Volume 3 Issue 4 2016

Terahertz Technology: An Introduction
Matthew N O Sadiku, Sarhan M Musa, Sudarshan R Nelatury
Page No. 1-3

Knowledge Management Maturity in Universities and its Impact on Performance Excellence “Comparative study”
Samy S Abu Naser, Mazen J Al-Shobaki, Youssef M Abu Amuna
Page No. 4-14

Influence of Tool Pin Geometry in Friction Stir Spot Welded Polymer Sheets

Mustafa Kemal Bilici, Ahmet Irfan Yükler, Memduh Kurtulmuş
Page No. 15-22

A brief discussion of characteristics of erosion in multi scale as well as iterative environment

Kompella Venkata Ramana
Page No. 23-33

Effect of Subsequent Aging on Wear Behaviour of SiCp Reinforced AA2124 Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite
Yahya Bozkurt, Mustafa Kemal Bilici, Serdar Salman, Hamit Özkan Gülsoy
Page No. 34-40

Thermomechanical and Magnetic Properties of TPU/NR Blends with Low Loading of NiZn
Nor Azwin Ahad, Sahrim Hj Ahmad
Page No. 41-49

Morphological, Mechanical, Electrical and Optical Properties of Poly (Aniline)/Montmorilonite Nanocomposites
Dillip Kumar Behera, Kampal Mishra, PL Nayak
Page No. 50-54

Spatial Distribution Pattern of the Populations of Cephalanthera longibracteata at Mt. Yeon-ae
Man Ki Kang, Man Kyu Huh
Page No. 55-61

Design and Analysis of Standalone Solar Cells in the Desert of Oman
Hussein A Kazem, Miqdam T Chaichan
Page No. 62-72

Impact of Angle of Photovoltaic Panels’ Inclination on Its Output Power
Joseph Amajama, Faithpraise Fina
Page No. 73-77

A Review of Research Framework in Cooking Oil Management in Cafeteria Operator: A Case Study in University Perspective
Nurliyana Athirah Mohd Noor, Ang Kean Hua, Owi Wei Ping
Page No. 78-84

Adsorption Isotherm Studies of Pb(ll) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Maize Stalks as a Cheap Biosorbent
Davoud Balarak, Ferdos Kord Mostafapour, Hossein Azarpira
Page No. 85-91

River Ecosystem and Floristic Characterization of Riparian at the Songji River, Sacheon-ci, Korea
Man Kyu Huh
Page No. 92-99

Using Peer Instruction (PI) to Investigate Pre-service Physics Teachers Academic Performance in Nigeria
Aina, Jacob Kola
Page No. 100-105

Identification of Factors Affecting Educational Performance of Nigerian Adult Learners: Exploratory Factor Analysis Approach
Olusegun A Adelodun, Titilola O Obilade
Page No. 106-110

Assessment of Calcinations Temperature Effect on SCPA as Alternative Binder and Its Pozzolanic Characteristics in Concrete
TO Odewumi
Page No. 111-117

Determination of Electrical Resistance of Electrical Porcelain Insulators from Local Clays Using a Snail Shell as an Additive
Okolo Chidiebere C, Ezechukwu OA, Anakwenze Uche, Tagboh Peter I, Icheke Linus E
Page No. 118-125

Effect of Relative humidity on Photovoltaic panels’ Output and Solar Illuminance/Intensity
Joseph Amajama, Daniel Effiong Oku
Page No. 126-130

Analysis of Slider Crank Mechanism using Computer Programming
David B Oke, Samson G Okunlola
Page No. 131-135

Association between Use of Auxiliary Oral Hygiene Products and Sexual Function on Adult Males
Sae Hee Cheon, Man Kyu Huh, Min Kyung Lee
Page No. 136-141

Research Framework in Local Communities Participation of Deltaic Mangrove Forest Resources Conservation in Kuching, Sarawak: A Review
Norjumawati Sabran, Ang Kean Hua, Owi Wei Ping
Page No. 142-148

Design of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant in Suez City (Case Study)
Mona A Abdel-Fatah, Marwa M Elsayed, Gh A Al Bazedi
Page No. 149-156

Electricity Generation Potential of Municipal Solid Waste in Kano Metropolis
Lawal Abdu Daura
Page No. 157-161

Shear Strength of Fiber Reinforced Silty Sand
Ahad Ouria
Page No. 162-168

Optimization of Oil Rim Development by Improved Well Design
Aladeitan Yetunde M, Akinyede Opeyemi M
Page No. 169-174

Potential for Electricity Generation of Landfill Gas Emission from Municipal Solid Waste in Kano Metropolis
Lawal Abdu Daura
Page No. 175-180

Investigation of Aluminium Behaviour (Corrosion) in Acidic and Alkalinity Media
Awe OI, Owoeye FT, Odunlami SA
Page No. 181-186

Diversity Analysis of Insect Fauna in Grassland and Woodland Community at Mbeya University of Science and Technology, Tanzania
Fredrick Ojija, Eliaman Sapeck, Thomas Mnyalape
Page No. 187-197

Policy Adopted to Make Power Engineering More Efficient and Economical
Omar Faroque, SM Al-Amin Sheikh
Page No. 198-203

Time Factor on Premature Cure and Bound Rubber Content of a Silanized NR/EPDM/SBR Blend
Soh Tiak Chuan
Page No. 204-209

Ichnofacies Analysis of selected Wells in Niger Delta, Nigeria
Odelugo Lilian Ngozi, Adiela UP, Ijomah Azubuike Kelechi
Page No. 210-218

Evidence of Episodicity of Shale diapirism in ‘Kofima Block’ Gulf of Guinea offshore Nigeria
Kawekwune N, MN Oti
Page No. 219-231

Composite Stabilization and Model Prediction of Geotechnical Parameters of Ekpuk Residual Soils, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Essien Udo, Joseph Samuel,Umoh Eyoh
Page No. 232-249

Seismic Analysis and Reservoir Characteristics of Boka Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Emudianughe J, Ugwu Joshua Udoka, Adiela UP
Page No. 250-258

Effects of Shale Diapirism on Sedimentation and Hydrocarbon Entrapment in ‘Odeiga Block’ Offshore, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Kawekwune N, MN Oti
Page No. 259-274

Lithofacies and Paleontological Analysis of an Outcrop, Anambra Basin, Nigeria
Itiowe K, Adiela UP, Odelugo Lilian
Page No. 275-278

Design of a Signal Stabilizer against Weather Fluctuations in Regard Air Temperature, Air Pressure and Relative Humidity Using a Variable-Transmitter and a Micro-Controller
Joseph Amajama
Page No. 279-284

Sequence Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Analysis of Coastal Swamp Depobelt, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Ijomah Azubuike Kelechi, LC Amajor, Ugwueze Charles
Page No. 285-294

EpiOne: A Software Tool for Identification of Potential Cytosine DNA Methylation Marks in Promoters and Gene Bodies
Mehmet Karaca, Ayse Gul Ince
Page No. 295-301

Sedimentation Analysis and Prediction for Aswan High Dam Reservoir
Gamal H Elsaeed, Medhat S Aziz, Wael M Ziada
Page No. 302-312

Optimization of Preparation Process of Tapioca Starch-Lipid Complex by Response Surface Methodology
Shang Jia-Cui, Liu Jie, Liu Ya-Wei
Page No. 313-319

Diazinon Removal from Aqueous Environments by Electrocoagulation Process
Edris Bazrafshan, Davoud Balarak
Page No. 320-325

Effect of Harvesting Stages on Seed Quality Characteristics of Three Soybean (Glycine Max (L) Merrill) Varieties
Osei Tutu Isaac, Ben Kwaku Banful, Stephen Amoah, Samuel Apuri, Emmanuel Amomba Seweh
Page No. 326-333

The Use of Sunshine Based Models to Estimate Global Solar Radiation in Yola, Nigeria
DT Ogbaka, NW Silikwa
Page No. 334-338

Cathodic Protection of Charred Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) Peels on Mild Steel Corrosion in Acidic Medium
Inemesit A Akpan, Idara N Obotowo
Page No. 339-345

Seed Yield and Some Yield Components of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Genotypes in Kahramanmaras (Turkey) Conditions
Fatih Killi, Fatih Tekeli
Page No. 346-349

Design and Construction of a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System as Test Rig to Investigate the Performance of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as Refrigerant
Oyelami S, Bolaji BO
Page No. 350-357

A New Correlation for the Estimation of Gas Breakthrough Time for Horizontal Well in Saturated Oil Reservoirs
Usiayo Victor Afoke, Baridor Samuel Odagme, Osuman Lawrence Osazuwa
Page No. 358-366

Economic Analysis of Oilfield Waste Management Systems in the Niger Delta (A Case Study)
Lawrence O Osuman, Boma S Kinigoma, Baridor S Odagme
Page No. 367-374

Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practices in Ibadan Metropolis
Odewumi TO, Okeniyi AG, Agbede OA
Page No. 375-382

Isolation and Identification of Nine Dichromate Cr+6 resistance Bacteria by Modern Techniques
Abdulaziz Yahya Algamdi, Sulaiman Ali Alharbi, Milton Wainwright, Samir G Al-Solaimani
Page No. 383-391

Effects of Modification of Natural Dye Extracted from Cissus populnea stem Bark on Cotton Fabric
Peter M Dass, Mikyitsabu A Atoshi, Mathias Bifam, Alheri Andrew
Page No. 392-399

Correlations Among Mean Performance, Heterosis and Combining Ability of Corn (Zea mays L.) Grain Quality and Yield Traits Under Elevated Plant Density Combined With Water Deficit
AMM Al-Naggar, MMM Atta, MA Ahmed, ASM Younis
Page No. 400-416

Automatic Indexing of Multimedia Documents by Neural Networks
Dabbabi Turkia, Lamia Bouafif, Ellouze Noureddine
Page No. 417-422

Evaluation of Water Absorption Rate of Structural Timbers in Normal and Saline Environments
Odewumi TO, Okeniyi AG, Alli OO
Page No. 423-427

Behavior of Raft Foundation Resting on Improved Soft Soil with Conventional Granular Piles
Mohamed Elsawy, Basuony El-Garhy
Page No. 428-434

A Branching Process Model of Dengue Fever Epidemics Considering Parametric and Kernel Density Estimation of Offspring Distribution
O Abu, MA Emeje
Page No. 435-441

Comparative Analysis of HIV/AIDS Control Strategies with Mathematical Models
O Abu, MA Emeje
Page No. 442-448

Evaluation of Drought Stress Effects on Yield Components on Some Plants
Mehdi Mazraei
Page No. 449-456

Influence of Drought Stress on Lipids, Root growth, PS2 Activity and Rubisco in Crop Plants
Mehdi Mazraei
Page No. 457-460

Comparative Architectural Study on Nuclear Power Plants
Mohamed Farahat
Page No. 461-472

Urban Meteorological Disasters and the Ecological Environment Monitoring and Evaluation System
LI Ling, WU Weidong
Page No. 473-477

Exonic and Intronic DNA Methylation Differences in a Fiber Specific Gene of Pima Cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.)
Mehmet Karaca, Ayse Gul Ince, Emine U Gocer, Adnan Aydin
Page No. 478-486

Genetic characterization of some commercial cotton varieties using Td-DAMD-PCR markers
Emine U Gocer, Mehmet Karaca
Page No. 487-494

Survey of the Most Suitable Site for Solar Station Using Satellite Images
Salihu Mohammed K
Page No. 495-498

Some Generalised Results for Emanant in Argand Plane
Roshan Lal
Page No. 499-505

Risks and Some Prevention Solution in the Chicken Raising: A Case Study in Kim Dong District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
Bui ThiNga, Philippe Lebailly
Page No. 506-510

Assessment the working condition of officers engage in settlement of complaints and denunciations in long bien district, hanoi-Vietnam
Bui ThiNga, Luong Minh Nghia, Tran HuuCuong
Page No. 511-517

Capillary Pressure Determination Using the Centrifuge Method
Oloro JO
Page No. 518-531

Evaluation of the effects of titanium dioxide Nano particles on some morphological traits and oil content of Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis l.) under lead stress
Mahdis Sayyadizadeh, Amir Behzad Bazrgar, Saeed Bakhtiyari
Page No. 532-538

Convergence and Stability Properties of an Inverse Polynomial Scheme for the Solution of Initial Value Problems
R B Ogunrinde
Page No. 539-542

Curvilinear regression of maize (Zea mays L.) grain quality traits on elevated plant density combined with deficit irrigation
A. M. M. Al-Naggar, M. M. M. Atta, M. A. Ahmed, A. S. M. Younis
Page No. 543-557

Physico-Chemistry and Heavy Metal Concentration in Shallow Groundwaters Around A Semi-Controlled Dumpsite in Eneka, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Ngah SA, Abah EO
Page No. 558-564

The Role of Conductivity and Susceptibility on Having Powerful Magnetic Field
MH Saad, MD Abd-Alla
Page No. 565-570

Isolation and Performance Evaluation of Palm Wine Yeast
Oji A, Okonkwo C Scholastica
Page No. 571-576