Volume 3 Issue 6 2016

Effect of Cadmium and Lead Exposure in Albino Rat
Promilla Ahlawat
Page No. 1-5

Seasonal Dynamics of the Zooplankton Community in the Ikizcetepeler Reservoir (Balıkesir, Turkey) Related to Certain Physicochemical Parameters
Kemal Çelik, Ahmet Bozkurt
Page No. 6-18

Identification and Quantitative LC-MS Analysis of the Main Flvonoids Present in Pomegranate Bark (Punica granatum L.)
Aysegul Golcu, Mustafa Çeşme, Ozge Eren
Page No. 19-28

Radiation distribution uniformization by optimized halogen lamps arrangement for a solar simulator
Hazim Moria, Taib Iskandar Mohamad, Fayez Aldawi
Page No. 29-34

Analysis of financial performance at heavy equipment companies in Indonesia using financial ratios
Galih Prakoso, Sinanuri Surawijaya, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page No. 35-41

Performance Management in Indonesian Coal Mining Company with Balance Scorecard Approach
Dodi Kosrianto, Mulyo Puji Hadi, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page No. 42-57

Effect of sulphur dioxide exposure on haematological parameters in albino rats
Promilla Ahlawat
Page No. 58-60

Optimization of Coolant Composition on Tool Wear during Turning Operation of Mild Steel
Achebe CH, Ohiafi BO, Chukwuneke JL, Obika EN
Page No. 61-69

Second Order Lagrangian
Hassaballa M Abdalgadir, Mubarak Dirar, Zoalnoon A Abeid Allah, Lutfi M Abdalgadir
Page No. 70-74

An Overview of the Potentials of Cassava as a Feedstock for Bioethanol Production in Nigeria: Problems, Constraints, Challenges and Oppurtunities (b)
Kura AM
Page No. 75-80

Utilization of Date juice for the Production of Lactic Acid by Streptococcus thermophilus
Bouhadi D, Raho B, Hariri A, Benattouche Z, Sahnouni F, Ould Yerou K, Boualem SA
Page No. 81-85

Compaction Characteristics of Black Cotton Soil-Sand Mixture for Road Work
Abubakar Fu’ad Abubakar, Ibrahim Umaru, Isa Zubairu
Page No. 86-92

Finite Element Simulation of Land Subsidence under Seasonal Pumping and Dewatering
Taher Baher Talari
Page No. 93-100

Managerial Practices as Determinant of the Knowledge Management: A Comparative Study of Certified Companies for ISO 9001:2015
Ricardo Daher Oliveira, Carlos Cesar Ronchi, Nehemias Pinto Bandeira
Page No. 101-112

Digital Money
Matthew NO Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M Musa
Page No. 113-115

Experimenting Open Agricultural Extension Service in Tanzania: A case of Kilosa Open Data Initiative (KODI)
Camilius A Sanga, Joseph PhillipoMasamaki, Kadeghe G Fue, Malongo R. Mlozi, Siza D Tumbo
Page No. 116-124

Replacement of Fishmeal with Poultry/ Hatchery Waste Meal supplemented with Bloodmeal in the diet of Clariid catfish (Heterobranchus bidorsalis) Fingerlings
BS Aliu, AC Esume
Page No. 125-130

Cultivation of Rice Abundance Super High Levels of Iron by the Method of Biofortification
M Zulman Harja Utama, Sunadi, Widodo Haryoko
Page No. 131-138

A Model Study of the Influence of Temperature on the Photoluminiscence of Silicon Nano Cryatals
Sadiq G Abdu, Dallatu U Abbas, Aliyu I Kabiru
Page No. 139-144

A Preparation of High Purity Phosphatic Salts from Purified Phosphoric Acid
Laila A Guirguis, Nagwa I Falilia
Page No. 145-152

Mobile Computing
MNO Sadiku, SM Musa, Sudarshan R Nelatury
Page No. 153-155

Heavy Metals in Exchangeable Sediments Core along ‎Shatt AL-Arab Estuary
Zahra’a S. R. Al-Shamsi, Abbas H. Mohammed1, Hamid T. Al-Saad
Page No. 156-162

Euler matrix method for linear second-order partial differential equations with complicated conditions
Gamze Yuksel
Page No. 163-172

Effect of Two Temperature and Rotation on Plane Waves of Generalized Thermoelasticity under Thermal Loading due to Laser Pulse in the Context of Three Theories
SM Abo-Dahab, Mohamed IA Othman, Ohoud NS Alsebaey
Page No. 173-187

2-D Problem of Generalized Thermoelastic Medium with Voids under the Effect of Gravity: Comparison of Different Theories
Mohamed IA Othman, Ezaira RM Edeeb
Page No. 188-199

Warehouse Performance Measurement Using Balanced Scorecard Method – A Case Study at PT. Multi Indocitra, Tbk
Rizal Ferdiansyah, Indra Sagita, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page No. 200-206

Modelling Changes in Soil Chemical Parameters of Obio-Akpor, Rivers State, Nigeria using Geographic Information System
Chima C Wokocha, Ndifreke E Williams, Edidiong A Essien, Emmanuel U Enweremadu, Akhayere Evidence
Page No. 207-221

Synthesis of adequate mathematical description for dynamic systems with the inexactly defined mathematical model
Yuri L Menshikov, Margarita S Barannik
Page No. 222-227

Empowerment of Entrepreneurs “Batik” In Masaran Sragen
Adcharina Pratiwi, Asri Laksmi Riani, M Harisudin, Sarah Rum Handayani Pinta
Page No. 228-232

On Measurement Assessment and Division Matrices
Hasan Keleş
Page No. 233-237

An evaluation of the quality of life of urban dwellers in selected streets in Diobu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Ibama Brown, Barnabas Ekpudjureni
Page No. 238-251

Optimization Modeling and Scheduling of Production Control Schemes for Complex JIT Manufacturing Systems
Chukwuedozie N Ezema, Eric C Okafor, Christiana C Okezie
Page No. 252-261

News Distributions in Cartesian geometry of Subnormal Glow discharge
Abdelaziz Bouchikhi
Page No. 262-268

A literature review of groundwater recharge in semi-arid areas
Kanzari S
Page No. 269-271

A research on effect of dıfferent seed sıze on seedlıng emergence and growth dıfferent common vetch (Vicia sativa l.) lınes
Page No. 272-278

Effects of Process Variables on the Fermentation of Corn Stover: A Review
Ohimor E. Onoghwarite, Ndirika V.I. Obiora, Eke A. Ben
Page No. 279-288

Study of the Series Resistance of a Solar Cell Silicon under Magnetic Field from of Junction Surface recombination Velocity of Minority Charge Carriers at the junction limiting the open circuit (Sfoc)
Marcel Sitor DIOUF, Ibrahima LY, Mamadou WADE, Ibrahima DIATTA, Youssou TRAORE, Mor NDIAYE, Grégoire SISSOKO
Page No. 289-297

Smart Tariffs and Photovoltaic System Sizing
Zoltán Kapros, István Farkas
Page No. 298-306

The Extraction Process of Diesel from the Drill Cuttings Samples by Using a Mixture of Toluene –GPR and Petroleum Ether-AR Solvents
Taher Elfakharany, Tarek M. Aboul-Fotouh
Page No. 307-311

Comparison between Two Insulating Materials Used in House Wall System for Thermal Performance
Fayez Aldawi, Hazim Moria, Taib Iskandar Mohamad, Firoz Alam
Page No. 312-317

Comparative Study of the Rheological Properties of Niger Delta Crude Oil
Bright Bariakpoa Kinate, Kingdom Kponanyie Dune
Page No. 318-323

Reservoir Modeling and Hydrocarbon Evaluation of Abi-Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Adiela UP, Omoboriowo AO, Acra EJ
Page No. 324-332

Assessment of Air and Noise Pollution in Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Antai Raphael Eduk, Osuji Leo Chigbu, Beka Francis Thomas
Page No. 333-341

J.S. Mill and Karl Marx on Equality and Justice: Issues in Contemporary Political Theory
Grant C Amadi, Okechukwu S Amadi, Sam B Kalagbo
Page No. 342-351

Paleo-environmental Reconstruction of ‘t’ Well in the Niger-Delta Basin, South-South Nigeria
Itiowe K, Omontese SO, Adiela UP
Page No. 352-355

An Investigative Approach on the Effects of Air and Noise Pollution in Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Antai, Raphael Eduk
Page No. 356-365

Properties of Finite Nuclei with Large Neutron Excess
Kanyeki FG, Khanna KM
Page No. 366-377

A novel algorithm for sarima model fitting: modelling pound-euro exchange rates as case study
Ette Harrison Etuk
Page No. 378-386

Design Thinking
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M. Musa
Page No. 387-389

Forecasting Exports in Competition Interactions of Oligopoly Markets by Gravity Theory
Fatemeh Rezaee, Sayed Gholamreza Jalali Naini, Ahmad Makui, Saeed
Page No. 390-397

TPM Implementation to Reduce Downtime in Injection Molding Company
Yuniawan Sulistyoadi, Budi Hidajah, Humiras Hardi Purba
Page No. 398-404

Challenges of Unemployment among Technology Graduates of Polytechnic Education in Nigeria
Okwelle P Chijioke, Wordu Chiduhiegem C.R.
Page No. 405-409

The Temperature Effect on the Recombination Velocity at the junction Initiating the Short-Circuit Condition (SFCC) of a Silicon Solar Cell under External Electric Field
Marcel Sitor DIOUF, Ibrahima LY, Mamadou WADE, Ibrahima DIATTA, Youssou TRAORE, Mor NDIAYE, Grégoire SISSOKO
Page No. 410-420

Total Cross Section for Elestic Electron Strontium Scattering
Salisu I. Kunya, Sadiq G. Abdu, Muhammad Y. Onimisi
Page No. 421-425

Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Video Surveillance System
Sabri M. A. A. Ahmed, Othman O Khalifa
Page No. 426-432

Effect of temperature on transient decay induced by charge removal of a silicon solar cell under constant illumination
Kalidou Mamadou SY, Alassane DIENE, Séni TAMBA, Marcel SitorDIOUF, Ibrahima DIATTA, Mayoro DIEYE, Youssou TRAORE, Grégoire SISSOKO
Page No. 433-445

Computation of Differential Cross Section for Mercury at Varying Energies using Eikonal Approximation
Salisu I. Kunya, Sadiq G. Abdu, Muhammad Y. Onimisi
Page No. 446-451

Digital Law
Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Sarhan M. Musa, Sudarshan R. Nelatury
Page No. 452-453

Study on effect of fiber content to slump and compressive strength of concrete
Dang Van Thanh, Pham Van Tinh, Vu Ngoc Quang, Dao Tien Phong
Page No. 454-459

Hybrid Topology design in the lime light of graph model generating
Datukun Kalamba Aristarkus, Sellappan Palaniappan, Tatchanaamoorti Purnshatman
Page No. 460-464

Smart Homes
Matthew N O Sadiku, Sarhan M Musa, Sudarshan R Nelatury
Page No. 465-467

Physicochemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Dates syrup (Dibs) Samples from Hodaidah Regions- Yemen
Galal Ahmed Al Askari, Ezzy Ahmed Faqeh
Page No. 468-472

The relevance of Technical and vocational skills acquisition programme in the development and empowerment of rural youths in Niger delta region, Nigeria
Thomas C Godstime, Amaechi O Joseph
Page No. 473-478

Oil Geochemistry of the Middle Kura Basin, Azerbaijan
AA Feyzullayev, DA Hüseynov, I Lerche
Page No. 479-487

Determination of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential from Combustion of Methane Gas Emissions from Solid Waste Disposal Sites in Kano, Nigeria
Lawal Abdu Daura
Page No. 488-493

Corn Starch as a Substitute for Commercial Food Starch: FT-IR and Rheological Characterization
Odiongenyi AO, Essien NB, Ukpe RA
Page No.494-501

Trend Analysis of Different Climatic Parameters Related to Rice Production in North Eastern Part of Bangladesh
Syeda Zehan Farzana, Md. Abu Zafor, GiasUddin Ahmed, Md. Abul Kalam
Page No.502-512