation Systems Analysis
Ezemuo Daniel T., Ogunoh Chika, Aguh Patrick Sunday
Page No. 93-106

Wireless Big Data
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 107-110

Deterministic and Stochastic Models to Simulate the Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and Counseling on HIV/AIDS Transmission Dynamics in a Heterosexual Population
O. Abu, A.M. Okutachi
Page No. 111-121

Study the Integrated of Wind Farm with Utility Grid
Hasssan H. El-Tamaly, Ayman Yousef Nassef
Page No. 122-136

Analysis of Production Output using Inventory Control Method
Ezeliora Chukwuemeka Daniel, Ejikeme Ifeanyi Romanus
Page No. 137-145

Application of Basic Principles of Stone Cutting on Experimental Studies
C. Pamukcu
Page No. 146-151

Investigation of subsurface structures for the evaluation of hydrocarbon potential using Aeromagnetic Data from Mmaku and its Environs, South-East Nigeria
Ugwu S.A., Nwankwo C.N., Umeanoh D. C.
Page No. 152-164

Modelling the Transmission Dynamics of Tuberculosis in the Presence of Vaccination and Treatment on Graphs
O. Abu, S.E. Onalo
Page No. 165-171

The Effect of Temperature on Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Sizes, Shape and Composition Synthesized through Direct Oxidative Alkaline hydrolysis
Orlando Ketebu, Salome T. Farrow
Page No. 172-176

The Role of “Industry 4.0” in the Modernization of Industrial Production in China
Isak Karabegović
Page No. 177-186

Application of Heat Transfer Model for Prediction of Temperature Distribution in Stored Corn
Sirelkhatim K. Abbouda, Amel Ahmed Elmamoun Ayoub, Saher Gaffar Ahmed Dafaalla
Page No. 187-193

Optimization of Sorghum Bi-colour as Fabric dye using Exhaustion Method
Nkem Udeani, Dauda Adamu Milila
Page No. 194-201

Relevance of Geophysical Wireline Logs In Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization
Aigbedion I., Ilukhor O. M., Atama J.O.
Page No. 202-209

A Proof of Moisture Damage on Fatigue Life of Flexible Pavement Submerged in Water: A Practical Case for a Medium Volume Road
Enwuso A. Igwe, Kemejika I. Amadi-Oparaeli
Page No. 210-216

A Comparative Study of Impulse Noise Reduction in Digital Images by Different Filtering Techniques
Hyunho Choi, Jechang Jeong
Page No. 217-220

A nonconvex regularization for wavelet frame with application to Poisson noise removal
Yang Xiao-juan
Page No. 221-227

Effect of Bitumen and Fly Ash on Expansive Soil Properties
Magdi M. E. Zumrawi, Mohamed Awad
Page No. 228-237

Impacts of Ecological Factors on the Distribution of Amauroderma murrill genus in central highlands of Vietnam
Nguyen P.D. Nguyen, Tran D. Khanh
Page No. 238-243

Unsteady State Approach for Estimation of Sediment Transport
Hradaya Prakash, Balkrishna Shankar Chavan
Page No. 244-253

Breeding Waxy Maize Hybrid for Fresh Quality: Integration between Domestic and Exotic Germplasm
Vu V. Liet, Vu T.B. Hanh, Pham Q. Tuan, Nguyen V. Ha, Tran T.T. Ha, Hoang T. Thuy, Duong T. Loan, Nguyen V. Viet, Nguyen T. Duc, Nguyen T.N. Anh, Le M. Thao, Khuat H. Trung, Tran D. Khanh
Page No. 254-270

Simulating Deterministic and Stochastic Differential Equation Models of Measles Outbreak Considering Population Size and Initial Vaccination Regime
O. Abu, A.M. Okutachi
Page No. 271-282

Development of Oscillatory Turbine for Harnessing Energy from Wind
Ugwu Kenneth Chikwado, Oluka Sylvester Ike, Agu Samuel Obiora
Page No. 283-290

Knowledge Economy
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. R. Nelatury, S.M. Musa
Page No. 291-294

Numerical Analysis of a Mathematical Model of Hepatitis B Virus Transmission Dynamics in the Presence of Vaccination and Treatment
O. Abu, S.E. Onalo
Page No. 295-310

Two-step Algorithm for the Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equations
J. Sunday , P. Tumba
Page No. 311-318

Comparison of DBA vs. DBF by Explanation of Design Characteristics of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Page No. 319-330

Complex complete synchronization of hyperchaotic complex nonlinear systems with fully uncertain parameters and its applications in secure communications
Kholod M. Abualnaja, Emad E. Mahmoud
Page No. 331-341

First Derivative Method for the Integration of Oscillatory Problems
J. Sunday, A. A. Abada, A. A. James
Page No. 342-350

Qualitative phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of methanol extract of Maesobotrya barteri (Baill.) Hutch
Uwemedimo E. Udo, Nyakno E. Akan and Enwongo M. Udoh
Page No. 351-355

Production of Fuel Range Hydrocarbon Blended with Jet A-1 via Catalytic Hydrocracking Technique
R. El-Araby, E. Abdelkader, G. El Diwani, Hussien A. El Sayed, S.I. Hawash
Page No. 356-362

Friction Stir Welded of High Density Polyethylene Sheets
Mustafa Kemal Bilici, Batuhan Kurt, Hüseyin Kurt
Page No. 363-370

Knowledge Based Prediction through Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Strategy for Power Plant Applications
K.S. Madhavan
Page No. 371-376

A Design and Analysis of Hydraulic System of Lattice Boom Crane
Ji-Hye Kim, Chang-Kweon Jeong, Yong-Gil Jung, Sun-Chul Huh
Page No. 377-382

Effect of Some Parameters on the Cost of Energy Generated from Renewable Energy based Micro Grid System
M.A. Fouad, M.A. Badr, Z.S. Abd El-Rehim, Taher Halawa, M.M. Ibrahim
Page No. 383-391

Food composition and sensory quality of fish crackers made from Luciobarbus esocinus
Page No. 392-396

Economic Estimation of Oil Shale Development Methods in Nigeria
Anietie N. Okon, Daniel T. Olagunju
Page No. 397-408

Performance and Effectiveness Study on the Aileron as Control Surface of an Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle
Yanto Daryanto, Purwadi, Andree Y., Subagyo
Page No. 409-417

Analysis of UV Spectra of Some Natural Plant Dyes Applicable in Fabrication of Grätzel Cells
Oluwatosin S. Obaseki, Joseph A. Olugbuyiro, Dilip K. De, Olasunkanmi R. Kesinro
Page No. 418-424

Novel Technology for Non-invasive Extraction and Determination of Blood Glucose Levels
Catherine A. Todd, Paola Salvetti, Katy Naylor, Mohammad Albatat
Page No. 425-433

Status of Water Supply in Parts of Umuahia South Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria: A Look at Alternatives
Ngah S. A., Ekpebegh U.N.
Page No. 434-443

Factors affecting Integrated Financial Management Information System Application in Kenyan Public Sector
Sanja Michael Mutongwa, Silvance Abca
Page No. 444-452

Analysis of Partial Least Squares on Split Path Models: Underpinning Delone & Maclean Theory
Sanja Michael Mutong’wa, Anthony J Rodrigues, Samuel Liyala
Page No. 453-463

Recovery of Deformed 1070 Al alloy by PALT & XRD
H. Ibrahim, A. Mostafa, Mohammed Salah, M. A. Abdel-Rahamn, M. Abdel-Rahman, Emad A. Badawi
Page No. 464-470

A Design of Intelligent Coal Seam Gas Pressure Tester
Zhen Wei, Zhongliang Lu, Hongli Wang, Dingling Zhang
Page No. 471-474

Dose dependent treatment with boric acid induces more changes in the sperm cells of endangered trout Salmo coruhensis and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
Page No. 475-481

Statistical Intervention Modelling of Nigerian Monthly Household Kerosene Distribution
Ette Harrison Etuk, Pius Sibeate
Page No. 482-487

Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Timing Circuit for Electric Ovens
Akindele OA, Sadiq MO, Adejumobi OK
Page No. 488-497

Heat Distribution in a Multilayer in Dynamic Frequency Modulation: Influence of the exciting pulse, and the thermal exchange coefficients
Cheikh Thiam, Alassane Diene, Youssou Traore, M. S. Ould Brahim, Aliou Diouf, Ould Mohamed Bah, Issa Diagne, Gregoire Sissoko
Page No. 498-505

Reliability of Modified Exponential Distribution
Samah A. Alghamdi, Arwa M. Alshangiti, Abdulrahman M. Abouammoh
Page No. 506-519

Microwave Post-Treatment of PES Hollow Fiber Membranes immersed in NaCl Solution
K.A. Abed, Nahed A. El Mahallawy, Mohammed H. Sorour, Mahmoud A. El-Bayoumi, Yomna O. Mostafa
Page No. 520-527

Estimation of Risk Levels of Water-Quality Parameters in Groundwater in a Local Community of Ghana
Simon K. Appiah, Joseph Apau, A. Andoh, D. Armah, G. Yeboah
Page No. 528-539