Volume 3 Issue 3 2016

Transient Convection Thermal Analysis of Heat Exchanger Using Ansys Software Package
Oyinki W Tokini, Asima M, Ohochuku O Promise
Page No. 1-8

Innovative Product Design of Inflator with Deflate Function for Easy Storage
Rui-Lin Lin
Page No. 9-12

Assessment of heavy metals contamination and its ecological risk in the surface sediments of al-mukalla coast, Yemen
Abdul Kawi Abdullah Ahmed Al-Alimi, Nabil Shaif Alhudify
Page No. 13-23

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Parts of the Niger Delta
Nwokocha FI, Oti MN
Page No. 24-30

Biosensors for Monitoring of the Environmental Heavy Metals
Abdou KA, Khadiga IA
Page No. 31-38

Production and Characterization of Biodegradable Grease from Neem Seed Oil
MS Adamu, AI Abdullahi Bilal S, AH Mashi
Page No. 39-42

Application of Combination Forecasting Model in Forecasting the Epidemic of Ebola
Qi Pengmei, Zhou Lihui
Page No. 43-49

Innovative Visual Design of Packaging for Handmade Wormwood Skin Care Product
Rui-Lin Lin
Page No. 50-54

A proposed concept about stars: The energy creation, colour and formation
Joseph Amajama
Page No. 55-63

Social Engineering: An Introduction
Matthew NO Sadiku, Adebowale E Shadare, Sarhan M Musa
Page No. 64-66

Investigation of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate of Female Bakers In Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
Musa AI, Ishola AA, Adeyemi HO
Page No. 67-72

Effect of Resin Type to Physical and Mechanical Properties of Oriented Strand Board Made from Gmelina arborea Wood
Apri Heri Iswanto
Page No. 73-77

Biological Diversity of Kingdom Animalia at the Backcheon River in Sacheon-ci, Korea
Man Kyu Huh
Page No. 78-84

Thermochemical Studies on Partial Molar Gibbs FreeEnergy and Entropy of Tetraoxosulphate (VI) Acid in Binary Solution
Inemesit A Akpan
Page No. 85-93

Distribution of heavy metals in the garden soil and vegetables grown in the vicinity of lead and zinc smelter plant
Zlatko Pančevski, Trajče Stafilov, Katerina Bačeva
Page No. 94-104

Inhibition of aluminium corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution by Stachytarpheta indica leaf extract
Okon U Abakedi
Page No. 105-110

Linear and quadratic regression of maize (Zea mays L.) crop yield on elevated plant density
Al-Naggar AMM, Atta MMM, Ahmed MA, Younis ASM
Page No. 111-127

First Attempt in Retrofitting Design for the 4-Story Existing Damaged Stone School Building By Combination of Base Isolation with Reinforced Concrete Jackets
Mikayel Melkumyan
Page No. 128-139

Investigation of Structural Changes during the Recovery of Crystal Defects in: Laser Damaged Fe50Ni50 Alloy by Magnetic Measurements
Ali AR, Takla E, Meleka KK
Page No. 140-147

Adsorption Behavior of Acid Red 97 Dye on Canola Stalks
Davoud Balarak*, Ferdos Kord Mostafapour
Page No. 148-154

The mitigation measures of sediment deposition in-front of El Kuraimat power plant intake
Gamal Elsaeed, Mohammad Bahgat, Mohammad Ibrahim, Rowida Elsayed
Page No. 155-164

High Pressure Studies on the Transport Properties of TSO-Doped Polypyrrole Polymer
Tamilselvan NR, Kumararaman S, Murata K, Yoshino H, Arumugam S, Kanagaraj M
Page No. 165-168

River Corridor Development Based Water Quality Studies: A Review of Research Framework
Nurain Ma’arof, Ang Kean Hua
Page No. 169-171

Batch fermentation of pawpaw juice into wine using palm wine yeast
Oji A, Ekpat PP, Evbuomwan BO
Page No. 172-180

Insecticidal potential of grapefruit and tangerine peel essential oils extracted by steam distillation
Evbuomwan BO, Fashola RA*, Dakor A
Page No. 181-187

Application of Factorial Design to the Adsorption Cd (II) ion from Aqueous Solution onto Chemically Modified Bombax buonopozense Calyx
Musah M*, Yisa J, Mann A, Suleiman MAT, Auta M
Page No. 188-193

Innovation and technology improvement of hydrant pillar welding process to decrease defect ratio approach to DMAIC methodology, case in small and medium industries (SMIs) in Indonesia
Agung Haryono, Humiras Hardi Purba, Erlando Arthama, Fitricia M Soplanit
Page No. 194-202

An Assessment of Length-Weight Relationship, Length Frequency Distribution, Abundance and Biomass of Fish Species
Fredrick Ojija
Page No. 203-210

The Ultrasound Applications Based on Microcontroller Board
Yi-Jen Mon, Yo-Shen Kuo
Page No. 211-214

Extraction and Characterization of Pectin from Orange Peels
MS Adamu, UM Bello, Bilal S, AH Mashi
Page No. 215-217

Assessment of Some Environmental Pollutants In Wadi El-Rayan Lake–Fayoum Governorate
Abdou KA, Sharkawy AAB, Manal MM, Ehdaa OH, Khadiga IA
Page No. 218-237

Experimental Determination of Electrical Properties of Core Sample of Niger Delta Formation
Oloro John, Happy Chidi Onyeoru, Fakrogha Julius
Page No. 238-250

Parametric Studies on a Mitchell-Ossberger Turbine (Numerical Approach)
Ismaila O Alabi, David B Oke, Ademola A Dare
Page No. 251-260

Spraying organic material to improve head yield and horticultural characteristics of summer cabbage (Brassica oleraceae var. capitata)
Chinur Hadi Mohamood, Shnrwe Bakr Mustafa, Lava anwer Bakr, Hezha Adil Omer, Shene Azwar Karem, Renas Omer Hama Salih
Page No. 261-265

Comparative Analysis of Gases Obtained From A Bio-Digester Using Different Waste Media
Ismaila O Alabi, Kamorudeen A Olaiya, Mudasiru A Aderonmu, Teslim A Adio, Mutiu O Kareem, Fatai O Raji
Page No. 266-272

Role of Central Tasar Silkworm Seed Station for Quality Egg Production in the Growth of Tasar Industry
Rajendra Prasad, SV Seshagiri, Debasish Das, RK Mishra
Page No. 273-278

Analysis of Convergence Rate for Biogeography Based Optimization
Aijun Zhu, Chuanpei Xu, Zhi Li, Cong Hu, Jun Wu, Zhenbing Liu
Page No. 279-288

Combining Organic and In-organic Fertilizers for Sustainable Maize Production under Two Tillage Systems in the Northern Savanna Zone of Ghana
James M Kombiok, Jean M Sogbedji, Samuel Saaka J Buah, John K Bidzakin
Page No. 289-296

Selection of Terminalia ivorensis A. Chev. Origins by Using the Pilodyn Penetration Test
Assandé Ahoba, Auguste Emmanuel Issali, Aimé Kadio Adjoumane, Mathieu Vauboud Koffi, Martin Kouassi Kouadio, Arsène Gondo Gbogbo
Page No. 297-302

Analysis of the Response of Nigerian 330kv medium Transmission Line
Onyegbadue Ikenna A, Ukagu Stephen Nwachukwu, Ugada Chukwuemeka Martin, Guiawa Mathurine
Page No. 303-313

Analysis of the Analysis of Construction Project Quality Management
Zhu Mengshu, Pan Haize, Miao Wei, He Jian
Page No. 314-318

Mathematical modeling of solutes transportation in arterial blood flow
Nawal Hussein Balal Siddig
Page No. 319-324

A Review of Research Framework in Manifesto in General Election: An Experience of Malaysian Politics
Muhammad NajibMohd Zailani, Ang Kean Hua
Page No. 325-327

The Impacts of Inflation on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
Page No. 328-334

Pill Camera: A new avenue in the field of endoscopy
Sushmitha S Kotian, Prakash KK, Rangaswamy BE
Page No. 335-338

Agro-biodiversity Conservation for Hunger and Poverty Reduction among Farmers in South-east Agro-ecological Zone, Nigeria
Tijjani AR, Chikaire JU
Page No. 339-346

Fish Farmers Perception of the Effects of Climate Change on Water Resource Use in Rivers State, Nigeria
Tijjani AR, Chikaire JU
Page No. 347-353

Application of Geophysics and Geology as Complimentary Veritable Tools to Investigate the Subsurface Lithological Content and its Mineralization Potential
Abdulbariu Ibrahim
Page No. 354-366

Fracture and Fatigue Crack Growth Characterization of Conventional and Head Hardened Railway Rail Steels
Ali Motameni, Ahmet N Eraslan
Page No. 367-376

Socio-economic factors affecting accessibility to land for real property investment in obio/akpor LGA, Nigeria
Ekenta Chukwuemeka, Kalu IU
Page No. 377-382

Effects of Chromium and Molybdenum on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Si Alloys obtained by Metal-Mould Casting
Onyebueke B Ifeanyi, Nwankwo E Nkem, Anene F Amaechi
Page No. 383-389

Evaluation of fire resistance properties of selected wood species used as building materials
Anjorin SA, Ogundana TO
Page No. 390-397

Two new modular relations for the Göllnitz-Gordon functions
Jing Jin
Page No. 398-400

An experimental study of the effect of glass fibre reinforcement on the mechanical properties of concrete
Anjorin SA, Arojojoye AO, Komolafe OD
Page No. 401-407

Super Saturated Solid Solution Fe-50wt. % Cu by High Energy Ball Milling (Attritor)
Hannora AE, Hanna FF, Marie LK
Page No. 408-413

Improving on the quality of sandcrete blocks produced in the warm humid climatic zone of Nigeria
UcheFelix Ikechukwu, John Ezeokonkwo
Page No. 414-422

Levels of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Sediment Samples from Al-Hodeidah Area along the Red Sea Coast of Yemen
Hamid T Al-Saad, Hassaan M A Heba, Abbas A Hantoush, Majed Al-Idresi
Page No. 423-428

Geotectonothermal Evolution of Granitoids of Northwest Obudu Plateau, Bamenda Massif, Southeastern Nigeria: Geochemistry Evidence
Young Ezenwa Obioha, Akuunne A Onunkwo, Chikwendu N Okereke, Sablnus I Ibeneme, Sam Onyekuru, Hope Isreal, Bridget Ubechu
Page No. 429-438

Remediation of Pharmaceutical Effluents by Coagulation-Flocculation Process using Agro-Product
VI Ugonabo, MC Menkiti, OD Onukwuli
Page No. 439-447

Production of Biofertilizer from Coconut Coir Pith by Solid State Fermentation Using Micro-organism (Aspergillus Niger)
Kenneth K Dagde, Saviour A James
Page No. 448-456

Effects of Water-Cement Ratio on Compressive Strength of Chikoko Pozzolana Blended Cement Concrete
DO Onwuka, S Sule, US Onwuka, TU Anyanwu
Page No. 457-461

Dependency of Average Metal Concentration (AMC) of Some Tropical Timbers On Their Oven Dry Densities (ODD)
EI Okoye, AN Eboatu
Page No. 462-472

Extraction, Characterization and Anti-Microbial Activity of Artocarpus heterophyllus Seed Oil
EI Okoye
Page No. 473-476

Effects of Trace Elements in Nigeria Crude Oil
Kenneth K Dagde, Saviour A James
Page No. 477-481

Determination of 90Sr, 14C, 40K, 134Cs, and 137Cs Activities in the Total Diet Around Potential Nuclear Power Plant Sites in Turkey
Nazife Aslan, Emin Yeltepe, Ülkü Yücel, Nihal Kaya, Aylin Kurt, Gençay Gündoğdu
Page No. 482-489

Factors Affecting Milk Consumption Behavior in Vietnam: A Case Study in Long Bien District of Hanoi
Bui Thi Nga
Page No. 490-496

Degradation Study of the Blue Polyethylene Film Oxo-Degradable in the Landfill
AMC Grisa, RN Brandalise, J Klein, M Zeni
Page No. 497-504

Synthesis of Isopluvial Maps for Nigeria Using IDF Equations Derived from Daily Rainfall Data
BF Sule, T Ige
Page No. 505-514

Innovative packaging visual design for sweetmeats
Rui-Lin Lin
Page No. 515-518

A Bizarre Design and Engineering physics of small/micro and Pico/family hydro-electric power plants/farms
Amajama Joseph
Page No. 519-526

A Comparative Study between Flame Propagation Rate (FPR) and Oven Dry Density (ODD) as Fire Characteristics of Some Tropical Timbers
EI Okoye, AN Eboatu
Page No. 527-536

Investigating the Non-Stationarity of Historical Data on Rainfall at Ilorin, North Central Nigeria
Sule BF, Ajala OF
Page No. 537-548

Utilizing Learning Outcomes Assessment for Civil Engineering Program Evaluation and Improvement: A Case Study
Omar K M Ouda, Tahar Ayadat, Andi Asiz1, Yazan Alghazo
Page No. 549-561

Teaching Method and Experiment by Using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
Yi-Jen Mon, Jey-In Leu, Chen-Jer Hon
Page No. 562-566

Modeling of Turkey-Manyas region using Forced Neural Networks
Ali Muhittin Albora, Onur Osman
Page No. 567-573

Micro-Kinetics Evaluation of Coag-flocculation Factors for Telfairia Occidentali’s Seed Biomass in Pharmaceutical Effluent System
Ugonabo VI, Menkiti MC, Onukwuli OD
Page No. 574-589

Unsteady MHD mixed convective oscillatory flow through aporous medium filled in a vertical channel with heat and mass transfer
Magaji AS
Page No. 590-598

Effect of variable suction on unsteady MHD oscillatory flow of jeffrey fluid in a horizontal channel with heat and mass transfer
Joseph KM, Magaji AS, Peter A, Tijani NZ
Page No. 599-610

An Order Five Explicit Runge-Kutta Method for Direct Solution of General Second Order Odes
ZA Adegboye, Anthony Peter, Ummikusum Isa Ahmed
Page No. 611-617

Loop Argument approach for a Navier–Stokes Equations in a Strip with Excluded Pressure Term
Peter Anthony
Page No. 618-623

Palaeofloristic Variations across Oligocene / Miocene Boundary in Niger Delta, Nigeria
Alfred E Essien, Francis T Beka, Ekpedeme O Mkpong
Page No. 624-638

The Concept of Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study of Niger Delta, Nigeria
Adiela UP, Acra EJ, Iwuoma Juliet Onyinyechukwu
Page No. 639-645

Geographic Resource Monitoring and Assessment of Long-Term Land Cover Change in Oben Area, Onshore, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Terseer Sarwuan, Francis T Beka, Alice Ogbol
Page No. 646-655

Bisulfite Primer Pairs for Analysis of Cotton (Gossypium spp.) DNA Methylation
Mehmet Karaca, Ayse Gul Ince, Emine U Gocer, Adnan Aydin
Page No. 656-662

Analysis of Housekeeping and Tissue Specific ESTs for Inexact Microsatellites in Capsicum L.
Ayse Gul Ince, Mehmet Karaca
Page No. 663-668

Intelligent Adaptation of Client Server Computing in Mobile Environment
Shashi Shekhar Mishra, Kushal Johari, Prasoon Johari
Page No. 669-679