Volume 3 Issue 2 2016

Assessment of the Reliability of Magnetic Method to Delineate Geologic Features in a Basement Complex: A Case Study of Phase 1, Federal University Oye
AO Fajana
Page No. 1-7

Informatics: An Introduction
MNO Sadiku, SM Musa, Sudarshan R Nelatury
Page No. 8-10

A Box-Jenkins Method Based Subset Simulating Model for Daily Ugx-Ngn Exchange Rates
Ette Harrison Etuk, Bartholomew Uchendu, Mazi Yellow Dimkpa
Page No. 11-15

Application and analysis of biodiesel produced from refined rubber seed oil as an alternative fuel
Oriji A Boniface, Madugba Blessing
Page No. 16-23

Foot Boundary Detection in a Crime Scene
Madhulina Das, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Page No. 24-33

Investigation of Drilling Fluid Property of Suspected Bentonite Clay
Onyemaleze Friday, Oloro O John, Fakrogha Julius
Page No. 34-38

Quantitative Determination of Heavy Metals in Some Commonly Consumed Herbal Medicines in Kano State, Nigeria
Umar A, Mohammed Y, Garba S, Faruruwa MD
Page No. 39-46

TCP Packet Steganography using SDA Algorithm
Rajib Biswas, Samir Kumar Bandhyapadhyay
Page No. 47-51

Effect of Compaction, Moisture Content and Cow Dung on Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Penetration Resistance of a Sandy Loam Soils of Maiduguri
Philip HJ, PK Kefas, IG Edeh, D Mamzing, HI Gulvi
Page No. 52-56

Modeling and Forecasting CPI Inflation in Nigeria: Application of Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Homoskedastic Model
David Adugh Kuhe, Raymond Chukwuka Egemba
Page No. 57-66

Review on Ink Wastewater Treatment Technology
Guihong PEI, Feng YU
Page No. 67-70

Effect of waste ammonia and urea on leaf nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents of sorghum (sorghum bicolor L.) grown on a clay soil
Mohamed S Mahjoob, Mohammed A Elsheikh, Yousif E El Mahi, Khalid A Ibrahim
Page No. 71-78

Research on the Transformation of Human Resource Management in City Gas Enterprises
Miao Wei, Pai Haize, He Jian
Page No. 79-83

Optical Studies of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Thin Films Exposed to UV/Ozone
Nabawia A Abdel-Zaher, Manal TH Moselhey, Osiris W Guirguis
Page No. 84-96

Leibnitz-Maclaurin method for solving temperature distribution in straight fins with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Promise Mebine, Nataliya Olali
Page No. 97-105

Big Data: An Introduction for Engineers
Matthew N O Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M Musa
Page No. 106-108

Transformations of some growth models widely used in gas production measurements
Mehmet Korkmaz
Page No. 109-115

DNA Computing Made Simple
Matthew NO Sadiku, Adebowale E Shadare, Sarhan M Musa
Page No. 116-118

Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Accessibility to Land for Real Property Investment in Obio/Akpor L.G.A, Nigeria
Ekenta Chukwuemeka, Kalu IU
Page No. 119-124

Influence of Sexuality Education on Moral Behaviour of Adolescents in Senior Secondary School in Sokoto State, Nigeria.
Ogunlade Joseph Olurotimi, Maimuna Nimulola
Page No. 125-131

Simulation of soil structure interaction problems considering material properties
Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Kemal Edip, Marta Stojmanovska
Page No. 132-139

Electronic Governance in Nigeria, Citizen Participation and Leadership Responsibility in a Digitalized World: Challenges and Public Reaction
Adeola GL, Ogunlusi G
Page No. 140-147

Preliminary Remarks on the Soil-Related Earthquake Hazard in Buyukada/ Prinkipo (Istanbul)
Ozcep F, Karabulut S, Tezel O, Caglak F, Ozel O
Page No. 148-162

Wavelet Based Evaluation of Ruins of Hitit Empire
A Muhittin Albora
Page No. 163-170

Study of the Physicochemical Properties of Nigerian Bentonitic Clay Samples for Drilling Fluid Formulation
Bilal S,Mohammed-Dabo IA, Dewu BBM, Momoh OR, Funtua II, Oladipo MOA, Arabi AS, Muhammad T
Page No. 171-176

Comparative Analysis of the Effect of Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) on Raw and Treated Nigerian Bentonitic Clay Samples
Bilal S,Mohammed-Dabo IA, Dewu BBM, Momoh OR, Funtua II, Oladipo MOA, Arabi AS, Muhammad T
Page No. 177-182

2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition-Using the Far East University as an Example
Jing-Chen Xie
Page No. 183-186

Air Infrared Radiometer
Ruben S Asatryan, Hamlet S Karayan, Norayr R Khachatryan
Page No. 187-192

Validity of Phase Shift Relation for Supersymmetric Partner Potentials
Sabyasachi Mahapatra
Page No. 193-197

Mycotoxins production by Aspergillus ostianus Wehmer and using phytochemicals as control agent
Saber SM, Youssef MS, Arafa RF, Hassane AMA
Page No. 198-213

A simple design of a laboratory testing rig for the experimental demonstration and analysis of elastic deflections of beams with different end conditions
Kudzai Wadotiona, Takunda Goredema, Tawanda Mushiri, Stephen Mutuli
Page No. 214-234

Modified LSBR and Pixel Sieve Technique to in Visual Cryptography for Multiple Colored Images
Kalyan Das, Aromita Sen, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Page No. 235-242

Adaptive Image Enhancement
Othman O Khalifa, Amir Faliq Bin Abd Wahid
Page No. 243-252

Transient Convection Thermal Analysis of Heat Exchanger Using Ansys Software Package
Oyinki WT, Asima M, Ohochuku OP
Page No. 253-260

A Time Series Model of Poverty Incidence in Nigeria
David Adugh Kuhe, Moses Abanyam Chiawa, Terhemen Aboiyar
Page No. 261-283