Volume 4 Issue 10 2017

Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Minimizing Power Consumption in Drilling of Aluminium Casting using Taguchi Methodology and ANOVA
Mukesh Kumar Lohar, S. Jindal, Chitranjan Agarwal, M.S. Khidiya
Page No. 1-6

Modeling Hepatitis B Virus Transmission Dynamics in a Heterosexual Population on Complex Graphs
O. Abu, M.A. Emeje
Page No. 7-15

Turbulent Chemical Non-Equilibrium Reentry Flows in 3D –Five Species
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel, Cláudia Regina de Andrade
Page No. 16-42

On Horizontal Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus Infection on Graphs
O. Abu, M.A. Emeje
Page No. 43-50

Comparison among Unstructured TVD, ENO and UNO Schemes in Three-Dimensions
Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel, Cláudia Regina de Andrade
Page No. 51-68

Stochastic Modeling of the Transmission Dynamics of HIV in a Heterosexual Population on Complex Graphs
O. Abu
Page No. 69-77

Chimney Backflow Effect on House with Improved Cook Stove in Rural Mountainous Region of Nepal
Indira Parajuli, Heekwan Lee
Page No. 78-90

Genetic Affinity and Breeding Potential of Phenologic Traits of Acha (fonio) in Nigeria
Nyam DD, Kwon-Ndung EH, Wuyep AP
Page No. 91-101

Comparison of DBA vs. DBF by Explanation of Design Characteristics of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Page No. 102-113

Lap-shear failure modes of aluminum alloy sheets 2024-T3 welded with friction stir spot FSSW in lower rotational speed and higher dwell time
Karoui MF, Souissi R, Ayadi M
Page No. 114-124

Preliminary Evaluation of a Biogas Purification Filter Suitable for use in Nigeria
Osunde PO, Ebunilo POB, Orhorhoro EK
Page No. 125-134

Interpretation of the Gravity Map of Thrace-Ergene Basin by Cellular Neural Network
Page No. 135-141

The multicriteria approach assessment human risks: application the Analytical Hierarchy Process and PROMETHEE methods
Page No. 142-158

Evaluation of Generator Components Functional Parameters using Reliability Analysis
Ukpaka CP, Nkoi B, Nkakini SO
Page No. 159-173

Excitation of Isomeric States in Reactions (γ,n) and (n,2n) on 113In NUCLEUS
S.R. Palvanov, E. Bozorov, M.I. Mamajusupova, G.S. Palvanova
Page No. 174-178

Reliability Analysis of Generator Shaft
Ukpaka CP, Nkoi B, Olungwe GI
Page No. 179-189

Tone Mapping Algorithm for HDR Image using SAD Weighted Guided Image Filter
Chungbin Im, Hyunho Choi, Jechang Jeong
Page No. 190-196

Optimization Approach to Power Generation and Scheduling
Darius P.B. Yusuf, Christopher A. Kukwi, Bello S. Adekunle
Page No. 197-201

Comparison of ANN and ANFIS for Projecting Changes of Maize Yield Base on Regional Weather Parameter: A Case Study of Mubi North Local Government
Kennedy G. Gaya, Aliyu M. Barka, Stephen M, Luka I. Gaya
Page No. 202-206

Predictive Rainfall Models for Omoku in Rivers State, Nigeria
J. C. Ozota, C. Ukpaka
Page No. 207-212

Differential Forms: A Tool for Linearizing Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Orverem JM, Tyokyaa RK, Balami HM
Page No. 213-219

Biodegradation of Diclofenac and Paracetamol Present in Waste Water through an Integrated System of Anaerobic Reactor and Constructed Wetland
Susi A. Miceli-Montesinos, Ma. Neftalí Rojas-Valencia, Carolina Orantes-García, Daisy Escobar-Castillejos, HugoGuillén-Trujillo, Celestino O. Rodríguez Nava
Page No. 220-232

Interrupted Time Series Modelling of Daily Amounts of British Pound Per Euro due to Brexit
Ette Harrison Etuk, Awoingo Adonijah Maxwell, Belief Nsirimobi Elenga
Page No. 233-237

Preparation of Alkyd Resins by using some Diacids with Dodecylbenzene and Study their Properties
Asaad F. Khattab, Yonis A. Ismail Alkikani
Page No. 238-244

Heavy Metals Distribution in Groundwater: Concepts of Influence of Flow Rate, Recharge and Matrix Approach
C. Ukpaka, C.F. Ikebude, J.C. Ozota
Page No. 245-250

Improve the Stilling Basin Downstream Radial Gates
Gamal H. Elsaeed, Abdelazim M. Ali, Neveen B. Abdelmageed
Page No. 251-262

Production of Biodiesel from Microalgae using Acid and Base Catalysts
Page No. 263-268

Comparison of Major and Trace-Element Enrichments of Pliocene Coal Fields from Karapınar and Ilgın (Konya) Basins (Turkey)
Page No. 269-275

Numerical Treatment for Solving Fractional Riccati Differential Equation using VIM – Restrictive Padé
Hassan N.A. Ismail, I.K. Youssef, Tamer M. Rageh
Page No. 276-283

Application of the Cell Automata Method to the Brittle Material Thermal Fatigue Fracture Simulation
A.V. Zabolotsky, L.M. Axelrod
Page No. 284-292

Network Functions Virtualization
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Nana K. Ampah, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 293-296

Properties of Operations on Soft Ideals and Idealistic Soft Ring
H.M. Balami, A. O. Yusuf, J.M. Orverem
Page No. 297-304

Low Cost Humidity/Temperature Calibration System
Yasser A. Abdelaziz
Page No. 305-311

Toward a Centimeter-Geoid Model for Engineering Surveying in Egypt: Status and Projected Activities
Gomaa M. Dawod, Magdy M. Hosny
Page No. 312-319

An Improved Morgan-Voyce Collocation Method for Numerical Solution of Generalized Pantograph Equations
Özgül İlhan
Page No. 320-332

About BIM
Xiao Hongming, Zhang Huilong, Chen Wenjing, Li Rui
Page No. 333-336

About BIM
Xiao Hongming, Zhang Huilong, Chen Wenjing, Li Rui
Page No. 333-336

Geotextiles – A Potential Technical Textile Product
Subrata Chandra Das, Debasree Paul, Mir Muhammad Fahad, Tarikul Islam, Md. Eanamul Haque Nizam
Page No. 337-350

Physico-Mechanical Properties of Edible Summer Squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) for Harvesting and Threshing
Page No. 351-356

Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Image using Modified Gamma Correction
Taeuk Kang, Hyunho Choi, Jechang Jeong
Page No. 357-362

Online Complete Shopping Store for Cosmetics
Haitham Hameed Radhi, Mohammed Sadeq Salman 2, Karim Qassim Hussein
Page No. 363-367

Numerical Investigation on Effect of Fire Fighting on Smoke Movement in Tunnels
Mahmoud A. Fouad, Taher Halawa, Ramy M. Ragab
Page No. 368-373

A Comparative Anatomical Study for the species of the genus Carex L. (Cyperaceae) in Iraq
Aboothar Ha. Al-Edhari, Abdullah Sh. Sardar, Sharma Ma. Al Regawi
Page No. 374-379

Performance Assessment of Relay-based Network Coding in the Smart Grid Networks
Nikos I. Passas
Page No. 380-395

Evaluation of Climatic Control Units Sufficiency for Water Buffalo Barns in Thrace Region with Regard to Animal Welfare
I Kocaman, HC Kurc
Page No. 396-400

Human Risks Classification with the Method Analytical Hierarchy Process
Page No. 401-410

Yield Response Trends in a Sweetpotato- Cassava Rotation System under Integrated Composite Manure and Fertilizer Management Strategy
Chukwu LI, Anedo EO1, Agugo BAC
Page No. 411-420

Semi-Synthesis of Nano-Antibacterial Heterocyclic Compounds from the Streptomyces Candidus Secondary Metabolites as Food Additives
Elnawawy AS, Khalil, MS, Mohareb RM
Page No. 421-434

Systems Engineering and Commercial and Public Interest Domains
Shougi Suliman Abosuliman
Page No. 435-438

Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Smart Growth with Application to City Planning
Liang Xu, Qianwen Yin, Wenwei Shen, Xinying Peng, Chenkai Gao
Page No. 439-445

Assessment of Urban Development Level Based on Smart Growth
Wenwei Shen, Xinying Peng, Chenkai Gao, Liang Xu, Qianwen Yin
Page No. 446-453

Study on the Bond Strength between Porous Asphalt and Asphalt Concrete Layer
Xiaotian Jiang, Futao Chen, Jun Li, Mingliang Li, Dongwei Cao
Page No. 454-465

Entrepreneurship Training: Perception Satisfaction of Higher Education Students in Nigeria
Hassan Haruna, Olasunkanmi Basiru Aremu, Esan Martins Taiwo, Zubair Abdul Sunday
Page No. 466-470

Polystyrene: A Sustainable Material for Building Construction
Hassan H, Olasunkanmi BA, Esan MT, Zubair AS
Page No. 471-476

Analysis on the Characteristics of Pneumoconiosis in Coal Mines in China and Its Control Countermeasures
Xu-dong ZHU, Zhong-liang LU
Page No. 477-482

Improved Quality of Lamtoro Leaf Meal Fermented Bacillus laterosporus with the Addition of Supplement Methionin-lysine Synthetic
Nita Yessirita, Tinda Afriani, Sunadi
Page No. 483-488

Deformation Effect in Compensated Silicon
I. Tursunov
Page No. 489-492

Research on the image building of liquor enterprises from the perspective of low carbon economy
Yang Ping
Page No. 493-499

Investigation into the Modern Construction Skills Required of Blocklaying, Bricklaying and Concreting Work Craftsmen in Building Construction Industry in Niger State, Nigeria
Hassan Haruna, Umar Ibrahim Yakubu, Ayegbokiki Sunday Tunde, Esan Martins Taiwo
Page No. 500-505

Qualitative Study of Biogas Produced from Cow Dung and Food Residues
Modou FALL, Mamadou WADE, Alassane DIENE, Gregoire SISSOKO
Page No. 506-513

Relative Study of Effect of Waste Ceramic and Quarry Dust on Geotechnical properties of Shrink-Swell Soils
Chen James A, Lagasi Joseph E, Uloko Josiah O
Page No. 514-520