Volume 4 Issue 2 2017

Investigation temperature sensitivity of the field-effect transistor in channel depletion mode
Abdulaziz V Karimov*, Davron R. Djuraev, Akmal A. Turaev
Page No. 1-4

Evaluation of the Health Status in a Post Remediated Crude Oil Contaminated Soil Using a Suitable Soil Quality Index (SQI)
Akpofure Rim-Rukeh
Page No. 5-14

Exact Solutions of Quasielastic Problems of Linear Theory of Viscoelasticity and Nonlinear Theory Viscoelasticity for Mechanically Incompressible Bodies
Mehriban A. Mamedova, Latif Kh. Talybly
Page No. 15-20

Comparison between the productions curves of lactic acid from carob pods syrup by different lactic acid bacteria
Hariri A, Ouis N, Bouhadi D, Ould Yerou K
Page No. 21-27

The Role of Internet-based Techniques and Games as Innovative Materials in Teaching a Second or Foreign Language
Yasin Khoshhal, Javid Elyasi
Page No. 28-34

The Evolution of Rapid TB Diagnostics technique and its potential impact on Tuberculosis epidemics in India
Pratik Kumar, Samapti Dewanjee
Page No. 35-40

The Effect of Management System on Camel Calves Growth Rate and Daily Gain
Bakheit S. A., Faye B., Ibrahim I. E., Idris A. O.
Page No. 41-47

The Climate Accord and Credibility to the Country’s Ambitious 100 GW Target for 2022
Kachita Kohli
Page No. 48-51

The Electronic Monitoring System for Hydrogen Produced from the Oxidation of Human Urine (Mhydros)
Lozada-Castro JJ, Casanova-Vasco CD, Arturo-Perdomo D
Page No. 52-57

Treatment of landfill leachate using a combined Coagulation and modify bentonite adsorption processes
Shahin Ahmadi, Edris Bazrafshan, Ferdous Kord Mostafapoor
Page No. 58-64

Results of the Characterization of Hygroscopic Flare Material using SEM and EDX Techniques

Chandra Bharadwaz Sottu, P. Sreedhara Reddy, B. Venkateswara Rao, Chagalakonda Venkata Narasimha Murthy
Page No. 65-70

Lannea antiscorbutica Hiern Engl. (Anacardiaceae): Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Future Directions
Bienvenu K. Mvingu, Lengbiye E. Moke, Blaise M. Mbala, Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua
Page No. 71-75

Features of the Current Regulation in Double-Transistor Circuit
Dilbara M. Yodgorova
Page No. 76-77

Production of Metal Matrix Composites by In situ Techniques
Metin Onal, Mehmet Gavgali
Page No. 78-82

UV Spectrophotometric Determination of Olmesartan Medoxomil in Pure and Pharmaceutical Formulation
Harshda Pandiya, C.S. Chauhan, K.S. Rathore
Page No. 83-84

Effect of 50 Hz, 0.85 mT Magnetic Fields on Hematological Parameters
Esmail Abdo Mohammed Ali
Page No. 85-92

On some properties combinatorics of Graphs in the d-dimensional FLS
Hasan Keleş
Page No. 93-97

Modeling of Annual Municipal Water Demand System Using Soft Computing Techniques: A Case Study
Sahbi Boubaker
Page No. 98-113

Hybrid Model of Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Diagnosis from Digital Mammograms
Mugahed A. Al-antari, Mohammed A. Al-masni, Yasser M. Kadah
Page No. 114-126

Adams-Spanne type estimates for the commutators of fractional type sublinear operators in generalized Morrey spaces on Heisenberg groups
Page No. 127-144

Sublinear operators with rough kernel generated by fractional integrals and their commutators on generalized Morrey spaces
Page No. 145-163