Volume 3 Issue 5 2016

An Assessment of Cleaner Production Opportunities in Cassava Processing for Gari Production
Akpofure Rim-Rukeh
Page No. 1-9

Two-temperature generalized thermoelastic rotating medium with voids and initial stress: comparison of different theories
Mohamed I. A. Othman, Ezaira R. M. Edeeb
Page No. 10-25

Performance Analysis of Unified Power Flow Controller
Adetoro Saheed Ayodeji
Page No. 26-32

Effects on Fiber Quality of Storage Times in Mechanically Harvested Seed Cotton
Fatih Killi, Seval Örnek
Page No. 33-38

Comparative Study of Biodiesel Produced from Waste Cooking Oil
Oji A, Emuraye E
Page No. 39-45

Influence of Ultrasound on Adsorption of Direct Red 81 Dye onto Low Cost Activated Carbon: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
Nasrin Sohrabi, Nahid Rasouli, Mahnaz Karimi
Page No. 46-55

Comparison between Reverse Osmosis Desalination Cost Estimation Trends
Ghada A AlBazedi, Marwa M El-Sayed, Mona A Abdel-Fatah
Page No. 56-62

ITSB: An Intelligent Tutoring System Authoring Tool
Samy S Abu Naser
Page No. 63-71

Optimization of Developed Multipurpose food dryer using ANSYS
Sheidu Sumaila Onimisi, Victor AdekunleAdetoro, Nixon Chika Nosike, Agbadua Segun, Igwedi Doris Chibuzor
Page No. 72-76

A Conceptual Constitutive Model for Structured Soils
Ahad Ouria, Taher Baher Talari
Page No. 77-84

Investigation of Sample Sizes and Temperature Dependence of Krischer Curve (Drying Flux) in Drying of Yam Sample
Sheidu Sumaila Onimisi, Adetoro Victor Adekunle, Aminu Abdulraheem, Ibrahim Shuaibu, Nneka Pauline Umenwa
Page No. 85-88

Toward Better Understanding of Business Intelligence
Matthew N O Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M Musa
Page No. 89-91

Software-Defined Networking Concepts
Matthew N O Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M Musa
Page No. 92-94

Assessment of Noise Pollution in West Qurna-2 Oil Field Southern Iraq
Duha Saleh Karem, Hamzah Abdulhasan Kadhim, Hamid T Al-Saad
Page No. 95-100

On The Linear Transformation of Division Matrices
Hasan Keleş
Page No. 101-104

Potential of Using Elevated Curing Temperature to Improve Ternary Blend of Portland Cement and Industrial By-products
Rahmon A. Suraj, Popoola O. Monsuru, Shittu O. Jeleel, Musa A. Ibrahim
Page No. 105-111

Inhibitory Potential Capacity of Lantana camara L. Extracts on Pathogenic Micro-organism using Dehydrogenase assay
Ukaoma AA, Okechukwu IR, Ukaoma VO, Ajuruchi VC
Page No. 112-120

Characteristics of Solutions for Frobenius Equations xd = a in Finite Groups
Shuker Mahmood
Page No. 121-127

What E-waste is all about
M. N. O. Sadiku, S. M. Musa, Sudarshan R. Nelatury
Page No. 128-130

Determination of Flow Properties of Refined Cotton Seed Oil Biodiesel
Loveth N Emembolu, Domonic O Onukwuli, Joseph T Nwabanne
Page No. 131-143

Response of Anna apples yield, quality and storage potential to boron and/or zinc foliar sprays
Hassan Ali Kassem*, Hend Ali Marzouk, Amal Mohamed El-Kobbia
Page No. 144-152

Comparative study on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel by Maesobatrya barteri leaf and root extracts in acidic medium
Okon U Abakedi, James E Asuquo, Mfon A James, Nsikan E Ituen
Page No. 153-160

A Hybridize Heuristic Based Method in Evolving Mancala Game/ Awale
Agwunobi Chinazom Chetachi, Nwachukwu E. O.
Page No. 161-165

Gouging-Abrasive Wear Conditions in Turning Operations
Titus Bitek Watmon, Fredrick Joseph Otim, Peter Okello-Obeli
Page No. 166-173

Cost Effective Recognition and Classification of Moving Objects using Simulink
Farzan Majeed Noori, Liaquat Ali Khan, Rayyan Azam Khan
Page No. 174-182

A spectroscopic study on Calf thymus DNA binding properties of copper (II) complex with imidazole derivatives of 1,10-phenanthroline ligand
Nasrin Sohrabi, Alireza Amini Khouzani
Page No. 183-191

An efficient and magnetically separable heteropoly acid catalyst for the synthesis of β-amino carbonyl compounds under solvent-free conditions
Zahra Maleki, Nahid Rasouli, Maryam Movahedi, Zahra Sadeghi
Page No. 192-202

Adoption and Discontinuance Utilization of Alley Farming by Farmers in Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria
Anaeto FC, Chukwu-Okoya C, Okoroma E, Achuko G, Asiabaka CC, Ani AO, Ibeabuchi II
Page No. 203-211

A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Equation x3 + 1 = 2PY2 Has Positive Integer Solutions
Anaeto FC, Chukwu-Okoya C, Okoroma E, Achuko G, Asiabaka CC, Ani AO, Ibeabuchi II
Page No. 212-214

Analysis of the Actual and Assigned Roles Performed by Extension Personnel of Imo State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP)
Anaeto FC, Ajaero JO, Anyoha NP, Chukwu-Okonya C, Ani AO, Nnadi FN, Onwukwe SC, Ugwoke FO, Asiabaka CC
Page No. 215-220

6-Perfect Number
Zhiwei Liu, Ganwen Tang, Guang mei Wang, Yan Huang
Page No. 221-225

Oil Recovery Enhancement in Thin Oil Rim Reservoirs with a Large Gas Cap and Aquifer using Perforation Completion Optimization
Aladeitan, Yetunde M, Udebhulu Dickson Okhira
Page No. 226-233

The effect of System of Rice Intensification Cultivation (SRI) Implementation on Growth and Yield of Wetland Rice, and Changes in Soil Nitrogen, Phosphor and Potassium
Usman Made, Indrianto Kadekoh, Mahfudz, Sakka Samudin
Page No. 234-239

The Effects of Bleeding and Gutting Procedures on the Microbial Load of Smoke-Dried Clarias gariepinus under Ambient Storage
Omoruyi Kenneth, Ogbewe Jennifer
Page No. 240-251

Cost Implications of Architectural Design Variables in Building Industry (A Case Study of 10 Houses in Enugu State)
Agu NN, Ajator UO
Page No. 252-257

Bayesian Analysis of a CFD Model to the Absorption of Ammonium Concentrations in Zeolite
Guillermo Alfonso De la Torre-Gea, Irving César Ortiz Vázquez, Enrique Rico García, Ramón Guevara González, Karla Adriana Morales Vázquez, Rodriguez-Mendez Lilia Irene, Rodrigo Fernandez-Loyola, Juan Francisco Pérez Robles
Page No. 258-266

Site Related Factors and Design Criteria Considered in the Architectural Design of Nuclear Power Plants
Mohamed Farahat
Page No. 267-280

Study of toxicity of arsenic during the synthesis of new class of iron-based oxyarsenide superconductors
Intikhab A Ansari, Syed S Ghani, Iqbal Hussain
Page No. 281-284