Volume 2 Issue 4 2015

Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Load Balancing in Cloud (RETRACTED)
Ashwin A
Page No. 1-7

Enhancing the throughput performance of IEEE 802.11b under saturated traffic distribution
Akpado KA, Umeh OA, Onwujei AI, Obi OC
Page No. 8-18

Sorption Studies of Rhodamine-B by Hibiscus sabdariffa stem Nano Carbon
P Manivannan, S Arivoli, S Raja Mohammed
Page No. 19-26

The effects of irrigation with treated wastewater on crops and human populations: A Review
Araviadis Romanos-Vasileios
Page No. 27-34

Heat treatment of a low carbon steel (A case study of the mechanical properties)
Yahaya S Babatunde, Achema Felix, Ekpe E Esor, Atakpu O Dennis
Page No. 35-39

Age Estimation from Human Face for Crime Investigation
Sayantani Ghosh, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Page No. 40-44

Evaluation of Naval Submarine Seakeeping Criteria
Mohammad Moonesun, Yuri Mikhailovich Korol, Sajjad Ardeshiri, Asghar Mahdian, Ataollah Gharechahi, Davood Tahvildarzade, Alexander Ursalov
Page No. 45-54

Effects of Pesticides on the Micro-Flora of Loamy Soil obtained from Biological Garden, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria
Abalaka M Enemaduku, Idakwoji K, Daniyan S Yahaya
Page No. 55-63

Strategies of effective engineering plant maintenance and its implications on industrial and economic growth of a developing Nation
Joseph O Amaechi, Chinujinim Godstime Thomas
Page No. 64-70

Corrosion inhibition study of mild steel in hydrochloric acid using Citrus sinensis and Mangifera indica peel extracts
Udonne JD, Odunlami MO, Akinyemi OP
Page No. 71-77

Effects of discussion instructional strategy on achievement and retention of secondary school students in human geography in minna, Nigeria
Falode OC, Adewale IA, Ilobeneke SC, Falode ME, Robinson AO
Page No. 78-84

Body Components as a Determinant of Students’ Academic Achievement in Mathematics in South-West Nigeria
Oginni OI
Page No. 85-91