Volume 4 Issue 8 2017

Application Value Analysis of BIM in Fabricated Buildings
Li Ling
Page No. 1-5

Evaluation of Global Solar Radiation for Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria
Medugu D.W., Ogbaka D.T.
Page No. 6-10

Temperature effect on the shunt resistance of a white biased silicon solar cell
Ibrahima Diatta, Marcel SitorDiouf, Hameth Yoro Ba, Youssou Traore, Ousmane Diasse, Seydou Faye, Gregoire Sissoko
Page No. 11-19

Maize cob as an adsorbent for the removal of Pb2+ and Cr2+ from aqueous solution
Nsikak B. Essien, Aniefon A. Ibout, Uduak B. Essien
Page No. 20-29

Influence of temperature on silicon solar cell shunt resistance under monochromatic illumination
Ibrahima Diatta, Marcel SitorDiouf, Moustapha Thiame, Youssou Traore, Ousmane Diasse, Gregoire Sissoko
Page No. 30-39

A Comparative Study of Radiation Damaged Nuclear Track Measurement using Allyl Diglycol Carbonate (ADC) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Polymer
M. M. Alam, P. K. Mohonta, S.M. A. Raihan, M. M. Ahsan
Page No. 40-44

Assessment of Implementation of Physics Curriculum in Public Secondary Schools in Ekiti State
Olatunbosun Segun Mobolaji, Daramola Olayemi Motunrayo, Babarinde Funmilayo Justina
Page No. 45-49

D.C conductivity, Hall effect of amorphous Arsenic and I-V characteristic of a-As/c-Si Heterojunction
Hussien Kh. Al-Lamy, Ramiz A. Al-Ansari, Jinan Hussien Awadh
Page No. 50-53

Correlation between Extractable Heavy Metals (Ni, V, Cd, and Pb) in Soil and Colocasia Spp (Cocoyam corm) from Farm Lands in Ibeno Coastal Area, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Udo Godwin James, Nwadinigwe Chukwuemeka, Nwadinigwe Alfreda, Awaka-ama J. Johnson
Page No. 54-61

A Comparison of Pixel Based and Object Based approach for Land Use/Land Cover Classification: A Case Study in Mediterranean Region
Gürkan Aysel
Page No. 62-67

Dynamic analysis and optimum route design for snowboarding
Wu Li-na
Page No. 68-77

Enhancing the Performance of Nigerian Athletes at the Olympics through Institutional Sports
Pat Oyeniyi, O.O. Aina, I.O. Akindutire
Page No. 78-82

Temperature dependence on series resistance of a silicon solar cell under polychromatic illumination
Ibrahima Diatta, Marcel SitorDiouf, Hameth Yoro Ba, Youssou Traore, Ousmane Diasse, Seydou Faye, Gregoire Sissoko
Page No. 83-90

Recording Eight New Species of Algae Iraqi Aquatic Environment within the Tigris River in the City of Baghdad- Iraq
Ahmed Aidan Al-Hussieny
Page No. 91-97

Synthesis and Characterization of some 5, 5–Ethyl Bis- (4-Amino-4H-1, 2, 4-Triazole-3-Thiol) Derivatives
Fawzi Hameed Jumaa, Nashwan Omar Tapabashi, Omar Abdullah Abd
Page No. 98-106

Implementation of System Application Product in Data Processing in Minimizing the Lack of Material on Electrical Distribution Panel Production Process – A Case Study in Pt. Scheneider Electric Indonesia
Rizal Ferdiansyah, Indra Sagita, Euis Nina S.Y.
Page No. 107-116

Evaluation of Radiological Hazard Indices in Soil Samples and Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk around Delta Steel Company Ovwain Aladja, Delta State
Esi Oghenevovwero E, Edomi Ovie, Odedede Orisekpabor
Page No. 117-127

Welding defects recorded on FSSW-welded sheets
KAROUI Mohamed Faouzi*, SOUISSI Ridha
Page No. 128-133

Heavy Oil in Iraq: Review
Rzger A. Abdula
Page No. 134-141

Review and Case Study Enterprise Resource Planning in Injection Molding Company
Yuniawan Sulistyoadi, Budi Hidajah, Euis Nina S Yuliani
Page No. 142-150

Study the effect of the adding the Copper powder on the Mechanical properties for unsaturated polyester
Ahmed J. Mohammed, Harith A. Razzaq
Page No. 151-158

Development and Performance Evaluation of Improved Hammer Mill
Nwadinobi Chibundo Princewill
Page No. 159-164

Solid Waste Generation Status: Management Strategy and Possible Energy Source
M. E. Huda
Page No. 165-175

Some results on the Nadir’s operator
Mostefa NADIR
Page No. 176-177

Performance Evaluation of Some Local Wood Species Found within the Vicinity of Adamawa State, Nigeria
Joseph Aidan
Page No. 178-182

A new Quarterwave Phase Retarder with Novel Characteristics
N N Nagib, N A Mahmoud
Page No. 183-186

Optimum Residence Time for Moringa Coagulated Water Maximum Turbidity and E. coli Abstraction
P. N. Egbuikwem, A. A. Amori
Page No. 187-192

A Review of the Riparian Ecosystems of Sperchios River, Greece
G. Efthimiou, E. Tsirekis, A. Mertzanis
Page No. 193-198

Overhead Transmission Line Modeling Study
Isa S. Qamber, Sayed Ali Hassan, Taha Juma Ali, Maitham Farahat, Hussain A. Nabi
Page No. 199-212

Assessment of Water Quality and Fish Species Dominance in the Shatt Al-Arab River by GIS Technique
Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed, Laith F. Lazem, Sadek A. Hussein
Page No. 213-220

Optimization of Cyclone Design Parameters using Java in Netbeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Programme
Francis Maduabuchi Enujekwu, Ayoade Kuye
Page No. 221-230

Influence γ-irradiation on the parameters of MIS – structures with voltage and without voltage at the field electrode
Khojakbar S. Daliev
Page No. 231-237

Research on management model of post-disaster reconstruction based on Contingency Theory–taking the post-disaster reconstruction project in Lushan as an example
Li Rui
Page No. 238-244

Trust Issues in Business to Customer Online Systems in Ebonyi State of Nigeria
Francis N. Nwebonyi, Bruno Miguel Vieira
Page No. 245-252

Detrital modes and provenance of the Lutetian Sandstones (Bozbel Formation, Sivas Basin, Turkey)
Orhan Özçelik
Page No. 253-258

Organic Facies Characteristics of the Coaly Units, Şarkikaraağaç Neogene Basin (Isparta/Turkey)
Neslihan Ünal, Orhan Özçelik
Page No. 259-265

Preliminary Evaluation of Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination Using the Drastic Model; A Case of Greater-Accra Region, Ghana
Kingsley Kodom, Danon A. N. Komet, Kwasi Preko, Sylvester K. Danuor, Daniel Boamah
Page No. 266-277

Some Biological Aspects of Four Fish Species in East Hammar Marsh, Iraq
Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed, Sadek A. Hussein, Falah M. Mutlak
Page No. 278-287

Engineering and Innovative Processes and Techniques for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Antonio Cannuli, Maria T. Caccamo, Giuseppe Castorina, Franco Colombo, Salvatore Magazù
Page No. 288-300

Design of an Improve Hammer Mill
Akporehe J, Orimoloye KR, Sadjere EG, Ariavie GO
Page No. 301-307

Mineralogy & Microfabric of Some Soils of the North-eastern Part of Dhakacity & Ichapur, Narayanganj and their Implications in Geological Engineering
Hossain A.T.M.S., Islam M.R., Shushupti O., Miah M.Y.
Page No. 308-317

Design of a Floating Roof Crude Oil Storage Tank of 100,000 BPD Capacity and Prototype Fabrication
Emenike N. Wami, Welis Mike Onunwor, Owhor Sampson Chisa, Jimmy Dorcas Etim
Page No. 318-329

Simulation and Modeling of the turbo alternator 301 vibrations impact on the production of electrical energy of the power plant C3 of the Senegal National Electricity Company
Ibrahima LY, Gorgui SAMB, Ousmane SOW, Cheikh THIAM, Dianguina DIARISSO, Gregoire SISSOKO
Page No. 330-341

An investigation of stress-strain distribution of an elastic thin cylindrical panel under lateral pressure
S. Jafari
Page No. 342-359

Modeling the Exchange rate long-range dependence of some world emerging markets
Sanusi Alhaji Jibrin, Abdulhameed A. Osi, Aremu T. Adeyemi, Samaila Mohammed, Umar A. Zubair, Ahmed S. Saidu
Page No. 360-364

On General Construction of d-dimensional Linear Spaces
Hasan Keleş
Page No. 365-368

Impact of ICT on Agricultural Challenges in Nigeria
Ofunama Preye, Wari Denyefa Cletus, E. E. Omovwohwovie
Page No. 369-373

Pregroups from Length Functions
Faisal H Nesayef
Page No. 374-378

Wi-Fi Everywhere: A Case of Nigeria
Wari Denyefa Cletus, Seiyaboh Zidiegha, Oluwafemi Joseph Shonubi
Page No. 379-384

Using WordPress for Small Business Growth and Youth Empowerment
Wari Denyefa Cletus, Seiyaboh Zidiegha, Adoubara Kakandar
Page No. 385-389

Fekete-Szegö problem for certain subclass of analytic and bi-univalent functions
Nizami Mustafa
Page No. 390-400

Research on the transformation of the shantytowns based on investigation and evaluation model
YANG Ke, PAN Haize
Page No. 401-406

Inculcating Reading Habits among Secondary School Students
Wan Ab Kadir Wan Dollah, Shamsul Kamal, Ezza Rafedziawati Kamal, Azman Ibrahim, Hasnah Abdul Rahim, Mohd Zairul Masron, Mohd Ridzuan Ibrahim, Mohamed Effendy Rahmat
Page No. 407-416

Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Timing Circuit for Electric Ovens
Akindele OA, Sadiq MO, Adejumobi OK
Page No. 417-426