Volume 4 Issue 7 2017

Electroanalytical and spectroscopic studies of new metal-based drugs
Aysegul Golcu, Mustafa Çeşme, Harun Muslu, Ozge Eren
Page No. 1-9

Evaluation of Groundwater Quality and its Suitability for Drinking and Agricultural Use of Rural Areas for Zabid Directorate-Wadi Zabid, Hodiedah, Yemen
Shaif M K Saleh, Sanaa HGh Al-Alaiy, Badr I Abdul-Razzak, Ghunaim Sh A Nasher
Page No. 10-24

Behavior of Soft Clay Soil Reinforced by Floating Granular Piles with Different Materials
Abdel-Fattah A. Youssef, Ahmed M. Abdel-Galil, Enas A. Emam
Page No. 25-40

Relative Abundance of Minerals in Parent Rock and their Effects on Laterite Properties
Colonel V.O. Fagoyinbo, A.J. Adeola
Page No. 41-50

Development of Non-Alcoholic Beverage from Sweet Potato (Ipeoma Batata) and the Effect of Crude Spice Extracts on Quality and Consumer Acceptability
Sunday P. Ukwo, Enobong O. Umoh
Page No. 51-57

A Study on the Evaluation of Engine Performance by Using Methanol Fuel in Spark Ignition Engine
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 58-62

Geostatistical Analysis of the Geolectrical Parameters of Mechanic Village, Bodija, South Western Nigeria
Omolara A Adenuga, Joseph O Coker, Sofiat A Adeekoya
Page No. 63-68

Cultivar stability and percentage yield of mungbean (Vigna radiata l. Wilczek) in a lowland rainforest location in south eastern Nigeria
B.A.C Agugo
Page No. 69-73

Characterization of Aquifer using Geostatistical Analysis of the Geoelectrical Parameters of Ijebu-igbo South Western, Nigeria
Sofiat A. Adekoya, Joseph O. Coker, Omolara A. Adenuga
Page No. 74-81

An Applied Study on Converting Some Sigmoidal Models in Empirical Form to Meaningful Parameterized Mechanistic Models
Mehmet Korkmaz
Page No. 82-92

Dust effect on PV outcomes at five different sites around Baghdad
Raid S Jawad, Khaleel I Abass, Ali A Al-Wailie, Dina S M Al-Zubaidi
Page No. 93-102

Evaluation of Engine Performance of Gasoline Fuel and Methanol Fuel in Spark Ignition Engines
Sung Bin Han
Page No. 103-107

Evaluation of Colour in a Newly Developed Food Product: Fresh Cheese with Red Fruits
Raquel P. F. Guiné, Soraia E. B. Leitão, Fernando J. A. Gonçalves, Paula M. R. Correia
Page No. 108-115

Physiological and Biochemical Quality Response of Sterculia rhinopetala Seeds to different Storage Materials and Duration under Ambient Conditions
Paul K. Tandoh, Ben K. Banful, Eli Gaveh, Samuel E. Owusu, Priscilla Opoku, James O. Amponsah
Page No. 116-125

User Opportunities of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) for Forest Fires
Varol Tuğrul, Ertuğrul Mertol, Emir Tuna*, Özel Halil Barış
Page No. 126-133

Evaluation of ERP Selection System in Small & Medium Workshop Enterprise
Sinanuri Surawijaya, Galih Prakoso, Iwan Syahrial, Euis Nina S. Y.
Page No. 134-139

The Importance of Planting Open – Green Field: The Case of Nigde
G. Sandal Erzurumlu, Barış Kahveci
Page No. 140-146

Variations in Texture, Water Retention and Transmission, Organic Matter and pH of Soils under Selected Land Use Systems at Ubakala Umuahia, South-Eastern Nigeria
Paul C. Oguike, Brown M. Onwuka
Page No. 147-155

Effects of some adsorption parameters in the removal of cadmium (ii) ion from aqueous solution using garlic skin
Evbuomwan B.O, Opute C.C
Page No. 156-159

Optimum Design of Foam Dust nozzle in Fully- mechanized Face
Zhen Wei, Zhongliang Lu, Hongli Wang, Dingling Zhang
Page No. 160-168

Activated Flux TIG Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steels
Memduh Kurtulmuş, Mustafa Kemal Bilici, Zarif Çatalgöl, İrfan Çalış
Page No. 169-177

Information and Communication Technologies for Higher Learning Institutions in Developing Countries Using E-Learning
Shamsul Kamal, Mohd Jailani Paiman, Khairul Mizan Taib, Zahari Mohd Amin, Hasnah Hashim, Marlia Idrus, Wan Abdul Malek, Juwahir Ali, Abu Bakar Suleiman
Page No. 178-183

Increasing the Thermal Comfort, Ergonomics and Safety of Helmet by Using of Quality Function Deployment Method: A Case Study in Indonesia
Humiras Hardi Purba, Herteguh Prayogo, Mukhlisin, Riyadi Wibowo, Mashuri, M. Yudith Pradipta, Siti Aisyah
Page No. 184-192

Slopes of linear and quadratic relationships between maize (Zea mays L.) crop yield of inbreds and testcrosses on elevated plant density
A.M.M. Al-Naggar, R. Shabana, M.S. Hassanein, T.A. Elewa, A.S.M. Younis, A.M.A. Metwally
Page No. 193-208

Coordination of Demand Response and Energy Efficiency for Load Reduction in a Smart Home
J. O. Petinrin, J. O. Agbolade, M.A. Tijani, M.A. Ayoade
Page No. 209-214

Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant with Varying Load Conditions
A.K.M. Nazrul Islam, Farhana Alam, Md. Ashraful Islam
Page No. 215-229

Response Surface Methodology for Stabilized Turbulent Confined Jet Diffusion Flames Using Bluff-Body Burners
Tahani S. Gendy, Amal S. Zakhary, T. M. El-Shiekh
Page No. 230-242

A system proposal to reduce road traffic accidents using smart phones
Mehmet Altınkaya, Ali Güneş
Page No. 243-249

Study on the correlation between meteorological and agricultural drought based on drought indices and remote sensing satellite images in semi-arid area, case study: Kermanshah plain, Western Iran
Ruja Mansorian, Mohammad Zare, Katrin Drastig
Page No. 250-261

A Preliminary Look into the Effect of Feeding Frequency on the Performance Parameters of Weaner Pigs
Racquel Ollivierre, Andell Edwards, Aphzal Mohammed
Page No. 262-269

Detection of Abnormalities of Early Pregnancy using Ultrasonograpgy
Manahil Abdel Azeem, Hussien Ahmed Hassan
Page No. 270-274

On the Solutions of |A/X|±d
Massimo Salvi
Page No. 275-298

Bayesian and E-Bayesian estimations for the compound Rayleigh distribution based on upper record values
A. I. Shawky, F.M. Al-Aboud
Page No. 299-308

Feature-oriented engineering of web applications
Sidi Mohamed O. Moulaye Abdellahi, Mbaye SENE, Mohamed T. Kimour
Page No. 309-316

Demonstration of the Cost-Effectiveness of Base Isolation Strategy on the Example of the 16-Story Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with Shear Walls
SMikayel G. Melkumyan
Page No. 317-326

Data transfer by laser beam light using parallel connection method
Abubaker M. Saeed Hamed
Page No. 327-333

Liquefaction Hazards on the Western Bank of Jamuna River, Bangladesh
Hossain A.T.M.S., Haque S. A.
Page No. 334-341

Classification Model of Slopeland Soil Erosion Degree in Taiwan
Chao-Wen Wang, Che-Wei Shen, Yeh-Hsiu Chiang
Page No. 342-355

Cross-border economic impacts on the socio-economic development of vietnamese northwestern border provinces
Ngoc S. Ho, Hong Q. Nguyen, Hai H. Do
Page No. 356-365

Techno – Economic Study of Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Remote Area in Sinai
K. A. Abed, M. Moawad, H. A. Refaey, SH. A. Salem
Page No. 366-376

Sand Biogrouting through the Deposition of Calcium Carbonate by Ureolytic Bacteria
Mohie Eldin Elmashad, Nehad Mohamad Hafez
Page No. 377-382

Upper bound estimate for the second Hankel determinant of a certain subclass of analytic and bi-univalent functions
Nizami Mustafa
Page No. 383-393